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Seamus Heaney, the poet with extravagant creativity and fond ablaze laterality over his poems has designed two effective long poems, Digging and Punishment. composition some(prenominal) the poems sight with fairly different issues, they do down near strong mutual connections which make engross readers into the dealings described in the poems. two topics deal with salient emotional holds and a bit of melancholy, Punishment more so than Digging. In the poems, the poet recollects past events and relates them greatly to the present activities. These be to be loosely discussed in the later part of this piece, how the past has been adhered to the present and how this is touch on new-fashioned events. In Seamus Heaneys Digging, the speaker admittedly prefers writing to doing work in the garden like his father and grandfather did before him, mainly digging, though he still admires them for what they did. In the poets latter poem, Punishment, the narrator is very sombre ove r not being able to do anything ab go forth the intolerable mercilessness valets convey towards other humans through repulsive punishments that move over been going on for centuries. One deals with a bit of gloominess involving person-to-person attachments while the other poem deals with sadness, but in great deal involving a issue in general. Past events play organic parts in both the poems and help continue to express the ideas think by the poet.Title is probably the most important aspect of a poem or story other than the authors identity. Its the claim that attracts the normal readers to assure out a certain poem, considering the reader is not familiar with the authors stand firm in the world of poetry and writing. Digging is probably the most suitable and ordered title of the poem. But is the... ...s had to receive and by observing those events through his look he burn down feel the sufferings of those women in his mind. Both these phrases are in my faith the mo st significant parts of the respective poems, Digging and Punishment.Both the pieces are masterpieces created by Seamus Heaney which deal with the complexities of the social life a certain human whitethorn endure. Expertly devised, the poems bestow great insights into the minds of the speakers of the two poems and how past events have greatly mannered their respective lifestyles. Memories are hard to overcome and this accompaniment has been greatly demonstrated in these two poems, and how thinking of the past can alter the mentality of a human being. The emotional impacts of both the poems are capacious and very prominent, and we can only commend Seamus Heaney for presenting us with such(prenominal) adroit pieces of writing. Essay -- Seamus Heaney, the poet with extravagant creativity and strong emotional authority over his poems has designed two effective long poems, Digging and Punishment. While both the poems deal with fairly different issues, they do have some strong mutual connections which make engross readers into the dealings described in the poems. Both topics deal with great emotional holds and a bit of melancholy, Punishment more so than Digging. In the poems, the poet recollects past events and relates them greatly to the present activities. These are to be broadly discussed in the later parts of this piece, how the past has been adhered to the present and how this is affecting recent events. In Seamus Heaneys Digging, the speaker admittedly prefers writing to doing work in the garden like his father and grandfather did before him, mainly digging, though he still admires them for what they did. In the poets latter poem, Punishment, the narrator is very melancholic over not being able to do anything about the unbearable cruelty humans convey towards other humans through horrific punishments that have been going on for centuries. One deals with a bit of sadness involving personal attachments while the other poem deals with sadness, but in great deal involving a issue in general. Past events play integral parts in both the poems and help continue to express the ideas intended by the poet.Title is probably the most important aspect of a poem or story other than the authors identity. Its the title that attracts the normal readers to check out a certain poem, considering the reader is not familiar with the authors stand in the world of poetry and writing. Digging is probably the most suitable and logical title of the poem. But is the... ...s had to receive and by observing those events through his eyes he can feel the sufferings of those women in his mind. Both these phrases are in my opinion the most significant parts of the respective poems, Digging and Punishment.Both the pieces are masterpieces created by Seamus Heaney which deal with the complexities of the social life a certain human may endure. Expertly devised, the poems bestow great insights into the minds of the speakers of the two poems and how past ev ents have greatly mannered their respective lifestyles. Memories are hard to overcome and this fact has been greatly demonstrated in these two poems, and how thinking of the past can modify the mentality of a human being. The emotional impacts of both the poems are immense and very prominent, and we can only commend Seamus Heaney for presenting us with such intelligent pieces of writing.

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Malaysia’s Seven Types of Schools

there argon hundreds, if not thousand of schools in this world. In Malaysia, we hurt seven types of schools. They argon Malay schools, Tamil schools, Chinese schools, international schools, private schools, and religious schools. There is only peerless type of Malay schools and they be the Malay organisation schools. Malay schools are the most common types of schools in Malaysia. You butt end go at least one Malay school in a town. Malay schools are divided into two. They are the Malay primary schools and the Malay lowly schools.Malaysians start their primary school education at the grow of seven. They impart then be in standard 1 and they pass on stay until they are in standard 6, which is until they are 12 age old. The resulting year they will go to course of instruction 1 in the secondary school and they will continue schoolinging there until they lay off form 5 so that they hind end go to either college or start work immediately or they can continue to form 6 so that they can go to university immediately there afterward.E very bookman has to sit for the UPSR inquiry when they are in standard 6, the PMR examination when they are in form 3, the SPM examination when they are in form 5, and the STPM examination when they are in form 6. All the lessons in the primary and secondary schools are, with the exception of the English lesson, are conducted in Malay. There is only one type of Tamil school in Malaysia and they are the administration ones. Tamil schools are very much like the Malay schools with the exception that solely lessons except English and Malay are in Tamil.Their program is a lot like the platform of the Malay schools. The only difference is that they have to enter a Malay school when they go to form one. They commonly spend a year in a special circle after they finish the UPSR examination so that they can cope with the uplifted standard of Malay in the Malay school they will be going to. Then they will they will continue studying at the school like any other student. Chinese schools are very much like Tamil schools. All their lessons except English and Malay are in Chinese. Their syllabus is a lot like the syllabus of the Malay schools.However, they can choose to continue their education in a Chinese secondary school after they finish their UPSR examination or they can choose to go to a special class after the examination and then continue their education in a Malay secondary school. There are two types of international schools, the private ones that follow the British syllabus, and the government ones that follow the Malaysian syllabus. The private international schools can be mainly found in Kuala Lumpur whereas the government ones can be found in almost every state capital.An example of a private international school is the Alice Smith International School in Kuala Lumpur and an example of government international schools is the Sri Utama International School. Private schools are straddle totall y by the school board without any help from the government at all. If they have any problems, they have to overcome it themselves. They get no funding from the government so they have to get money by whatever means they can. That is why the school fees are very expensive. Their syllabus is basically like the normal syllabus of the government schools. Las,t but definitely not least, is the Islamic religious schools.Islamic students go there to catch out about their religion and to learn how to speak and write Jawi. They normally study there for six years, but those who are really interested can go to a secondary school that teaches mainly Islam. There they will also learn all the other subjects that normal students do. We should be knowing that we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to a school to have an education. There are hundreds if not thousands of children out there who do not have the opportunity to go to school. So my friends do not waste this opportunity. Use it while you can.

In what ways has Surrealism influenced fashion

In w palpebra counselings has surrealism influenced fake, and how winning argon the results? You will consider to include discussion of both examples. By comparableability 1. What is phantasmagoricalism? Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision. Young Night Thoughts atomic number 18 surrealist from c everyplace to cover. Unfortunately, it is a priest who speaks a bad priest, to be sure, yet a priest. Heraclites is surrealist in dialectic. Lully is surrealist in definition. Flame is surrealist in the night of gold. Swift is surrealist in malice. Shade is surrealist in sadism. Carrier is surrealist in drowning.Monk Lewis is surrealist in the beauty of evil. Chin von Arming is surrealist suddenly in space and arrest Rabble is surrealist in death. Baudelaire is surrealist in morals. Rumbaed is surrealist in life and elsewhere. Harvey Saint-Deny is surrealist in the directed dream. Carroll is surrealist in nonsense . Husband is surrealist in pessimism. serrated is surrealist in visualize. Picasso is surrealist in cubism. Bach is surrealist in me. Rousseau is surrealist in anecdote (And Breton, 1934, A lecture given in Brussels on 1st June 1934 at a public hearing regained by the Belgian Surrealists, http//home. Lb. AC. UK) Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain makes of previously unattended association, in the omnipotence of dream, in the disinterested play of thought. -Andre Breton In the sass, the world was expiration through one and only(a) of its all time IoW phases. There was war, or worse, the terror of war, the artists who had been scattered as the result, (who were earlier based in capital of France of early(a)(a) cities) became of the forefrontset that it was the overly rational thinking, the so called luxuriously rationale of human mind that had brought upon this war.This resulted in an enliven thought that led to a revolution. Thus the imagination to follow the unconscious mind arrived, no matter how bizarre its subjects whitethorn seem. The word Surrealism was invented in 1917 by Gallinule Billionaire, and adopted by lad French poet, And Breton, in 1924 to describe a radical hunting expedition of artists and writers, who displace on their subconscious to depict a heightened or super-real vision of the world. (The Surrealist return rudimentary in formula, Alice Rawson, The New York times, March 25, 2007) Perhaps this is a little grave to understand, but one of the dress hat examples to describe owe a surrealist thinks is a Salvador Dali quote when asked do you take drugs, he answered, to the interviewers bewilderment, l do non take drugs. I am drugs. The man who commercialese the surreal Salvador Dali Salvador Dali needs no introduction to anyone who has even remotely studied art. Not only was Dali a tremendously gifted painter, but too a bearinger, photographer, thinker and an exceptional witty w riter.His autobiography The secret life of Salvador Dali gives a very swell insight into his thought process and his vagarys. He was one of the first artists who brought the idea of surrealism from paper (And Breton was a poet) to the visual arts, thus agencying it commercial and marketable. fit to legion(predicate), the idea of making surrealist art commercial was against the idea of surrealism. But as the history goes, the artists who had surrealist homes were very successful in the later sasss.The surrealist ideas were incorporated into counselling when Salvador Dali notablely collaborated with the Italian visualiseer Else Capillaries. The collection consisted of Lobster Dress Lobster Dress was a simple white silk evening dress with a crimson waistband featuring a large lobster painted (by Dali) onto the skirt. &1026 Tears Dress The Tears Dress, a slender pale blue evening gown printed with a Dali design of tromped Leila rips and tears, worn with a thigh-length ve il with real tears c arfully cut out and tied in pink and magenta. &1026 Skeleton dress physique dress was a stark black crepe dress which employ transport quilting to earn padded ribs, spine, and leg bones. Shoe hat the shoe hats were a particular sensation, hats that were the underside of heels on the top. Before Salvador Dali, galore(postnominal) artists had already put forward surrealist works, and though not many are worthy of being mentioned in the name breath as Dali, roughly of the noticeable ones are Giorgio De Chorizo (1888-1978) Chorizos early paintings were perhaps a vital key in the development of the surrealist style of painting.Characterized by images of empty town squares, suspend corridors and macabre ghost town like depictions of streets and town squares looked like his imagination of a post war era and were full of a manakin of dour loneliness and grim. Cluttered with puzzling objects, such as clocks, elephantine statues and distant trains, and often f eaturing deep, dramatic perspectives, De Chorizos paintings left an indelible mark on Breton and numerous other future Surrealists.Among his works from this early Meta physiologic menses are The Enigma of the Arrival and the Afternoon (1912), The Anxious Journey (1913), The Nostalgia of the immeasurable (1913), Mystery and Melancholy of a Street (1914) and The Childs Brain (1914). By the time of the first Manifesto of Surrealism, De Chorizo had moved on to a far more classical approach, much to the chagrin of Breton. He participated in Surrealist activities up to 1925, bestow to the periodicals Liltreturn and La Rvolition Souraliases, as well as eater writing a Surrealist novel Hobbyhorses in 1929.Rene Francis Emigrate Some people say that it was the haunting memory of his bring who committed suicide when he was 14 years old. It is said that he witnessed her face covered by her dress as she was pulled out of the water (she committed suicide by throwing herself in a nearby rive r) the haunting symbolism remained an inspiration for him, even for his famous work Less Aments. allow us come back to the point in history when the surrealist movement that And Breton had started as a rebellion for poets had captured the minds of designers and as successfully incorporated into bearing by a crazy Spaniard.After the collaboration of Dali and Capillaries, many designers tried surrealism as a theme but only a few were successful as a whole. fashion and surrealism The fashion object could be a most(prenominal) powerful force in the simultaneous de manifestation of the infix and remembrance of its presence that inevitably dwells in the garment. Just as medication could be envisioned as both an abbreviation form and physical presence, so too the biomorphic abstractions that characterize much Surrealist art found their behavior into the free forms of dress and the definition of the unman being as an abstract flow among units of the body.The creation of illusion giv es to clothing the enough implications of narrative and enigma to occur as a function of dress. According to the influential Surrealist drift owner Julia Levi, Else Capillaries was the only fashion designer to interpret Surrealism successfully. From the starting of her Paris shop to its closing, Capillaries reconciled fashion an art, by interpreting the modern esthetic and then Joining forces with artists who were at the time highly forward in their time. Such out of such her collaboration with Salvador Dali is a reorient one.To be dressed by Capillaries was to acquire confidence and chic, whether one was beautiful or not. Schizophrenias fashion philosophy was grounded in classical mythology, particularly Ovid and the Pygmalion myth, and its stories of magical rendering and metamorphosis, themes also explored by the Surrealists. Her fashion was not only surreal and yellowish browntastic but also easy to wear and very feasible. Because she was able to set this transition and br ing the surreal in the real world not only in theory but also in costume that could be work in a casual manner on tit a style statement that associated a person with the surreal movement.It is not a less known fact that she inspired one of the leading fashion designers of our time, the late Lee horse parsley Macaque who had a fail case or Luggage in his shop that was visibly inspired from Schizophrenias skeleton dress. In the sasss, transformation was symbolized by the butterfly. Schizophrenias collection of the 1938 Exposition global du Surrealism, and it included two of her most notable collaborations with Dali, the Skeleton Dress and the Tear-Illusion Dress. Dali andCapillaries collaborated again in 1937 on the Lobster Dress, which simplicity of the white dress is belied by the erotically charged placement of the lobster on the front of the skirt, a symbolism peradventure lost on the wearer. Images relating to the fashion labor, such as sewing machines, irons, needlewoman f orms and mannequins, played a leading role in the surrealist theatre. During the sass Surrealism helped to exonerate fashion form more dressmaking and realize the dream of the marvelous. In the actors line of American Fashion Historian Richard Martin, Surrealism remains fashions favorite art. Surreal thing, Glassine Wood, 2007). Some of the latest manifestations of Surrealism are screamingly commercial. Take the tromped ODell stash at 39 Avenue George V in Paris, where a construction site is padded by an eerily realistic image of a Serialized 19th-century apartment building whose structure ripples like water. Or the tops-truly boutique of the Dutch fashion designers Victor &038 Roll on Via Sandpapered in Milan, which is literally build upside down, with a floor that looks like the ceiling, and vice versa.You can also spot Surrealisms influence in more thoughtful design projects, like the provocative, lightly sinister work of the young product designers, such as the Swedish group , Front, and Dutch duo, Studio Job. Oscillating from Serialized commercialism to a considered reinterpretation of the buffer Surrealist spirit reflects the central theme of the V&038A show. It examines the ambiguity of Surrealisms relationship with commerce, and the tensions that developed during its transition from an avian garden art movement in the sass to a commercial design style from the sass. (The Surrealist comeback in design, Alice Rawson,2007) But the question remains is surrealism successful in fashion industry? Let us take the example of the late Lee Alexander Macaque. His work would probably one of the best examples of surrealism in fashion that was widely popular in the last few years and arguably withal is. Macaque, famous for collaborating with Lady round the bend had once quoted that she was his unofficial muse. Lady Gaga officially unveiled her Bad Romance single at Alexander Unseens organize/Summer 2010 runway show during Paris Fashion Week.Although Gaga wasn t in attendance, her presence was certainly felt as her hit song streamed over the speakers during the encore of all the looks that Macaque had showed off. But was Lady Gaga the first surrealist design wearing pop icon? No. At the presentation of a new surreal collection of designer Jean-Paul Guiltier dean Paul Guiltier) equanimous all the secular Paris, as well as fans of millionaire-style Guthrie from around the world. At the show in the front row along with influential politicians, financiers and other celebrities turned out to be only one woman Madonna.Madonna and Jean-Paul Guiltier administer the same relationship Lady Gaga did with Macaque since before Lady barbaric was even playing the piano and scaring her babysitters by turning up in the altogether before them. Macaque owned the brand Alexander Macaque which was later bought by Gucci, with Macaque circumstances as a creative director. The same collection was also famous for models with bizarre make up and surreal outf its. This show was so successful that it crashed the networks servers. This could be called one of the greatest achievements in surrealist fashion by a designer.Perhaps the most famous of his famous surrealist works are his signature high heels. Macaque, 40 at the time of his death can be denominate the most famous and the best example of designers inspired by surrealism in their work. Viviane Westwood Dame Viviane Westwood popularity constantly gains momentum. Her punk attitude is more alive in the Naughtiest than ever and her outspoken, Union Jack waving Englishmen (with a few added safety pins and tea stains), is undiminished. It is fitting that the Establishment has recognized her work by making her a Dame.Viviane Westwood fashions older stateswoman that many wish to emulate, with her younger husband Andrea Chronicler and aptitude for shaking things up whilst keeping her feet on the ground seems to only enroll admirers. Cutting edge but lassie, she is unflinchingly rooted in what matters, whether it is human rights or classical fiction. No trendy noise for her, Just cleavage, mischief, and CAPITAL letter MESSAGES such as sasss l AM NOT A TERRORIST, enjoy dont arrest me baby -r- shirts. Her first catwalk show was presented in 1981, featuring the collaboration of Westwood and McAllen. The theme that year was Pirates.Subsequent Westwood theme titles in the early years included dun (1982), Buffalo Girls (Autumn/Winter 1982-83) and Clint Eastward, (Autumn-Winter 1984-85) under the Worlds Ends Label he stopped producing the line in 1985 to concentrate on her Viviane Westwood Lines. Viviane Westwood says (Sometimes you need to transport your idea to an empty landscape and then populate it with fantastic looking people. ). She dubbed the period 1981 to 1985 New romantic and 1988-1991 The Pagan Years during which Viennese heroes changed from punks and ragamuffins to Taller girls wearing attire that parodied the upper class. The period from 1993 to 1999 she called Megalomania and from 2000 to the present Exploration (vogue, 2007) Viviane Westwood has always been a fan of surrealist work and is herself a punk. It is also a known fact that her ex husband was the manager of the sex pistols and they were also associated with surrealism in music. The future of surrealism in fashion upcoming designers such as Yang Du Surrealist fashion designer Yang Du accomplished her brand Yang Du in London in 09 later studying in the central Saint Martins College of art and design, and working for designers such as Viviane Westwood, whoremaster Gilligan, and Giles Deacon.It is evident in her work that she is a former artist and a fan of surrealism and impressionism. Her work is ultra hip, very colorful and can be seen as a mix of post modern and impressionist. She is especially lovesome of animal prints, painting animal faces on dresses, and using models with vivid fundamental law although a notch less vivid than Alexander Macaque. Unlike most sur realists Yang Duds inspirations are less controversial. She stated that she gets her inspirations from her travels. These thrust included India and Ecuador.Her latest design includes a cactus hat that has actual spines in the top. In the new pass collection, the colors were pastel with animal prints along the dress line. When asked about her design ideology in an interview, she said My ideology I am ere broad-minded to new things, and mostly, look at things from a very different angle. I often go on trips, where I take lots of photos and meet lots of people. When I come back to London, I always have so much in my mind, some of them like stories which I truly want to share through the clothes I design. (Amelias magazine, 2009) Surrealism in fashion photography Although surrealism is obvious in fashion, it is even more so in fashion photography. It would be almost worthless for a designer to create a design which looked surreal if the photographer couldnt capture the thought of t he designer. Fashion photography thus can be called as a way to express surrealism in fashion. Also fashion photography can be used to make a normal collection surreal. One of the authors best photographers is Toshiba Canoe who in her career (1950-1960) made hundreds of collages, and quit the profession after married.Her photography is inspired by surrealist painters such as Giorgio De Chorizo, Max Ernst, Joan Mir, and Francis Pica. It is apparent that she did all her work from an out of the world prospective which is one of the reasons that her pictures though surreal look very believable, and honest. Some of her famous works are the horse and the bride in the sea and the bride on the door. Conclusion The surrealist movement changed many aspects of art. No other visual art was the same after the surrealist movement.Surrealism is that form of art which believes in anything that the subconscious mind can conjure up. It is the way of life for great minds like Salvador Dali who dreamed more than they breathed. In the fashion industry, it was a huge step when Salvador Dali collaborated with Capillaries not only because it lead to two of the most talented minds of the generation to come soother, but also because it assailable the door for surrealist art to come in the field of fashion and blossom.And so it did. The careers of Alexander Macaque and Viviane Westwood are a testimony to this fact. And as for the future, the designers like Yang Du are taking forward the legacy and continue to inspire the people with their surreal work that one knows to be untrue but is still strained to think twice. And that is the beauty of the surreal art. It may be argued that the surreal art like most others will one day be out of date and out of fashion but it is also ever changing.

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Erika Villamante Padiernos Essay

Erika Villamante Padiernos is a split second year AB in Language and Literature student from Poblacion Sur, Talavera, Nueva Ecija. She was innate(p) on September 2, 1996. She was the eldest among the three daughters of Mr. Ricardo Padiernos, a farmer. And Mrs. Benedicta Padiernos, a populace t to each oneer. Erika has always been fond of three things. First, she loves to write. She want to be a dampen of the league of the most successful writers from the top publishing company here(predicate) in the Philippines. This has also been her reason why she shifted from CFY AB section to ABLL.She believes that this ancestry could be her stepping stone on her way to her dream of becoming a writer. Second, she loves to read books. She wasnt picky. She read books from different genre but she enjoyed reverie most of the time. And lastly, she loves to watch Korean Dramas. Some of her favorites were Boys Over Flowers, To The Beautiful You, The wintertime The Wind Blows and City Hunter. When Erika was asked what particular event she will always remember, she utter that it would be her birthday because it was the same day that Nueva Ecija day is celebrated.She finds herself fortunate since her excess day turns out to be a holiday every year. It federal agency a lot for her that she could spend it with a complete family at her side. Because for her, family is really important. In fact, she consider it as the most valuable thing she had. When asked why, she scarcely answered that it was because other people didnt get a chance to adopt a complete family. And thinking about that makes her feel very well-disposed and blessed. Someday, if Erika wouldnt be a writer that her family would be proud of, she aspiration to be at least the person that can provide each of their needs. Thats how much she loves them.

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Representation of Adolescence Through Fiction

Representations of Adolescence finished Fiction According to Kate three-legged, an Australian Journalist, unripened adult novels ar too dark and pessimistic, as she states in the following quote Father bashes father, mother abandons children Violence, drugs, suicides. The novels of some top writes of puppylike peoples fiction obligate never been bleaker or much explicit (Kate Legged The Australian Magazine 1998) Tomorrow, When the contend Began by John Married and nauseating by Constance Brioche both involve issues which could be considered bleak and disturbing.They tell stories of violence, unmatch up to(p) in a fight situation while the other in the form of child debauch. However, young adults ar represented in an plausive light in both novels, becoming responsible and able to persist and show resilience through the circumstances they atomic number 18 faced with, qualification them able to overcome these ch e very(prenominal) last(predicate)enges. These books prom ote the awareness and understanding of issues, and show that desire is what the characters cling to in their time of need. The main characters in both books are adolescents who develop and start stronger in their difficult situations.Constance (Clare), in miserable, writes an autobiography of her animation of eating and neglect by her mother. Elli, the main character in Tomorrow, When the War Began, writes a diary about guerilla warfare in an invasion where her parents are prisoners of war. Therefore, both are put in a correct of responsibility whereby they must look after themselves without parents being there for protection. They are represented in a positive light which contrasts with their negative surroundings. Ugly presents violence which is say at Clare in the home environment.Clare suffers physical abuse (even leading to hospitalizing) and sexual harassment which re consequential of adults in the book, in particular her mother Carmen. Her discourse of my sisters was certainly very different from her treatment of me. They did not get the unkind words I got, or induct their nipples pinched, and they were not beaten or punched. (Clare Ugly p. 8 -9) Although Clare is unaware wherefore she is victimized by her mother, it is possibly because she is darker skinned than the rest of the family.Carmen abuses her daughter through verbal abuse, neglect and physical harm. Her self-esteem is lowered through get to calling such as the following Lord, sweet Lord, how come she so ugly? Ugly. Ugly. If I hadnt minded(p) birth to her, sweet Lord, I would have sworn she was a fraud. Heavenly Jesus, sweet and kind, why have you given me a swine? (Carmen Ugly p. 52) Child abuse is intolerable in our society. As the reader sees the pain and suffering that Clare experiences, they respond to the torment by picture sympathy towards Clare and disgust towards Carmen.So readers are positioned to admire Clare for her courageousness in hang in with life, fending for h erself, her determination to become a barrister and her continual study and work value orientation to achieve this goal. At the end of the book a spirited Clare visits her mother and lets her know what she speak ups You made me (Clare) hate you (Carmen), and I do. You know what? I dont think that you should ever have had children. And not that bad after all. (Clare Ugly p. 08) When Clare finally confronts Carmen, readers feel relief and thrilled for Clare because she has moved on from her mothers cruelty, to lead a best(p) life and become a successful proud woman, distant Carmen. From a horrible background, this young adult is able to achieve her life-time goal. Unlike Ugly, where personal violence is the main issue, Tomorrow, When the War Began conveys violence which is directed at the whole field in a war scenario. Elli, the protagonist, records the chronicle of fighting the enemy for her country and family.The characters in Tomorrow, When the War Began also originate thr oughout the novel and become fighters for others lives, rather than always putting themselves first. epoch Ugly has one main character, Tomorrow, When the War Began features a group of 7 friends, who are able to support one another throughout the war which the group discovers has broken out while they are on a camping trip. From innocence, the group is suddenly faced with a massive convert in their lives We believed we were untroubled. That was the big fantasy.Now we know were not, and like you said, well never feel safe again, and so its bye-bye innocence. (Elli Tomorrow, When the War Began p. 107) Readers can associate with these characters as they are typical Australian teenagers, which is seen through their behavior and country town in which they live. Although they are from a variety of different backgrounds, they show true Australian qualities, making them likeable to the reader as they hold the name set. The characters become more cautious and realize how important frien ds and family are.War has meant they are no long-term innocent and must grow up and fend for themselves, becoming more responsible and independent with every minute, which is illustrated in this quote Weve got to stick together, thats all I know. We all drive each other crazy at times, but I dont want to end up here but (Elli Tomorrow, When the War Began p. 284) These young adults (Elli, Homer, Lee, Carrie, Kevin, Robin and F) find the strength to live on while their country has been invaded ND their families captured.As with Clare, the reader is positioned to admire these characters because they show traits that well-nigh readers would can relate to and respect such as courage, commitment, independence, responsibility and family values as seen in the following quote. Its our own families, said Carrie. Thats what everyones worried about, isnt it? I guess Id fight for my country but Im going mad question whats happened to my family. (Carrie Tomorrow, When the War Began p. 172) On e goal remains throughout which is to fight for their families and country ND their own survival.Through the representations of personal and social issues which are explored in the devil books, readers are positioned to view the world as bleak and disturbing, which supports the view of young adult novels presented in Ledges quote. However, the representations of young adults in the novels suggest that they are very capable of dealing with immense problems and overcoming them. Young adults in the novels are able to move past these issues because of their resilience and a small ray of hope in their lives, so they can continue to work towards a better life.

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Montage Hotel

What a great opportunity it was to visit a marvelous tend at the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach. The garden stretches around 700 feet desire and 60 feet colossal on the west look of the Hotel by the Pacific Ocean. The garden is trick upd around 50 feet to a higher place the ocean with a spectacular 180 degrees view. Looking around flowers could be seen all oer the place as colorful as a rainbow Including all deferent bright colour in intercept, red white &038 yellow. The pink and red flowers have petals that flip around each other In a beautiful rose form as the size of a strawberry.The white and yellow flowers argon made up of 5 petals and ar the size of marshmallows. Palm trees with commonality leaves hanging are all over the place around 20 of them ranging from 10 to 15 feet, The grass looks resembling green a velvet carpet so thin and fine, and It Is stretched In areas around the concrete walk ways. The walkways are Like 5 feet wide and they curve with the natural gro und edge parallel to the ocean. Brown woodwind benches bossy the ocean invite to sit and enjoy the scenery their size is around 6 feet long and 2 feet wide.The benches consist of high nock outdoor street furniture with premium hard brown wood, contoured and support by a gallivanted steel frame. raft are sitting on them and enjoying the beautiful ocean scenery that is such(prenominal) a joy and buttocks have enough of. A pergola decorates angiotensin converting enzyme of the seating areas overlooking the ocean it is made out of brown wood. The pergola is situated in three sections with half hexagon shape. Each section is around 5 feet long and 3 feet wide. The Ocean is deep blue and seems to sparkle equal diamonds. The waves gently move with the south west breeze.The sand is as shiny as gold and it is very smooth and light. Walking on the sand feels give care a butterfly flying all over. Brown chestnut rocks elevate in some of the areas near the water it looked like a perfec tive aspect hill for hiking but there is a sign, placed by the city environmental section, prohibiting any tress passers to preserve this precious rock. Walking on the beach the bright sunshine covers the area with an invisible blanket of warmth. The sun displays a beautiful portrait of red orange and yellow colors, specially during the outstanding breath taking sunset.These rays spread through the blue skies like watertight threads of wool as they made the sky a mystery of colors all mixed together to give the yield perfect landscape. As the sun starts to sit on the water it begins to commingle and sink in the ocean behind gimps of Catalina Island. No matter how strong sensory Images are used to describing this master piece Garden, words cant describe the actual beauty of this place. It Is Indeed a piece of Heaven on earth. Montage Hotel By mausoleum be seen all over the place as colorful as a rainbow including all different bright colors there in a beautiful rose form as th e size of a strawberry.The white and yellow feet. The grass looks like green a velvet carpet so thin and fine, and it is stretched in areas around the concrete walk ways. The walkways are like 5 feet wide and they People are sitting on them and enjoying the beautiful ocean scenery that is such a Joy and cant have enough of. A pergola decorates one of the seating areas overlooking gimps of Catalina Island. No matter how strong sensory images are used to place. It is indeed a piece of Heaven on earth.

Women and Minorities in Law Enforcement

Wo custody and Minorities in constabulary Enforcement Response Throughout policing history women and minorities squander gone through so many changes as they tried to capture law enforcers. In the beginning, when women and minorities were allowed to become police awayicers they would be packd but shewn lighter duties or assigned to lower crime argonas. They werent given much probability to go out and experience first hand how everything was on the streets since the mass of law enforcers back so were males.They worked more as social workers and it took a long time for them to be out on the streets fighting off crime. Over time their role in law enforcement has changed dramatically, back then they werent allowed to have higher ranks or work out on the field or basically do any job that was considered a mens job (due to corporeal strength or speed body strength that men had and women didnt). As time went on they were allowed to have higher ranks and given more opportunities, they were allowed to do what most male officers were doing at the time. There were associations make for women and minorities.One such association mentioned in the book is called The transnational Association of Policewomen. Laws were created as well to enforce the hiring of racial and gender minorities as well as affirmative doing policies. Affirmative action policies call for that police departments create more than equal opportunities for everyone. They pressed that the police departments should hire minorities. Affirmative action basically ensured that those who had previously been excluded from particular types of employment would direct have the access to those jobs.All law enforcement agencies that didnt follow the affirmative action policies would face civil suits from the individuals who were denied that job. The hiring of minorities and women changed the role of modern policing as everything had to be changed to give way to minorities and women. For example Physical ag ility tests and Written tests. As mentioned in the book Policewomen and policemen be different in three key areas policewomen do not draw their weapons as frequently they use less somatic force and they are better at handling domestic craze calls. Grant &038 Terny, 2008) The positive things about this integration are that many acts were do that required equal opportunities for women and minorities. Also, the police force no longer consisted of righteous men but women as well and so whenever thither are victims that are women the female police officers could talk to them and theyd be a lot more comfortable to release information. As well as when they are going to be searched. People of different ethnic backgrounds do it now possible as well to talk to certain victims who didnt know the English language.The negatives are that many things had to be changed in the force, from physical agility tests to written tests, and even how things are done in a department because of this inte gration. Sexual harassment in the workplace became an issue there were so many debates to whether women could perform jobs. Also women were looked at negatively and as not being able to perform the job, they were usually harassed or talked down upon by victims being arrested. The importance of women in policing should not be overlooked because they bring huge changes to every police department and are intelligent pack.They are willing to refrain from pulling out their guns to dissipate an issue and really do try their best to resolve it by talking to the individual. They have better communication skills and are less vulturine and I feel they are more responsible. In conclusion, the integration of minorities and women has changed so much for law enforcement and in so many ways it made it better because its only fair that all different races and people of different backgrounds were allowed to become a police officer if they met the requirements. Women or men alike can help keep our communities safe if they work together.

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Analysis of Amazon.Com

Ans From the traditional bricks and howitzer manufacturing, Amazon. com is the first company to larn book handleing by going online on a large-scale. To date, Amazon. com provides an online retail store which constitutes of numerous proceedss across a common platform. The companys retail meshworksite includes found web portals spanning across all leading economies as depicted in the case. In revolutionizing the e-commerce industry, Amazon. com is able to leverage information by making usance of existing and bracing technology effectively in order to work a matched advantage.In attaining a competitive advantage, Porters five competitive forces can be used to analyze Amazon. com. These forces include threat of new entrants inside the market place, bargaining magnate of providers, substitution of harvest-times and operate, bargaining power of buyers and industry competition. The Internet has changed the nature of doing business, so has the competition that surrounds it. By supplying a wide range of products to the consumer, Amazon. com sh ars a market space with the likes of Wal-Mart and eBay.Rivalries amongst existing firms are strong as the industry is growing and the products that are creation interchange to the consumer are not so differentiated. Amazons business strategy to become the take up place to buy, find and discover any product or service available online, has allowed for further competition within online and offline retailers. An example of online retailers would be eBay and offline retailers being Exclusive Books. Since the industry is increasingly attractive, it gives way to new entrants in the market as the Internet facilitates in reducing barriers to entries.Offline competitors such Wal-Mart which traditionally followed the brick and mortar approach is using technology such as the Internet to affix buyer awareness, capture a wider market of clients to increase its revenue. As the poesy of offline competitors that adapt their business strategy towards becoming online competitors are increasing, they pose a threat to existing online businesses such as Amazon. com by broadening the consumers plectron of v nullifyors. By broadening the consumers choice of vendors, the Internet offers customers an opportunity to compare product prices in the industry across various mediums.These mediums range from high-street book shops, online web portals such as Kalahari. net and online book databases such as Google books. These factors persist an important role as high bargaining power is disposed to the consumer allowing them to easily switch to a competitor within the industry found on price where there is minimal product differentiation. Amazon. com offers several services such as loyalty discounts thereby making consumer switching to a competitor difficult. There is minimal loyalty to a brand as consumers are provided with numerous options in the industry.In public, Amazons supplier bargaining power is low becaus e the products existing in this industry are sold by numerous online and offline firms. Products such as books, CDs, DVDs and electronics provide a lower supplier bargaining power, caused by an existence of many suppliers in the industry. Amazons diversified product portfolio range allows them to gain greater control in terms of price, pitching schedule and quality. Bargaining power of suppliers within the retail industry is control as market dynamics dictate power to the retailers such as Amazon. om who have built the necessary infrastructure and scale required for the online retail industry. Information based industries such as Amazon. com can easily sell products to consumers over the internet which bring upon threats of substitute products or services within the industry. Substitute products or services that are priced lower such as books, DVDs and reduced online delivery charges can be a threat to Amazon. com as the consumer will be drawn to a lower price.Amazons Value Chain Primary Activities and Support Activities. Primary activities are those take to produce a product or services for the end customers. These activities typically include ?Inbound Logistics receiving goods from suppliers, and storing and moving those good ?Operations Manufacturing or set up the product ?Outbound Logistics Sending the goods to wholesalers, retailers or directly to the end customer ?Marketing and Sales Marketing involves understanding customer needs, communicating those needs, and promoting the end products. ?Service Involves after-sales support (e. g. handling, complaints, installation, training) Support activities help to facilitate or service the primary activities of producing product. Examples include ?Procurement purchasing raw material and another(prenominal) items used in operations ?Human Resource Management recruiting, hiring, firing, training, developing, compensating ? expert Development research and development, process automation, software, hardware, eq uipment, etc. , to support operations ? al-Qaeda May include accounting, legal, finance, planning, public affairs, government relations, quality assurance and general management.

Eco Tourism

Ecotourism in the Filipinos ThePhilippineDepartment of Tourisms hat has been thrown into ecotourism pole for awhile now. Theyve made it part of their plan for economic development. The nations ecotourism programstrives to put processes and procedures that atomic number 18 economically beneficial, socially responsible, ecologically sustainable and advantageous to the topical anesthetic communities by creating jobs and improving living conditions overall. Palawan is the second biggest province in the body politic in terms of land area and has been recommended by the tourism discussion section as the top eco-destination in the country.The Ethics of Ecotourism in the PhilippinesAround thirty portion of the people in the Philippines live in poverty, and there are 85 million people who live there. Thats nearly 25. 5 million poverty-stricken and suffering people. In 1991, the The World Trade Organization, the United Nations Development schedule along with various organization in th e Philippines worked to make the the nation a bastion ofecotourism. It wasnt until 1999, however, that an executive order was passed that helped structure the development of ecotourism.The Executive determine The State shall develop and promote sustainable tourism while forbid the participation of the Filipino people in enhancing the growth and competitiveness of the Philippine economy and, The State shall ensure the sustainable consumption, development, management, protection and saving of the countrys environment and internal resources and cultural heritage for the enjoyment of the puzzle and future generations. That executive order lead to the development of theNational Ecotourism Strategy.The system of this strategy includes spreading the wealth to the very impoverished rural areas, the conservation of cultural sites, promotion of conservation awareness, educational programs and more. Eco-Friendly Adventures in the PhilippinesThere are a variety of eco-friendly activit ies available for theecotouristto enjoy Swimming with whale sharks in the their graphic environment or getting prohibited the binoculars and watching for the out of date Philippine Eagle or 600 other varieties of birds.A impresser can too go to a jungle environment survival training gang where he or she can be taught to drink from a urine vine, cook in a bamboo steamer and dine off a bamboo plate. Eco-friendly ResortsThe Department of Tourism Recommends The El Nido, Lagen and Miniloc Island Resorts, Club Noah Isabelle and the Bohol Bee Farm. These hotels all carry out environmentally friendly practices Coastal clean ups, prohibiting the gathering of shells and coral, eco-safe cleanser and some others. Ecotourism in the Philippines &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 Top of Form Bottom of Form Philippine intelligence operation and Updates The Philippines laissez passers diverse tourism activities and destinations for tourists with various inclinations. The competitive advantages of the country are its standard pressure and natural attractions that are excellent for rest and recreation. Its tropical climate is arrant(a) for outdoor recreational activities. Being an archipelago, the coastline of the country is spiced up with thousands of natural coves and beaches that offer tourists great satisfaction and relaxation.The countrys various government agencies are conducting continuous product development activities to promote tourist destinations. Arturo M. Alejandrino, narrates in his book, Ecotourism in the Philippines. On this website, one is provided with things to know with regards to Philippine Ecotourism and how it gives emphasis to natural surroundings, local anesthetic livelihood, protection of the resources and culture within the archipelago.We will also show you essential information related to Philippines Ecotourism &8212 from the latest news, local traditions, cultural heritage, traveling to n atural areas, and anything which conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people. Eco-tourism is sustaining the well-being of the natives and the government in the Philippines with responsible and appropriate travel to natural areas which protects the environment and the resources. It is a travel to destinations where biodiversity and cultural heritage of a local culture is given very much emphasis and importance.Philippines eco-tourism * promotes conservation measures as it educates the guests about the local issues with regards to the conservation of the environment * encourages meaningful community involvement amongst locals in relation to tourism employment and * is profitable and can sustain by itself as it improves the livelihood of short people in the rural. Furthermore, Ecotourism works to reduce the adverse effects of what conventional tourism has done to the natural environment. It promotes recycling, energy efficiency and the efficient use and re use of water.

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Analysis of JFK Inauguration Speech Essay

On Friday, 20 January 1961 newly elected chair canful F. Kennedy delivered his Inauguration speech to the nation of the grounds in the term of uncertainty and fear. Kennedy was the youngest elected professorship and the starting time Ro opus Catholic president. During this tumultuous time period the Cold War was at its summit and dangers of nuclear power were building .To ease the rising tensions building amongst the race Kennedy emphasizes optimism and idealism in his speech. In doing so, Kennedy hopes in representing the United States as a force to be reckoned with while maintaining peaceful supranational traffic with some other countries. While most dont believe it had an impact, John F Kennedys speech helped America pull through one of its darkest times.At the time President Kennedy had bigger shoes to fill. With rising pressure sexual climax from separate nations due to nuclear power the people of America argon worried now more than ever. Though with his charismatic ego and harmonic approach, Kennedy was determined to get his input through the people. In other course Kennedy was what America needed at the time, a savior. Not only that plainly with his dashing good looks and eloquent family he was to some extent a role model. This speech was somewhat typical of Kennedy compared to other speeches of his. Like Kennedys metropolis upon a Hillspeech he tends to appeal to the people, as seen when he says We must always consider that we sh on the whole be a city upon a hill-the eyes of all people are upon us. Kennedy is a presumable speaker and this quite a little be attributed due to the fact that he had been better-looking successful speeches throughout his presidential campaign that eventually persuaded people to vote for him and in due course win the presidential election.Kennedy delivered his maiden speak to before an earshot of twenty thousand people and a televised audience of eighty million. The people of America were fearful be cause of the development and stockpiling of nuclear weapons. It was a very volatile time in history, with the acres non far removed from WW2 and the Korean War. Though Kennedy felt that it wasnt further the people of America but the people of the world he should address. He asked the nations of the world to join together to fight what he called the common enemies of man tyranny, poverty, disease, and warfare itself. Kennedys main responsibility was to represent the nation of America as one that was strong and was able to maintain peaceful international relations. Though Kennedy is just truly attempting to emphasize optimism and idealism since the nation is in such panic and hysteria.The focal point of Kennedys speech was the human relationship between duty and power. This was highlighted with Kennedys vivid usage of juxtaposition. In the first part of the speech Kennedy states in the second passage, Man holds in his mortal(a) hands the power to abolish all forms of human po verty and all forms of human life. This appeals to the idea of shifting towards peoples values and affluence. The use of tropes can also be spotted within the text.Kennedy overemphasizes the strength of America by the use of hyperboles. By exaggerating and saying that America can pay any price or bear any burden, Kennedy generates a perception of superciliousness in the reader for his or her country. One of the most famous lines ushered by Kennedy in his inaugural speech was the use of chiasmus when he says Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Kennedys use of ethos is attributed to much of this because of his trustworthiness and credibility as a speaker. This gives Kennedy authority since his use of rhetoric establishes him as a good causa that can appeal to the publicKennedys Inaugural Address was patently much more than any regular speech given by a president in perspective. Kennedys commitment to insure independence to countless ci vilians possibly encouraged him to escalate the U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam. This is foreshadowing for what is to become the cold war and one of the perennial and costliest wars. Although today Kennedy is remember more for his notoriety and assassination, many forget how big a mark his inaugural speech left upon the world. Kennedy envisioned and urged change over for the better. Former president Harry S Truman told journalists that history would remember it as One of the greatest speeches of all time. If not for Kennedys speech, relations with America and other countries would be in turmoil and chaos. History is infixed to why John F Kennedy and his inaugural speech in office were so influential to his administration and in turn the rest of the twentieth century.Works CitedJohn F. Kennedy Inaugural Address. U.S. Inaugural Addresses. 1989. John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address. U.S. Inaugural Addresses. 1989. Bartleby Bookstore, 2 Aug. 2007. Web. 16 Dec. 2013. Antecelli , Nathan M. Home. Our Documents -. The Peoples Vote, 17 Mar. 2001. Web. 15 Dec. 2013. USA Presidents. USA-Presidents.Info. Ezoic, 2004. Web. 21 Dec. 2013. Mehltretter, Sandra M. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inaugural Address (20 January 1961).John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inaugural Address (20 January 1961). The Pennsylvania State University, n.d. Web. 21 Dec. 2013.

Criminology and victimology Essay

Criminology Law & Legal Definition Criminology is delimitate as the scientific study of iniquity, criminal behavior and law enforcement. Criminology studies crime, how society responds to crimes and how crime can be prevented. Criminology examines the psychological, hereditary and environmental causes of crime. It also examines the modes of criminal investigation and conviction.The study also analyses the effectiveness of punishment or correction methods as compared with forms of treatment or rehabilitation. In short it is the scientific study of the non-legal aspects of crime, including its causes and prevention. A very famous deflation of criminology is as follows the study of the making of laws, the fracture of laws, and reactions to the breaking of laws. Criminology Law & Legal DefinitionCriminology is defined as the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior and law methods as compared with forms of treatment or rehabilitation, In short it Is the A very famous defini tion of criminology is as follows the study of the making of laws, the breaking of laws. And reactions to the breaking of laws. the breaking of laws, and reactions to the breaking of laws. Criminology Is defined as the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior and law

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Compensation and Benefits Plan

fee and Benefits formulate November 20, 2011 Compensation and Benefits Plan In this submission Learning Team B (LTB) supports and expands on one team members proposal to play a inculcate psychologist at Manzano Day School in Albuquerque, new-made Mexico to fill an operational gap. LTB forbiddenlines a proposal for compensation and benefits plan that meets the necessitate of the employee and the organization.Specifically, the proposal recommends and justifies an approach for direct pay, motivators, security and health benefits, pay for beat not invented, and employee services moreover, it identifies any obstacles or potential resistant in implementing each recommended approach. Direct Pay When developing a set salaray for the business office of School Pshcycologist at Monzano Day aim. One must consider the demographics and likeness of former(a) schools in the area.For many years New Mexico domain schools live with been ranked worst in the country as a resolve of over crowding, lack of reinforcement, lack of staff, lack of resources and corupt behavior. When comparing the pay master for a school psychologist working for the Albuquerque Public School(APS) system an individual with a PhD. in Pschology starts at an annual salary of $54,000 (www. aps. edu/human-resources/salary-schedules/salaries/a4-salary-schedule) which is based on a 208 days (8hrs/day) work schedule and then is adjusted according to years of experience and other skills according to a grade step in pay.Manzano Day School would match the same payscale and grading as the public schools offer, in addition to non quanitative incentives as small classroom sizes, multitude of resources, adaquate funding for education and a strong support from the community, board of directors and administration. Incentives Nonprofit organisational goals differ from for-profit firms and require different types of leaders and honor systems. Inability to conk profits prohibits profit sharing, gain shari ng, and stock-ownership incentive plans (Roomkin &038 Weisbrod, 1999). Firms are increa blitherly sing variable-pay systems such as pay-for-performance plans to control costs and increase employee efficiency (Cascio, 2010). such a system is not a good fit for the school psychologist because it would likely reduce intrinsic motivation and could influence objective loser (Bregn, 2010). The major purpose of a school psychologist is to achieve positive outcomes for students and systems (Shriberg, Satchwell, McArdle, &038 James, 2010, p. 8). incline activities do not have sole influence over outcomes devising it difficult to identify conditions to meet to attain a specified support incentive (Bregn, 2010).The change in social, emotional, or psychological outcomes is difficult to target, measure, and reward (Roomkin &038 Weisbrod, 1999). When the link between performance and rewards are weak, the merit-pay system fails (Cascio, 2010). The school psychologist is an mean change agent who leads the charge toward positive ends for children, families, schools, and communities (Shriberg et al, 2010, p. 20). Thus, employee involvement in termination making, empowerment, recognition, training opportunities, and offerance of a supportive nurturing company culture are beta nonfinancial rewards (Cascio, 2010).Manzano Day School operates nine calendar months annually providing the school psychologist a 12-month salary is a unique yet feasible incentive that will help the company attract the right candidate and grow his or her job satisfaction. Another inherent incentive that produces the same effects is free tuition for the school psychologists children if he or she has any. credential and Health Benefits Randas part Pay for Time Not Worked webbys part Employee Services The Age Discrimination in usance Act requires employers to offer the same group health insurance to every employee no matter what age they are.Employers offer a wide material body of benefits. Fo r companies to be successful in the competitive labor market, firms are pretty when offering benefits to employees. This year is the first year employers are offering domesticated partner benefits regardless of the persons sexual orientation and married status (Casico, 2010). For many years insurance companies only paid out benefits to married couples of the same sex, but because of the diversity of the labor market, firms are beingness more diverse.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 29 % of private empyrean workers, and 33% of local and state government workers have health solicitude benefits for domestic partners of the same sex. The benefits vary, depending on the employer and employee characteristics, and whether the domestic partner is of the same or opposite sex (Bureau, 2011). In March 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics account paid leave benefits to be the largest available benefit offered by employers, and employers offers 91 % of paid benefits to full-tim e workers in private industry (Bureau, 2011).Employees offer other work life benefits such as Elder care, child adoption, onsite childcare, subsidise childcare, the ability to convert sick days into personal days, and flexible work schedule (Casico, 2010). Benefits are important and people are committing more to companies because of the benefits. shoemakers last Ultimately need to add some summarized thought that ties the paper unneurotic LTB outlined the compensation and benefits plan proposal for a school psychologist come out at the Manzano Day School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.Specifically, the proposal recommended and confirm an approach for direct pay, incentives, security and health benefits, pay for time not worked, and employee services furthermore, it identified any obstacles or potential resistant in implementing the recommended approach. References Bregn, K. (2010). The Logic of the New Pay Systems Revisited-in the Light of Experimental and Behavioral Economics. pl anetary Journal Of Public Administration, 33(4), 161-168. doi10. 1080/01900690903304175 Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011), Employee Benefits in the join States, Retrieved November 17, 2011 from http//www. ls. gov/news. release/ebs2. nr0. htm Cascio, W. F. (2010). Managing human resources Productivity, quality of work life, profits (8th ed. ) Roomkin, M. J. , &038 Weisbrod, B. A. (1999). Managerial Compensation and Incentives in For-Profit and Nonprofit Hospitals. Journal Of Law, Economics, &038 Organization, 15(3), 750-781. Shriberg, D. , Satchwell, M. , McArdle, L. , &038 James, J. (2010). An Exploration of School Psychologists Beliefs About effectual Leadership Practice in School Psychology. School Psychology Forum, 4(4), 8-21.

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Lucky Jim Analysis

The conversation amidst Dixon and Bertrand is direct and to the point with the use of emotive and, at times, mutilateensive language. For instance, Bertrand uses phrases desire your so called mind and you dirty little bar- fly, you nasty little Jumped up turf. In between the speech amiss is a great observer of humans move ment and highlights the tension between the two men with the language he uses and the use of short sentences, for example Axon moved a charge per unit nearer and he clenched his fists and the Impact had hurt them sooner.Malls describes Bertrand breath as whistle through his nose which accurately depicts he image of someone beginning to hold back irate. Throughout the theodolite, out of the two men, Dixon is depicted as more in control and powerful than Bertrand even though being the lesser make water of the two men. Bertrand says to Dixon youre simply not up to my weight. If you want a skirmish pick someone your own size, then you might stand a chance. Dixon, by his response, is clearly not threatened by this at all.It could be seen as an empty threat because Bertrand does not expect Dixon to retaliate, but rather simply Just to back down considering their positions. Undeterred by the physiologic threats, Dixon moves a pace rarer and unleashes an articulate and fast moving annihilation of Bertrand temperament youre a twister and a snob and a bully and a fool. Bertrand Is shown to be clearly stunned by this as he makes no attempt to interrupt. Dioxins confidence is clearly rallied by the fact that he is gird with the information that Bertrand has been having an affair with Carol Goldsmith.Bertrand physical strength over Dixon is over again highlighted by when it says that he came and stood over Dixon. Amiss adds slight caprice to the passage as Dixon attempts to further wind up Bertrand and SSH him over the edge by saying What are we going to do, dance? , still staying fairly smooth himself. Bertrand however triggers the fi ght that he so desires by calling Dixon Sam. pull down then, Dixon Is shown to be more in control as he took off his glasses and put them In his top Jacket pocket.Malls again uses humor In his depletion of this rather ungainly scene as the two men faced each other on the floral rug. Malls description of the rug as floral creates a contrast with the aggression of the scene and introduces the fancy to the reader described as elbows crooked in uncertain attitudes, as if about to begin some ritual f which neither had learnt the cues. The air the passage is written emphasizes that both men are out of target as one would expect a vocal argument between an artist and a history teacher as opposed to a physical fight.The explosion of the china figurine as it hits the hearth emphasizing the put a expression which fell highlights the awkwardness of the scene. In contrast to Dixon controlled manner Bertram is made to look bunglesome and a character of ridicule in the way he is shown to J ab at Dixon face, loses his balance and is hit hard by Dixon on the larger and more convoluted of his ears. The reader is to encouraged by the use of this description to smelling any sympathy for Bertrand.His language is not eloquent in the equivalent way that Dixon is, but relies more on taunts and school boy retorts worry youve got it coming and Ill show you. This threatening and childlike language is very different from Dixon more controlled responses like Im not the sort to do that when Bertrand threatens him if he tells Christine about his indiscretions with Carol. Amiss uses repeat at the end of the passage when Dixon thinks about Bertrand as a bloody old dowser-faced boot-faced totem poll and then repeats this insult out odd.The use of repetition is not only humorous but it emphasizes the point and leaves the reader in no doubt with regard to who the winner of this fight is, both on a physical and intellectual level. It is also quite a discovery for Dixon, almost more so than when he actually punches Bertrand, as it is the primary point in the play when he actually says what he is thinking. The strike on the door is even described as discreetly applauding this terminology. Dixon is again shown to be a character of strength and control by the way he says Come in with reflex promptness and appears to be unpleased by the fight.

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My Vision for Social Change Essay

My Vision for Social Change My name and address in life is to grow and develop an understanding of the mysteries of human behavior, with the visual sensation of learning new and more effective ways to assist others give birth their full potentials. With this in mind, and further influenced by my career choices as a war veteran, a preacher, and a mental health counselor, I lose come to the understanding that life is never in what you take. Rather, life is in what you give to effect a positive companionable change in your environment and /or the people around you. Using the definition provided by the Walden University, positive social change is a deliberate process of creating and applying ideas, strategies, and actions to throw out the worth, dignity, and development of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, and societies. (Walden University, n.d.).Embedded in this definition is the fact that positive social change is mostly made possible through delibera te and conjunct efforts channel toward a specific goal. Therefore, having a fantasy is one thing, and realizing the resourcefulness is another. Yes, I want to help others experience their full potentials but how go forth this be possible? Knowing full well that you freighternot give what you do not have. This is where my choice of coming to pursue a MS in Mental Health Counseling at Walden University becomes so important. Walden University presented a vision statement of providing a learning community where knowledge is judged rightly, to the degree that it can be applied by its graduates to the immediate solution of critical societal challenges, thereby advancing the greater global good.(Walden University, n.d.) The practicality of this vision statement has been demonstrated.It is the law that Walden University and I shared same vision statement. Better still, Walden University knows the how of realizing the vision, which I contend to learn. Going forward, therefore, I must act on the advice provided by Matthew Buckley, reliance that the vision that you have for yourself will be realized. ( honorable Education, Inc. 2012). He went further to evidence that the University professionals are standing ready to work with you, and keep you, and support you. (Laureate Education, Inc. 2012)References Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer), (2012). Walden MHC Matt Buckley. Baltimore, MD. Author.Walden University. (n.d.). Scholars of change. (Video). Retrieved from http// University. (n.d.). Vision and mission statements. Retrieved from http//

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A reaction paper on the statement

Thomas Edison failed many measure before successfully inventing the modern electric light bulb. He said, If I find 10,000 vogues something wont work, I bedevilnt failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt chuck disclose is another step forward. Reflect on an accomplishment you achieved in an tall(a) way.People ar known for their ability of becoming the ruff individuals that they could be even out in the middle of disadvantageous situations. It is undeni fitting that because of the many challenges that people have to live with, they are now able to understand the major issues that are involved within the system of real human living.Aside from gaining the knowledge of the realities closely challenges, humans are now able to fare the best out of the hardships that come along the way as they intend to be the best that they could be in veneer their own lives. Thomas Edison has been among the major individualizedities in the human history that has been able to p ay off certain changes in the companionship through applying the said idealism of NEVER GIVING UP in the middle of major issues of survival in invigoration.Consistently considering this particular fact of life has already made great changes and institutional breakthroughs in the society today. This is for sure the same with the situation that is dealt with by each(prenominal) individual that is considerably facing difficult problems and challenges as persons making up the society today.As for the case of the condition of this paper, it could be observed that she has been able to wake up from a contraband situation that challenged her ability to withstand the dangers and the hardships of being ill. Although she had been facing such problems with her health, she has been remark to unquestionablely understand that she should and must be able to continue her personal victimization even with so much challenges that she has to cause because of her case.Because of this, it is und eniable that she was able to stand up again and become the kind of person she wants herself to be, a fighter. She chose to continue her studies amidst all the odds that go about her along the way to at least develop her own skills and make definite changes as to the way that she lives her life beyond all the challenges that she is supposed to deal with.Through this account of actual life experience, it could be noted that challenges are supposed to be faced as major probabilities of changes among human individuals. IT is through these challenges and difficulties that the human society tries to make a difference upon their lives. It is through this particular factor of life that each individual is able to become a stronger person who is able to face the different challenges in his own journey.People who are able to stand up again after a failure that whitethorn or may not be inflicted by their ownselves, are those whoa re able to make huge changes in the lives of many people, throug h inspiring them to fight for their right wing to a fine way of living and through becoming the pillars of truth that attests to the fact that standing up and not giving up is a major part of living a successful way of life.Ones real purpose in living could be identified to the slipway by which he is particularly able to face the different challenges that he is naturally faced with in his own journey towards personal development and social connection as well.

Cenralistaion vs Decentalisation

The main endings argon make by major(postnominal) management, where little allowance is passed down the organisation. advantages decisions atomic number 18 made by experienced people with an overview of the company. ensures policies ar consistent end-to-end the company. ensures quick decisions can be made without consultation. procedures such as ordering and purchasing can be standardised throughout the company, leading to economies of scale. in times of crisis the firm may need beardown(prenominal) leadership by a central group of senior managers. disadvantages (mainly advantages of de centralization) centralisation reduces the input of the day to day experts, e. g. , the shop floor staff, into the firms decision making. it risks pervert branch managers who may feel mistrusted or powerless. Decentralisation Decisions are made by lowly management as authority is passed down the organisation, thereby accepting less amity in how things are down. There has been a trend i n the 1980s and 1990s is to decentralise to provide great flexibility. advantages reduces the stress and burdens of senior management it can empower local managers back up them to be more innovated and motivated. it reduces the volume of day to day communication amid head office and the branches, therefore giving senior managers the time to escort long term strategy. subordinates may have a better fellowship of local conditions affecting their areas of bet.This should allow them to make more informed hygienic judged choices, e. g. , salespersons have detailed knowledge of customers. management at middle and junior levels are groomed to take over higher positions. They are presumption the experience of decision making when carrying out delegated tasks (management development). could allow greater flexibility and a quicker response to changes. If problems do not have to referred to senior management decision making provide be quicker. Since decisions are quicker, they ar e easier to change in the light of unforeseen circumstances. disadvantages reduction in uniformity may unsettle customers who expect every Sainsburys to look the akin or for every McDonalds hamburger to contain just one slice of gherkin. head office is in a position to round the success of every aspect of the product and sales mix, therefore its instruction manual may prove more profitable than local managers intuition.Conclusion It is unlikely there will ever be accomplish centralisation or decentralisation. Certain functions within a business will always be centralised because of their importance, e. g. , decisions about budget allocation are likely to be centralised as they affect the whole economy. The decision to distribute profits is also taken only by a few. Some delegation is necessary in all firms because the limits to the amount of work senior management can carry out. Even if authority is delegated to a subordinate it is usual for the manager to retain responsibili ty.

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The employs has a monthly payment and an additional commission of what they sell. Beca use of goods and gains Johanna is a well know brand and make up a huge market share gross sales representatives can easily gain a bigger portion on commission. The company also distri neverthelesses a part of its profit with its employees. To conclude they use wages, fringe benefits, performance related, and profit sharing system. All of that spark offs them as a team to work harder and have a better out come, but like every thing this tool has its advantages and injurys.The wages Is the simplest and easiest to use for a big and known company Like Johanna, but Its mall disadvantage Is employs might feel It unfair for them to be paid as others art object the other dose not do hisher job. Performance related, it is the best dash to manage and control sales representatives, its main disadvantage is when reforming a service it is hared to monitor the employees Johanna sales representative perform services by liberal out questioners and taking complains.Then the fringe benefits is giving the employees health insurance that beget the employees more loyal and have a low turn in rate, but if the company has a lot of employees that will have a high cost out come. Profit sharing system would suffer the employees loyal, normally companies dont give out a big share of there profit to the employees for them to feel the difference. Recommendation The company should know haw to motivate every single one of Its employees because every one of them may do different from the other.The company s o a nave a netter employee committal Day upgrading ten 010 Ana excellent employees to a higher position, to reach final satisfaction. They should pick the best of there employees to give them training courses to be the conterminous managers to lead the company to a better future. After setting the intent of the company and achieving it the company should make a party to celebrate their goa l, to have a better loyalty.

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Four Principles Essay

union corrections are non-prison house sanctions that are imposed on convicted adults or adjudicated juveniles either by a court instead of a prison sentence or by a parole board following introduce from prison. (Joan Petersilia Para. 1) There are quadruplet planetary linguistic rules of hard-hitting encumbrance that fetch give look organizing concepts of community corrections in what has fetch sack outn as the what works movement. In this paragraph I leave behind chance upon all four of the general precepts of stiff disturbance, endangerment principle, criminogenic expect principle, treatment principle, and fidelity principle, and the flair they work.The for the first time of the four principles of impelling intervention is lay on the line principle. Risk principle tells us that intervention programmes should use a mix of cognitive and behavioral st computegies (Wright, 2012.) This is facial expression that the intervention should tar feature area uplift ed essay offenders, to prevent them from reoffending. Research has proved that targeting high risk offenders works to a greater extent(prenominal) lots then targeting low risk offenders. true offenses are considered low risk and early(a)s high. That is what qualifies you as a low and high risk offender by what offense you attached the first time. Moreover, research also shows that targeting low-risk offenders with intensifier treatment advise actually add-on their reoffending (Latessa, 2010). That is why within the four principles it does non target low right offenders. I agree with this schema completely, we should pay more attention to the more serious offenders, because if they did a serious offense in the first place, they depart do it again, and we m oldiness target these spate to try and stop them. harmonise to Gendra and Paparozzi with corrections Today, When Robert Martinson predicted some 20 years ago that the new epoch in corrections would focus on punishm ent, many of us who were working in the dodging at that time did not form how prescient he was. Today, the U.S. corrections system relies on the threat of punishment to set ashore about law-abiding behavior. Evidence of this can be seen in the proliferation of intensive direction programs (ISPs), boot c amps, shock incarceration and peoples prisons. (Gendreau, P., & Paparozzi, M. A., 1995) I know that this intervention works because I submit been to boot camp myself, and as they battle cry it the scare tactic it really does work. When you do something incorrect or not to standards in the military they will scare soldiers with punishment, the contend it scares the soldiers is because they know that they will go through with the punishment because they welcome been punished before.The warrant of the four principles of effective intervention is ciminogenic need principle. Criminogenic need principle posits that intervention programs must focus on change factors relate to the offenders unsociable conduct. well-nigh of the distinguished factors to target include antisocial values and attitudes, substance abuse, antisocial peers, nonadaptive families, and poor decision-making and problem-solving skills. Unfortunately many intervention programs target factors that have little or nothing to do with an individuals current criminal behavior. (Wright, F 2012) When issue up in a dysfunctional family, you learn that it is accept suitable to be that way. When confederacy member have children , their children grow up thinking that what their parent is doing is acceptable, so when they get to the age that they can make their cause decisions, they do what they grew up knowing, gang banging.On the contrary an example I am going to bring up the incident that happened in Connecticut a gibe days ago. The killer did not have a dysfunctional family, but the old babysitter had reported that when she would watch him his sustain would say to never take her bosom off of him, even when going to the bum which can form a opening that he had always acted up in odd ways. The third of the four principles of effective intervention is the treatment principle. The treatment principle tells us that intervention programs should use a mix of cognitive and behavioral strategies. As John Wright states, Cognitive approaches confront the way offenders think, their criminal values and attitudes, and their decision making.behavioural approaches, by contrast, seek to model, reward, and reinforce prosocial behavior. many studies show that cognitive-behavioral strategies work better than some other intervention strategies for offenders, including nondirective talk therapy and psychoanalytic approaches. Nondirective approaches do not tend to work with near offenders because they are usually concrete in their thinking and not always able to think rationally. (J. Wright, 2012)When you are in prison, if you do not get into fear they will send you t o a work camp, which gives you more privileges than the average prisoner. When you get in trouble in prison, they will take away(predicate) any little privileges that you do have, that would be an example of behavioral approaches. An example of a cognitive approach would be to have a criminal in therapy, with a physiological expert who would know how to gazump the offenders brain to figure out the way they think then question them on the reason they think like that.The quaternate and last principle of effective intervention is the fidelity principle. The fidelity principle is in affect to make it so that the other three principles are being held to the standard. few individuals should never work with offenders. When they do they a great deal reinforce criminal thinking patterns and antisocial behavior (J. Wright 2012). The people that work with these offenders must be one hundred per centum qualified, and well as have turn out positive results of their work or else their arg ument in this intervention is useless. The working will just cause the offenders to get worst. every(prenominal) the jobs within the intervention are important because if everyone is not doing their part within the program then the results from the program will not look effective.These four principles have been be to be effective and I weigh that if we continue to use it, that we will vacate many offenders from have a due south offense and keep the crime rate down within our country. In this undertake you have learned all four of the principles effective in the community corrections, risk principle, crimongenic need principle, treatment principle, and fidelity principle, and the roles that they coquette within the intervention.ReferencesBeeler, A. (2007). What works in corrections Reducing the criminal activities of offenders and delinquents. Corrections Compendium, 32(2), 36-36. Retrieved from http// Gendreau, P., & Paparozzi, M. A. (1995). Examining what works in community corrections. Corrections Today, 57(1), 28-28. Retrieved from http// Petersilia, J (November 2007) What Works In Community Corrections, The PEWCenter of the States. Retrieved by http//www.pewtrusts.orgWright, J (2012) What Works In Changing Offenders? Retrieved fromhttps//

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Killing Without Emotions Essay

This human nature of ours makes us think or stops us in order to slay without emotions. When creation atomic number 18 dangerouswired to be empathetic and merciful not to kill, it is hard to understand why in that location is so much cleanup in the world? How, with empathy and compassion, can pot kill? They must bowl over their emotions with stronger emotions of scorn and notions of purpose based on their beliefs. In the following paragraphs will present some(a) congressmans that will indicate why and how some bulk turn over their emotions with stronger emotions based on their purpose.A common example of this is of a felo-de-se bomber. So how these suicide bombers ar formed or what is the psychology obscure behind suicide bombing. . a great deal the suicide bombers arrested in Pakistan be usually teenagers and be from a poor background. They be usually kidnapped on their way to school or madraassa (religious school) and then brainwashed. Research and Todays me dia reveals that suicide bombers using their religion as a shield justifies what they atomic number 18 doing atomic number 18 right.During brainwashing they are kept set-apart and given misleading information on the name of the religion. They are told by the stain religious leaders that sidesplitting of the non Muslims are justified according to their religion. In summing up to this they are in any case told that dying in the name of their religion will achieve them the rank of a martyred. They are also brainwashed that they will earn a high rank in the sphere and rivers of milk and honey and beautiful virgins await. (Yusufzai and Jamal). They are offered high price to get the business organisation done.They are assured that their family will digest wealthy life after their calling is done. Almost 90% of the suicide bombers are normal humans but, after perspicacious the position they can earn by dying in the name of their religion, variegate their emotions to kill hund reds of innocent humans. From this above example it can be concluded that they elementary overmaster their emotions with stronger emotions of earning high rank in Heavens by dying in the name of the religion, securing the lives of their family and obeying the orders of beau ideal.Another type of the people who override their emotions to kill are the soldiers. Soldiers override their emotions for certain reasons that they learn during the reproduction. During the formulation in that location are told that they are the protectors of the land. The lives of their families and their countrymen depend on them. Moreover, they are apt with the fact that what they are doing is right and justified and God is with them. The training for the soldiers keeps on the changing with time to time. The soldiers are given complete training/ practicing area. The soldiers are desensitized by make them shoot at human specifyd paper targets, workout and then to moving targets and pop up targets come out kind of human shape making their response automatic and cogitate. (Dwyer). The training areas includes all kinds of difficult pathways, surreptitious tunnels and sudden appearance of the human make targets which they have shoot at and develop them down. They are also congratulated on their introductory kill which increases their confidence to override their emotions more than easily In addition to this there are addressed directly making them believe that they actually have to kill. (Robinson). Often a times the present the enemies in way that does not even notion like a human for typesetters case they will call their enemies by those call that even dont look familiar. Names like grievous bodily harm who knows what is gook? It does not sound like a human or a person. one-half of the desensitizing and dehumanizing is made easier in presenting a person that does not even to our clan or kind. In addition, saying that God is with us, we are fighting for the sake of o ur country and the people and God is proud of us.A lot of killing is made easier in this for the soldiers presenting these as a reason. (Pomerantz) So, with this kind of training and lessons of patriotism being given to the soldiers makes it easier to override to their emotions. In the conclusion I would retell again that killing without emotions is really hard unless you have you dont overcome your emotions. It takes a lot of nerve and touchwood to kill without emotions. Works cited Dwyer, Gwynne. Soldiers trained to kill and post-traumatic psycho-babble. Thuppahis blog, 29 April 2011. Web. Web. 18 Feb. 2013. Yusufzai, Asfaq, and Amna Nasir Jamal. Teenagers recruited, trained as suicide bombers.  Central online Asia. N. p. , 11 04 2011. Web. 18 Feb 2013. Robinson, Steve. The impact of killing and how to mug up the soldiers .  Frontline. Frontline, 01 Mar 2001. Web. 18 Feb 2013. Pomerantz, Andrew. The impact of killing and how to prepare the soldiers .  Frontline. Fr ontline, 01 Mar 2001. Web. 18 Feb 2013.

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And what should I do in Illyria?

My chum, he is in Elysium.(1.2.2-3)Viola deliberates that her brother has drowned during the surprise that wrecked the ship. She asks what is to become of her now that her brother is no longer alive to treasure her. Elysium, the classical Greek equivalent to enlightenment represents a arse of peace and incessant joy. The similarity in the sounds of the names seems to bear on Illyria with Elysium, suggesting a place of security and happiness. The conclusion is that Illyria will eventually provide the improve that Viola needs after the (apparent) passing play of her brother. (Go to the abduce in theThere is a medium behaviour in thee, skipperAnd though that character with a cognisely wallDoth oft close in pollution, yet of theeI well believe thou hast a bear in mind that suitsWith this thy beauteous and outward character.(1.2.43-47)Viola confides her plans for disguising herself as a boy to the Sea-Captain who has saved her from the storm. She comments that although a f air and kindly exterior brush off neartimes c at a timeal a corrupt soul, she believes that the Captains nature is as true and loyal as his appearance suggests. This being so she intends to deposit him with her secret plan of dressing herself as a boy to protect herself whilst she is in Illyria, and will even ask the Captains countenance in achieving this. (Go to the quote in the text edition of the play)Did you never see the picture of we three?(2.3.15-16)This is a topical reference to the caption of coeval seventeenth-century trick pictures of two fools or clowns, in which the ravisher of the picture then becomes the third fool. An anonymous painting of two fools, possibly the long-familiar jesters Tom Derry and Archie Armstrong, exists by this title WeeThree Logerhds and it is attainable that Shakespeare has something like this painting in mind when he wrote this line. Other versions are cognize to throw off existed as inn signs, in which the two fools were depicted as asses, which whitethorn explain Sir Tobys greeting to Feste Welcome, ass (2.3. 17). (Go to the quote in theWhy, thou hast put him in such a woolgather that when the fancy of it leaves him, he essential run harebrained.(2.5.186-188)The painting of eff wavering closely among dreaming and vehemence is a nonher of the plays motifs. female horse is referring to the dream that Malvolio is experiencing of Olivia being in love with him by the trick played by Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian. She suggests that once Malvolio realises it is a trick and that Olivia is non in love with him, the knowledge will produce him mad. Compare these lines with Sebastians lines in Act 4, throw outdidate 1 and his soliloquy at the start-off of Act 4, scene 3. Olivia has declared that she is in love with him, and he has never seen her in front. In 4.1 he initially decides that this is a dream/If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep (4.1.60-62). The dreamlike state continues and in 4.3 he i s desperately trying to look some kind of explanation for the spot he finds himself in. He tries to convince himself that tis not vehemence (4.3.4), and this may be some error but no derangement (4.3.10), but is finally forced to conclude that I am mad,/Or else the ladys mad (4.3.15-16). Sebastians dream is temporary in that the apparent madness is dispelled when the identity of the twins is finally revealed and he can claim Olivia as his wife. all the same Malvolios experience in the dark hearth turns his dream into a living nightmare in which his protestations of sanity are ignored and he is humiliated and humbled. (Go to the quote in theCome, well hasten him in a dark inhabit and bound. My niece is already in the teaching that hes mad.(3.4.130-1)Sir Tobys cease and desist order continues the motif of madness, but introduces a darker and to a greater extent troublesome ramp to the play. Whilst love can induce a kind of madness that can create the kind of grief suffered by Orsino, Sir Toby is refers here to genial insanity. The common cure for insanity during this power point was to imprison the patient in a dark room in the belief that the darkness would drive out the annoyance spirits from the patients body. This cruel and often fiery practice that continued for many years. Sir Tobys project to subject Malvolio to this cure when he knows that the madness is not real indicates a dark side to Sir Tobys character. (cf Dr Pinchs proposed treatment for Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus in The Comedy of Errors They must be bound and laid in some dark room 4.4.95 nada that is so, is so.(4.1.8)This line, more than any other perhaps, encompasses unrivalled of the dominant themes of one-twelfth Night, that of jerry-built appearances. in spite of appearance the world of the play almost everything is deceptive appearances, love, even death. Feste is speaking this line to Sebastian, whom he believes to be Cesario. Yet Cesario is not who he seems to be e ither. The play is dominated by a man who seems to be in love with a charwoman who does not return his love, and this woman herself is in love with a woman who seems to be a man. Violas brother seems to be drowned, and Sebastian believes his sister to have died during the shipwreck.These images of deceptive reality also beget the mercurial spirit of the world of Illyria. Shakespeare has invest Illyria with a kind of magical property that allows these evertings of normal behaviour and situations. It is exactly in Illyria that the festival of Twelfth Night can be carried on permanently by Sir Toby and his associates only in Illyria in which girls can disguise as boys only in Illyria where dead siblings can be resurrected. Illyria seems like a real place with a sea-coast, storms and ruling dukes, but it alike is not as it seems to be. It is a make believe world of illusion and fantasy corresponding with Shakespeares other created, magical worlds the forest of Arden in As You Li ke It, and Ephesusthe fifteenth and sixteenth century, masques, disguisings and the run of Fools (an ecclesiastic festival which involved an inversion of social hierarchy as members of the lesser clergy dressed up as their superiors to mockery and mock the routine practices of the church) were closely associated with Twelfth Night. It is this carnival spirit which presides over Shakespeares funniness as gender becomes a masquerade in Violas transformation into Cesario, aristocrats fall in love with servants (and vise versa), and stewards entertain comic delusions of grandeur. The audience is asked to suspend their disbelief in this Discovery Age theme parking lot where fraternal twins appear identical, love at first sight is not an uncommon occurrence, and a narcissistic duke agrees to swallow as his fancys queen a woman who only five minutes before functioned as his male page.3 As florescence asserts, Twelfth Night is a passing deliberate outrage.