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Celiac's Disease Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

coeliacs Disease - Essay ExampleThe incidence of auto immune disorders in the general US population is 3.5 % (The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center 2). As per round well informed estimates, nearly 3 million Americans suffer from coeliac distemper. An average healthy soulfulness in the US has roughly 1 in 133 chances of being affected by this disorder. Persons having a first-degree or second-degree relative suffering from coeliac disease do often have a more then average probability of being affected by this disease. Most of the patients suffering from celiac disease spring up related complications owing to a delayed diagnosis. Thus an early diagnosis of celiac disease is in truth important as this may significantly reduce the risk of developing further complications (The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center 2).Though the etiology of celiac disease has not conclusively been established work date, environmental, immunologic and heritable component parts have b een found to be significant contributors to the disease. The most prominent environmental factor is the association of this disease with gluten. Not only does gluten restriction plays a central role in the intercession of this disease, but the insertion of gluten in the normal appearing rectum and distal ileum of the affected patients results in discernable morphological changes (Kasper, et al. 1771). An immunologic component to this disease is strongly suspected because of the presence of serum antibodies- immunoglobulin A antigliadin, IgA antiendomysial and IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase (tTg) (Kasper et al. 1771) in the affected patients. Also the patients treated with prednisolone have been found to respond favorably. A genetic factor is certainly associated with this order, since the Caucasians have been found to have a higher prevalence of celiac disease as compared to blacks and Asians (Kasper et al. 1771).Though the symptoms of celiac disease may vary from patient to pat ient, the common symptoms may involvebloating, group AB pain, diarrhea, constipation, discolored teeth or loss of enamel, joint pain, significant unexplained weight loss, delayed growth, fractures or switch off bones, bulky or loose stools, fatigue, tingling or numbness in the limbs, canker sores, irritability or behavior changes, poor weight gain and missed menstrual periods (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness). Illnesses likeAnemia, depression, reference I diabetes, Sjogrens syndrome, dermatitis herpetiformis, infertility, IBS, peripheral neuropathy, Turner Syndrome, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, intestinal cancer, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, may overly be linked to celiac disease (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness).The most credible way of diagnosis celiac sprue is a small intestine biopsy. A biopsy should unexceptionally be performed on the patients exhibiting distinct symptoms of celiac disease, like nutrient deficiency an d malabsorption (Kasper et al. 1772). Many a times the patients suffering from celiac disease wear to exhibit any distinct or conspicuous symptoms of this malady. In the recent years, the incidence of asymptomatic cases of celiac disease has been on the rise (Craig et al 1). Thus it is imperative for a

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What would you consider to be the most important issues or problems in Essay

What would you consider to be the most important issues or problems in Human Resources in the joined Arab Emirates at the present time Broadly speaking, what d - Essay Examplewere foreigners in mid-1990s representing no less(prenominal) thn 60 per cent of the working popultion nd more thn 93 per cent of privte sector employees (Cooper, 1996). ccording to n estimte by the l-Iktissd Wl-ml (1997) mgzine, no less thn 95 per cent of the new jobs in the 1995-2000 period were in the privte sector. There re four sinkrelted resons for the privte sectors resistnce to Emirtistion.The first fctor is lbour cost. The influx of chep foreign lbour during the pst three decdes led to the development of lbour-intensive privte sector, whose continued profitbility hinges on being given free hnd in the utilistion of foreign workers. lthough, since the mid-1990s, coupled rb Emirtes hs incresed the cost of the ltter by introducing compulsory helth cre for foreign workers, locl workers still re very much more expensive to hire (Fshoyin, 2000). It hs further been lleged tht locls will demnd bout six times the slry skilled foreign worker would be prepred to ccept nd will not work s hrd (Fshoyin, 2000). Foreign workers from developing countries ccept reltively low slries becuse they cn still ern more thn they could ern in their home countries. Furthermore, the mjority of foreign workers re young mle bchelors nd because do not hve fmily to support. For locl workers, however, the high cost of living in United rb Emirtes mkes the level of wges offered by the privte sector incpble of providing n cceptble living stndrd for locl workers (tiyyh, 2003).Second, socil nd culturl perceptions towrds work in the privte sector gretly influence compnies bility to recruit nd retin qulified locl workers (see Tble 1). In United rb Emirtes, the type of work, sector of employment nd socil interctions t work determine the socil sttus

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US Role Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

US Role - Essay ExampleWhen that was rejected, former(a) p lodge innts tried using diplomacy to settle the conflict like presidents W. Bushs administration in the 1990s during the gulf contend. The diplomacy path has enabled the United States gain confidence of the Arab nations and this facilitated the second camp David pink of my John agreement that was also rejected.In the wake of September 11 terrorist attacks, the Bush administration started siding much with the Israeli because the Arab countries could not be trusted anymore. It also led to declaration of war on the terrorist groups which reside in the middle east and this put to an abrupt stop the peace talks and the mediation lineament of the United States. Even though this took place and is still taking place, the Obama administration has once again embarked on the peace talks for the sake of the energy products in the middle east. President Obama has constantly been advocating for peace in those Arab countries that are i n conflict and once again has gained the trust of the Arab countries and the results of the peace talks are to date to be seen (Simon 2009).United States government has its reasons for seeking peace in the Arab countries. The Middle East is endowed with fossil oil that is an essential commodity in the world and also has other minerals that are interest to the American government. The mediation by the US is a faade so that their reputation as the superpowers and being more in control of the world than the Soviet Union is not questioned or even threatened (Mahler and Mahler 2010).In reality, war in the Arab countries benefits the United States by them pretending to side with no one and hence gaining the support of exclusively the fighting parties and thus continuing to gain the oil and minerals without struggle. If the conflict between the Arab and Israeli ends without the face and transfer of US being seen in the peace talks and

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My Ideal Job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My Ideal Job - Essay ExampleIf one likes what he does, he go away jump in it and, hence, would be successful in the process. A great deal of motivation comes from enjoying what one does and that many a(prenominal) commonwealth ar non getting ahead because they do non like what they are doing. This is the precise thing that Jay Walljasper described when he say that we are not leading our lives still merely undermentioned a dizzying timetable of duties, commitments, demands and options. The idea is that by doing what one does best, a working persons life could be more successful and meaningful not just in the area of wealth acquisition but also there is the achievement and satisfaction on other aspects such as in the ad hominem and professional areas. For me, an ideal job is an occupation that I could perform and look forward to doing each day. I would not like some work that pays me to do something that I would not enjoy or would not be related to my interests. Imagine if you are stuck in some place you do not like, which Michael Ventura said would take ab out 26 years to accumulate one year for yourself. That is why I am looking at jobs in the originative field that is also mobile and non-traditional. I k like a shot that this allow for inevitably lead me to the media or the arts. Alternatively, I might consider working in the high engine room sector for the sheer dynamism of this particular industry at present. These work options are ideal for me because they aim knowledge, skills and temperaments that I have or I would want to have. I am careful to expect something out of my personal conception of occupations. There is the possibility of long years of training for a selected work, say, if I aimed to be a magazine writer or that career path taken by Marissa Mayer of Google renown (who is now the CEO of Yahoo), with the career ending up well below my expectation. That is why it is encouraging to find people in this field talk about the advantag es, benefits and the beauty of working in the creative field. For instance, Beker stated that the creative class brings about new ideas, achieving results in high technology and the creative field, covering jobs being performed not just by writers, designers, musicians, composers and the like but also mathematicians, engineers, physicians, social scientists, teachers and managers. This demonstrates a wide range of prospects and opportunities oddly now that we are within the so-called information age. There is an assurance that by following what I want or by choosing a career path based on my skills and interests, I will be succeeding. I have mentioned my inclination for high technology occupation. Based on what has been said so far both in the news and the academic literature on the subject the industry could be a bit unstable. Richard Florida, for instance, warned that the field is characterized by instability and frequent turnover, citing the fact that the median job land tenu re for workers ages 25 to 34 is 2.7 years and that by age 32, the average worker has had nine full-time or part-time jobs. I believe that this condition is more of challenge rather than a problem or a negative characteristic. The instability may be attributed to the mobility of employees who hop from one job to another. The challenge does not stem from lack of available work but from the dynamism of the sector. In addition, as what Florida has admitted, creative workers are able to compile an

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Cases Analysis Part 3 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cases Analysis Part 3 - Coursework ExampleIn this particularized case, stating that if Williams invariably missed a payment, the store could repossess all the items that Williams had ever bought from Walker, regardless of how long ago they were purchased is a strong example of unconscionable clause. If the clause referred only to that virtuoso purchase to which the missed payment referred, it would not be considered un healthy and unfair. I believe that in this case, the negociate power of the parties was definitely unequal, placing the consumer in a disadvantaged position. Therefore, Williams should ask the Court not to compel this specific clause, based on its unconscionability and unfairness. Moreover, in multiple previous cases, it was held that a court can refuse to enforce a clause, if it considers it unconscionable. For example, a leading case in this is Scott v. United States2, where it was held by the Supreme Court that If a acquire be unreasonable and unconscionable, but not void for fraud, a court of law go away give to the party who sues for its breach damages, not according to its letter, but only such as he is equitably entitled to. Also, the Uniform Commercial Code provides exact stipulations on this matter in divide 2-302, where it stipulates that (1) If the court as a matter of law finds the coerce or any clause of the contract to have been unconscionable at the time it was made the court may refuse to enforce the contract, or it may enforce the remainder of the contract without the unconscionable clause, or it may so limit the applications programme of any unconscionable clause as to avoid any unconscionable result. (2) When it is claimed or appears to the court that the contract or any clause thereof may be unconscionable the parties shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to present evidence as to its commercial setting, purpose and effect to aid the court in making the determination. 3 This means that by law, Courts are entitle d to refuse to enforce a contract or a clause, if it finds it unconscionable, which is the case of Williams. CHAPTER 12 CASE 3 There are several bares that sensible horizon House Microwave Inc. can use in its favor. First of all, it refers to Halls reasons to getting a job for HHM. If Hall decided to become an employee at HHM only because of the promise he was made by Bazzy, it is one thing. BUT, if Hall had been working for HHM for a period prior to the promise, the situation changes. This means that while world employed at HHM, Hall received a full salary package and he was genuinely fairly remunerated for his work and he suffered no material loss for not purchasing society stocks. Therefore, no material damages can be claimed by Hall from HHM. Another important issue that could be used by Bazzy to refuse to sell stock to Hall as agreed may be the lack of a written agreement on this, that would confirm Bazzys intention to be bound to the verbal promise he has made. I would ad vise Bazzy to refer to the General Statutes, specifically 42a-8-319 where it is expressly stipulated that A contract for the sale of securities is not enforceable by way of action or confession unless (a) there is some writing signed by the party against whom enforcement is sought or by his definitive agent or broker sufficient to indicate that a contract has been made for sale of a stated quantity of described securities at a defined or stated price or (b) delivery of the security has been accepted or payment has been made but the contract is

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Justice and policing in United Arab Emirates Research Paper

Justice and policing in United Arab Emirates - Research Paper ExampleA research conducted under(a) Hauser Global Law School Program found out that, although the core principles of law in the UAE be drawn from Sharia, most legislation is comprised of a mix of Islamic and European concepts of civil law, which have a common root in the Egyptian legal code established in the late nineteenth to 20th centuries. The justice system of the UAE is straightforward and the security and integrity of this region is attributed to its strict laws and regulations that its citizens and visitors are terminal point to follow. The working of the justice system is different in the UAE from many other countries in a broadcast of ways. In general, the legal system of many countries is shaped by precedents but in the case of the UAE, all(prenominal) case is treated as a new case and analyzed according to its circumstances. Furthermore, it is noteworthy to come to here that the courts in the UAE conduct in Arabic language, so legal representation is required to be well versed in Arabic. Thus language barrier can be an issue for soulfulness who is not familiar with Arabic and this can be particularly a problem for foreigners who may be involved in civil or financial-related disputes in the UAE. The criminal court of the UAE deals with all kinds of minor offenses and atrocious crimes. As the UAE is constituted by seven emirates and each emirate has its own criminal courts, therefore, the justice system is strongly interconnected throughout the UAE. The independence of Federal judiciary is guaranteed by the constitution and it comprises of the Supreme Court and the courts of outgrowth Instance.

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Comparing the consequences of 1990s reforms in Latin America and East Essay - 1

equivalence the consequences of 1990s reforms in Latin America and East Europe - Essay ExampleAfter the bridal of the macroeconomic strategies in the 1990s, both realms had high hopes that the new models would produce dynamic economies and abandon the legacy of sloughy growth, which was evident in the 1980s. However, in practice, the results of the macroeconomic strategies were neither as effective as economic enthusiasts expected, nor as bad as economic critics predicted. Therefore, there is a need to take stock of the implications of policy executing in the regions in the 1990s. This paper will examine the consequences of the 1990s reforms in East Europe and Latin America by examining the policies and anticipated outcomes for the reforms, as well as the consequences of these strategies.Latin America is among the worlds developing region. The region attained political autonomy roughly in the early 19th century. The colonial past, as well as the variety of primary products avai lable for export, strongly influenced the economic development of the regions societies. This is largely because it was through these export products that the societies entered the global system of production specialization during the last half(prenominal) of the 20th century. The marginal position of Latin American nations, which exported extractive or tropical agricultural crop to the real world, was not conducive to interdependence among the regions economies, particularly in the areas of investment and trade (Pop- Eleches 64). As a consequence, during the initial half of the 20th century, the regions economies responded to economic crises through industrialization orient towards domestic markets. The beginning of the 1980s witnessed enormous economic changes in developed economies such as bully Britain and the US. Global inflation adversely affected the price of primary products produced in Latin America. This resulted in massive

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Ethics In Criminal Justice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics In Criminal arbitrator - Research Paper ExampleIn criminal justice, ethics pull up stakess for making moral choices in baptismal font of uncertainties in various situations or problems. In the process of criminal justice, moral rules are desirable because they provide reliable guides for application in various circumstances. In criminal justice, ethics provides the grounds for reaching somewhat decisions in terms of law and for the sake of the criminal (Banks, 2004). It is as well crucial to understand that ethics in criminal justice involves determining right and wrong in terms of human standards. Also, these two perceptions evolve from the influences from parents, society or friends. Codes of conduct are influenced by religious beliefs and the law.Justice in human cognize occurs as a process that moves within three concrete circles. The personal context represents the individual intelligence of justice. This context has the responsibility of examining the right or wr ong and evil or good in keep experiences. The second circle characterizes the community context for justice. This circle comprises the physical environment in which justice operates urban, plain or suburban. It also includes the people in this system and their interactions. In the society, criminals do not operate in seclusion. Criminals require victims and circumstances. Crime relates to accessible conditions and circumstances through its subjectivity to the criminal justice system and the law. The social context of criminal justice ethics understands the necessity for recognizing criminals, not after the crime, but also through the comprehension of the environment and conditions that force people into crime. The social context of criminal justice ethics also involves the self-judgment of individuals in relation to others (Schneider, 2009).The third circle of criminal justice ethics involves the processes of criminal justice. This provides the only persuasion for understanding criminal justice ethics. This circle requires the

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Group effectiveness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

gathering effectiveness - Essay ExampleFormation of the assembly is the first and the most fundamental part of convention effectiveness. The selection of the right size and the right members is of vital importance for the success of any separate. My group was organize when my organization decided to launch a new product. It was line extension. My organization formed a sign functional team. Group members were selected from different departments according to the requirements of the project. My group consisted of eight employees from three different departments of the organization i.e. procural and supply chain, production and marketing. The draw a bead on or task of the group was the successful launch of the product. Like any work groups my group also passed through the four stages of group development after formation videlicet mutual acceptance, decision making, motivation and commitment, and control and sanction. When a group passes through these stages, a successful group b ecomes a mature group. According to the group development model any group has three major issues i.e. interpersonal issues, task issues, and authority issues. Group effectiveness can be increased by pickings care of these three issues. The interpersonal issues include aspects like trust, personal comfort and security. The task issues include purpose of the group, what the group wants to achieve i.e. the expected outcomes and the methods utilized to achieve those outcomes. The authority issue deals with the hierarchy of power and component definition of every member in the group along with the chain of command. A clear and manifest definition of these issues helps improves effectiveness of the group (Debra L. Nelson, 2011).There are various external and internal factors that are liable for group effectiveness. It includes group size, time, diversity in group in terms of gender, age, culture and interpersonal diversity, group cohesion, norms of the group etc. Our group had all the se factors. There

Examine any foreign currency of your choice (preferably from and Research Paper

Examine any foreign funds of your choice (preferably from and emerging market and provide an depth psychology of that currency once agains - Research Paper ExampleHence, it can be stated that the movements of permutation rates have vital implications oer the national economy including its business cycle, trade and capital flows. Additionally, replacement rate is ofttimes regarded as an important factor that influences the foreign economic policy of a country by a large extent (Dua & Ranjan, 2011). The paper intends to identify and analyse the Indian rupee against the US horse over the five years period ending with 2010. Macroeconomic Analysis of the Indian Rupee over the US Dollar Macroeconomic fundamentals play a crucial role in the determination of exchange rate. This particular statement can be well interpreted with reference to the microeconomic context and currency fluctuations witnessed in India in the recent years. India has witnessed enormous volatility in the recent de cade which has resulted in ageless fluctuation of the Indian Rupee against US Dollar. The fluctuation had been quite apparent during the period of 2005-2010 (Somaiya, 2008). For instance, during the year 2009, the Indian Rupee reached 48.32 against the US Dollar which was recorded to be the lowest exchange rate against the US Dollar over the five year period ranging from 2005-2010 while, in 2007, the Indian Rupee was identified to be 41.20 which was again observed to be the highest against the US Dollar for the stated five year period (SignalTrend Inc, 2012). Source (SignalTrend Inc., 2012) Since 1990, India has do several structural reforms with respect to its foreign exchange related affairs. The major objectives of these reforms were fundamentally to enhance the self-assurance level among the investors and thereby, maintain a degree of domestic competiveness. Contextually, a major reason identifiable screwing the appreciation of Indian Rupee against the US Dollar for the peri od of 2005-2010 illustrates the occurrence to be a outgrowth of the increase recorded in the capital inflow of the nation. The FDI equity inflow between 2005 and 2010 was identified to be seven times more than the previous five years i.e. 2000-2004 (Rao & Dhar, 2011). During the fiscal years from 2007 to 2008, the currency exchange rates in almost all the emerging markets including India had strengthened against US Dollar. According to the reports on currency and finance during the aforementioned period, The Indian Rupee was appreciated by 10.2 percent as on knock against 2009. However, it is worth mentioning that Indian currency, in the five years period, has also depreciated dramatically in certain circumstances. later on the occurrence of Lehmans bankruptcy, the Indian Rupee sharply depreciated, reaching the level of 50 INR/US$, in the month of October 2008. The depreciation in Indian Rupee was primarily attributed with the reverse in the price of bad-mannered petrol and inf lationary pressure prevailing within the country. Moreover, the declining exports and continuous outflow of nat6ional income also contributed towards the depreciation of Rupee and appreciation of the US Dollar (Reserve Bank of India, 2009). It is worth mentioning in this regard that the depreciation of Indian rupee had dramatic impacts upon the economy. Consequently, the depreciation resulted in higher import costs which ultimately lead towards the price rise of import commodities such as crude petrol and i

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Managerial Planning and Skills Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Managerial Planning and Skills - Assignment ExampleTherefore, a charabanc should be able to address all upcoming details in a go across and sententious manner for better understanding by the junior staff members. Presentation of In data formation The film director has the office to give the case personal mastery so that he can hold back a clear vision to what has been brought to him. This will supporter him get an understanding of the way to speak out the message and the format that he will use to deliver the information. The coach-and-four should apply the suspension judgment quality to match he has full control of all over him/her self and end the ego of the position that he powerfulness be holding in the organization. In a matter where the manager is unable to comprehend over the matters that he has he has a room to identify assumptions that will give him the clearest assumption and this will be possible through dialogue (Gennard, 2009). Therefore, the manager should ap ply the management weapons so as to get the last ability to confront the staff and brief them on the news. Therefore for the case of budget deduction the manager should take the initiative to go down and sit with the staff and deliberate first on the reasons that have led to the decline in the budget allocation. This will encourage the manager pass the information and help him make some decisions so as to handle the situation that has already aroused in the organization. ... squad work can lead an organization to a higher level of production that can help the organization try and cover up the five percent amount withdrawn from their yearly income. supply Involvement The manager should totally involved the staff in decision making that will subscribe to good listening skills which will help the management focus on major options that they get from the dialogues (Gennard, 2009). This gives us the overview that in order the organization to grow and flourish again it has to return t o starting board so that it can restart by laying down major or strategic plans that will modify the organization to shoot up again. This is a major step that the management has to reconsider so as to recover on the amount that has been reduced and run the organization smoothly. The manager should review the older budget so that he can restart by laying down the vision and mission of the organization. The manager should on look to the future results and objectives of the organization so that the management can develop actions that are to be carried in order to achieve the laid down objectives and goals. The re-laid plan should be followed and implemented within the cartridge holder frame that it was meant to be accomplished. The manager should have a track record on the performance of every(prenominal) part of the organization so as access the progress of achieving the organizations objectives and goals (Bowhill, 2008). This will help in the military rating of employee task force that will help the manager to have a wider over view of how the telephone circuit of the organization is progressing. When there is frequent evaluation the management can notice the areas of weakness therefore, improving on them and thus propelling the organizational

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External and Internal Marketing Environment Analysis of Nokia Essay

External and Internal Marketing Environment analysis of Nokia - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, micro-environment of a federation is usually made up of the companys customers, suppliers, competitors as well as the intermediaries. For example, the success of Nokia in terms of its growth and market star(p) is largely attributed to the companys effective management of the dynamics underlying the interactions between external and infixed market factors. This is particularly evidenced by Nokias strategic position which has been primarily focused on keeping up with technology as well as the production of market oriented services. This opus critically analyzes Nokias marketing environment particularly the macro and micro-environmental factors come toing its marketing operations as well as a SWOT analysis of the company. Macro economic factors Macro-environment affecting Nokia Company take technology, demographics, social, semipolitical and economic factors. Legal constraints (such as the G3 technology constraints that Nokia run through to put into consideration) must be interpreted into composition because many businesses aim to make a profit hence they are tempted to mislead their customers roughly prices, t superstar and the availability of the products. They may also cut expenditure by using lesser fibre materials in their products (such as weaker materials for Nokia cases and batteries). When it comes to environmental, social and ethical factors Nokia have managed to be quite environmentally friendly and have not done anything that the consuming public may have taken huge to, they have been diligent about this and this is one of the reasons they are such a popular brand of mobile phones. According to Lindholm(2003, p.301), Nokias marketing environment has grown immensely within the last decade. Moving into the Mobile World Nokia has remained... As the report declares the companys primary goal is to develop excellent mobile products that will enable billions of people across the world to connect with each other through mobile communication. Currently one of the main challenges facing the company is the increasing competitive and dynamic market. Nokia has however remained as one of the leading mobile manufactures and other information and technology related software and games in east and central Europe. This news report stresses that Generally Companies often relate with two types of environment, Microenvironment and Macro environment. The microenvironment comprises the companys marketing, customers and competitors and other the related forces which affect demand for a companys goods. These forces include economics, demographics, technology, politics and culture. Macro-environment affecting Nokia Company include technology, demographics, social, political and economic factors. Legal constraints (such as the G3 technology constraints that Nokia have to put into consideration) must be taken into account because many businesses ai m to make a profit hence they are tempted to mislead their customers about prices, quality and the availability of the products. They may also cut expenditure by using lesser quality materials in their products. Moving into the Mobile World Nokia has remained committed to strong growth, profitability and responsible in market leadership.

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Letter Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

garner Response - Essay ExampleI loathe games and duplicity in relationships I think if two people are interested in each other, they should simply be themselves and let the natural family of things play out. I am most comfortable when there is enough distance for individuality to come to through, but sufficient shared intimacy to make life richer because of the companionship. For me, passion is the welcome storm that passes strike and leaves freshness, comfort, and safety in its wake. Laughter is the sunshine that brightens the day and makes everything grow stronger.I am looking for a relationship where I can be free to follow my heart and dreams, while sharing that tour with someone who knows me well enough to stay by my side, and to keep walking with me even though I whitethorn follow a stray trail once in a while. I may not always know where I am going, but I know that I will eventually arrive at my desired destination.If you can run through lifes breakers on the beach, ap proach its mountains, and walk the narrow forest trails with humor, focus, stability, and grace-while keeping a smile on your face and a polish in your eye-you might want to come and go with me.

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Wildlife Tourism and Environmental Impacts Research Paper

Wildlife Tourism and Environmental Impacts - Research Paper workoutInasmuch as wildlife touristry provides opportunities for wildlife protection, it also creates negative impacts on the environment. This paper shall discuss wildlife tourism and its environmental impacts. It shall suss out various research materials on wildlife tourism, summarising the main issues on this topic and the general impacts on related activities which equal to wildlife tourism.The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, 2006) discusses that wildlife tourism is related to wildlife watch, mostly those of large mammals or flocks of birds however, all types of animals atomic number 18 also embroild in this type of tourism. Wildlife watching is set apart from hunting and fishing and is restrict to observations on animals interactions in some cases are also seen, including the touching and feeding of these animals (UNEP, 2006). Wildlife tourism has grown importantly in recent years and it has evolved i n its features to include other optional activities which tourists can choose to include in their package (UNEP, 2006). In some instances, wildlife tourism also includes hunting or fishing and in some instances viewing animals in zoos and confined parks (UNEP, 2006). This paper shall include both wildlife watching and wildlife tourism (with hunting and fishing) and the term wildlife tourism shall include wildlife watching.In the study by Roe, Leader-Williams, and Dalal-Clayton (1997), the authors discuss that wildlife tourism is ordinarily associated with wildlife management and economic enterprises which support conservation, most especially in developing nations. The proliferation of other forms of tourism has occurred aboard the increased recognition of the need to secure sustainable development and ecotourism has been considered as a stable delegacy of implementing sustainability (Roe, et.al., 1997).

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International Standards for Financial Reporting Case Study

International Standards for monetary narrativeing - Case Study ExampleLooking first to Profit Ratios, the investment analyst would take in interest in the return on invested capital that is a measure of profits earned on the capital that is invested in the company. The profit ratios would inform an investor about the reliability of the company in the use of its resources. The more than reliable and efficient a company the more profitable it will be. ROIC is of value as a benchmark for Morrisons or other investors to compare the company to compete in the marketplace, as well as to compare subsidiary companies that Morrisons envelopes (Hill and Jones C3). Over time, profit ratios can show if a companys action is improving or declining. There are many types of profit ratios, for Morrisons, the Return on Investment bully ratio (ROIC) will be analyzed ROIC = Net profit/Invested capital = 93.4 jillion (over 25 weeks)/ 3, 662.4 million Thus, profits were down, before tax being 61. 5 million. Although the overall financial result was disappointing for Morrisons in 2006, achievements were make so it was a period of dramatic changes. Benchmarking has had a strong focus at Morrisons over the one-time(prenominal) financial year, and a range of company labeled products has been adapted and extended to meet market demands. Also, the prepare of almost 90, 000 Safeway employees has led to progress in the contributions of experience, skills, competencies, and knowledge that are of deemed value to the Morrisons team (Morrisons Annual Report 5). Annual Report 5). It appears from the Annual Report published by Morrisons, that ROIC weaknesses are being buffered by a

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Change of sign method Essay Example for Free

Change of sign order EssayI use the same system to keep doing decimal research. to work out a more accurate firmness of purpose. Take increments in sizing 0. 1 within the interval 1. 5,1. 6 From the above we suffer see that must lie between 1. 52,1. 53. It can be very clear if I use graph. I ordain do a separate research this time by development the same method to prove my result is correct. Now I can find a more accurate result from the research which lies between 1. 521,. 1522. Here is a graph to prove the interval is right. However, I will take 4 decimal places to improve the trueness of the interval.Also I will use the same method again. As we can see the fundament is between 1. 5213,1. 5214 Same again. Autograph is used to prove my solution is right. Error bounds This is the process which tally how the accuracy of the roots are. From those 4 decimal search I have done so far, I can say that the answer is between 1. 5213 and 1. 5214. These can be improved the accura cy. Assume X=1. 5213 f(x)=(1. 5213)3-1. 5213-2=-0. 00047 X=1. 5214 f(x)=(1. 5214)3-1. 5214-2=0. 000121 Because the answer is -0. 0004700. 000121. So the answer must between 1. 5213 and 1.5214.However , these are not the exact answer so I have to portend them. In this case, X=1. 5213. 5, so the error bound is . Because this is the pith point between the interval. Fail example by using Exel It is not guaranteed to use this method, because at that place motionlessness has some problems in it. See the graph below As we can see the curl touches the x axis. The root lies between 0 and 1. I am going away to use Exel program to prove it. in that location is no change of sign of this equation. So we can say that the change of sign method is failed. Newton-Raphson methodThis is another fixed point estimation method, and as for the previous method it is necessary to use an estimate of the root as a starting point. The process can be repeated to give a sequence of points x2, x3 I am going to use the following equation. As we can see there are 2 roots in this function. The first root lies close to +1. But I will estimate the first root is x1 = +2. I will show it in graphical as +2 is a starting point. There is a technical way to do Newton-Raphson method by using Autograph. I will do it step by step with showing the graph.I click the curve thusly right click it and chook the Newton Raphson Iteration option. I have entered the value that I estimated, then press the right side button. The solutions appear automatically. The answer that I got is 1. 27202. Error bound Because my solution is 5. bp. So the answer will be x=1. 27202 The numbers that I squared shows how close to the real answer. So we can say there are some error in it. I am going to try another root of the equation. I have estimated the x1 = -2. As I can see from the graph, -1. 27202 is the take up answer I can get. Then I will check whether the solutions are correct.

Proxy Server Essay Example for Free

deputy Server EssayAn nonationsThis research paper is an extract from an somewhat speed of light pages enf obsoleteing diploma thesis of Martin Eisermann, student at the Fachhochschule Rosenheim (University of Applied Sciences), Germany. It contains the results of process seeks, accomplished with MS Proxy Server 2.0, MS ISA Server and Linux Squid Proxy.This work reflects the personal impressions and strain results of the author, made with vane consummation testing softw atomic number 18, described later in this document.The paper is a translation from German into the English language, so it might not be written with the best phraseology. Microsoft, bring forwarddows, Windows NT, Windows XP, Internet Information Server (IIS), nett cover Stress spear, Internet Security and quickening (ISA) Server, Proxy 2.0 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries/regions.Other outputs and Company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of the respective owners.1. decision maker SummaryThis technical research paper contains the results of a performance test scenario with the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) server, which should make clear, how good procurator servers thunder mug improve the speed of a ne iirk server.At the beginning, it describes the social organisation of the test scenario, with aspects of hardware and software. Then, a product get out be chosen from a variety of diametrical test tools, which compete with each other. The benefits and drawbacks of every product will be elucidated. The next chapter explains, which products will be compared with the MS ISA server and why they were selected. The following test results are representing the biggest section in this research paper. Finally, in that location is a short summary of the rude(a)ly gained cognitions.2. Test scenarioTo hit an impression, how procurator servers enkindle improve the performance of a meshwork or of a single vane server, the following scenario was build ampere-second Mbit100 MbitWebserver (IIS 5.0)Proxy ServerWorkstationsill. 1The workstations shown in illustration 1 are simulating the internal LAN (local theater network) knobs, which are among themselves connected with a fast Ethernet switch (100 Mbit). The mesh server, which is as well connected with 100 Mbit, simulates the Internet. However, this network capacity is mostly not found in small and/ or middle enterprises, besides for compensation, the web server is an outdated machine. The technical data of all components utilize for the tests is described in table 1. expert data System web server delegate server WorkstationsCPU Pentium AMD Duron Pentium IIMHz take 200 800 400 96 MB 512 MB 256 MBOS Win XP Prof., IIS 5.0 variable Win NT 4.0 Prof.Tab. 13. Test tool selectionIn the Internet, it is not difficult to find programs, which can hunt down diverse performance tests for web servers. Many of them, especially if they are build for Linux, are free of charge, but if one likes to have vivid analysis it gets more difficult. Often one has to decide using a Microsoft Windows 32-bit application,which, in general, costs a lot of money.Another problem is the possibility to integrate a proxy server to the web testing tools. Most tools dont support that. Of course, this is comprehensible which operator, who wants to test his web server performance, likes the results be influenced by a proxy? But in this scenario, it is absolutely necessary.Regarding this two product selection preconditions, in that location arent left a lot tools.Three remaining products are the WebPolygrah Benchmark Tool from Measurement Factory, Microsofts Web Application Stress Tool and the Web Performance TrainerTM from Web Performance Inc. On a initiatory look, they all lead seem to offer the wished functionality.a) WebPolygraph Benchmark Tool The WebPolygraph Benchmark Tool is freely availably at http//www .webpolygraph.org. The tool was originally developed for Linux based systems, but in between there are also MS Windows 32-bit binaries downloadable. The actually available documentation in the Internet is not sufficient to set up a test environment quickly and without intensive knowledge of the product. More examples and more detailed descriptions would benefactor a lot. A graphical user interface is not utilize, too.b) Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool Also freely available is Microsofts web testing utility, the Web Application Stress Tool. It is downloadable at http//www.microsoft.com. The documentation, which can be found in the Internet, is clearly organised and expedient. The handling of the product is intuitive for experienced Windows users.The wanting(p) integration of a proxy server in its configuration setup, makes the tool nearly useless, but Microsoft offers a solution one have to install the Microsoft Proxy Client (or the Microsoft ISA Firewall Client) on the ma chine, which is used to perform the web tests, then the tests are working suitable. There is only one more problem left, which will get clearer in the next few minutes There is no proxy client or firewall client available for Linux And because there is a Linux product in the test environment, the Stress Tool is not useful at last. c) Web Performance TrainerTM 2.4 Finally, the software product from Web Performance Inc.(http//www.webperformanceinc.com) fulfilled all preconditions graphical user interface, proxy configuration, easy understandable, Internet based documentation. All installation problems and handling questions where answered fast and competent.The product handling is similar to the Web Application Stress Tool, but there are versions for two, Linux and Windows operating systems. The indicate version only supports an number of 25 users, but Web Performance Inc. offered a metre expressage 3000 user version, for the tests. At this point many thanks for that again.4. Test specificationThe web content for the tests is all told static, that means pictures and html-files, No dynamic pages like asp or php were inherited. Reason these pages are normally not cached in a proxy server.The amount of data used is just slightly 4.8 MB.The test run time is determined to 30 minutes. Significant performance differences should be visible inwardly this time.The Web Performance flight simulator v2.4 can increase the number of concurrent users by 25 every minute. So, at the end of the test, a maximum number of 750 users can poll the web server.5. Choosing the proxy productsIf someone tests the speed of a web or proxy server, he would not now, if his results are good or bad, if he doesnt make a comparison with other products. For this reason, beside the ISA server, the Microsoft Proxy 2.0 and a Linux Squid proxy were other test candidates. The decision for MS Proxy 2.0 is easy to explain. It is the original product, Microsoft build the ISA server on. It also runs on Windows 32bit operating systems and Microsoft propagates, that the ISA server runs approximately 10 times faster. The Linux calamari proxy is in the test field, because it has the same functionality like the MS proxy versions, but runs on a completely different platform. Another reason is, that Linux and calamari are both freeware products and thats a big advantage.6. The test resultsThe most important results, if one tests the performance of web or proxy servers, are described with the data Total Hits, Errors, Hits/sec and Bytes/sec. In all following diagrams, the colors are defined as follows Total Hits Errors red Hits/sec Bytes/sec black yellow (with factor 0,001 kB/sec) green6.1 Web server (standalone)For a first view, the next two illustrations are showing the test results of the web server, without a proxyIll. 2Ill. 3While the 30 minutes test eon there were only 111.451 hits and 298.778 errors recognized by the Web Performance TrainerTM and only 470 users could by si mulated at all.In the first minutes of the test, the amount of kilobytes per second is relatively high ( 550) but from minute 1100, they decrease to an average number of 165 kb/s. A stable result of only 50 hits per second can be metered.Already explained before in this paper, the used web server is an old computer, so these bad results are nothing to wonder. How good the results could get with proxy servers in front of it, will be shown in the next chapter.6.2 MS Proxy 2.0 vs. MS ISA-ServerIn a first step, the two Microsoft products will be compared with each other. Already their total hits within this 30 minutes, differ a lot. The ISA-Server has about four times better results than its predecessor, while the total number of errors is just about three times higher.MS Proxy 2.0 Total Hits 206.953 Errors 74.572Ill. 4Ill. 5MS ISA-Server Total Hits 781.851 Errors 232.879So, the superiority of the new product is verified. Surprisingly, the count of errors of the MS Proxy 2.0 loose t heir nearly parallel growth with the total hits crinkle in the 8thminute, and increase much slower in the next 22 test minutes. For this substance couldnt be found a reason.MS Proxy 2.0 Hits/Sec kB/sIll. 6MS ISA-Server Hits/Sec kB/sIll. 7The comparison of the hits/s, shows that the MS Proxy 2.0 cannot exceed the prior peak determine of the web server a lot, but holds them constantly ( 550 kB/s at 120 hits/s). Whereas the ISA server lies with its 500 hits/s explicit over the MS Proxy 2.0. A ten times higher rate, shown in the small illustration 8 (submitted by Microsoft), cannot be proven.Ill. 76.3 Linux Squid vs. MS ISA serverThe second test candidate is the squid proxy server, based on the operating system RedHat Linux version 7.2. The software products can be downloaded freely from the Internet (http//www.redhat.com http//www.squid-cache.org). The squid version, used for the test, is release 2.4 stable 1-5.Linux Squid Total Hits 1.335.949 Errors 303.204Ill. 9MS ISA-Serve r Total Hits 781.851 Errors 232.879Ill. 10This comparing test shows significantly, the higher performance of the squid proxy in opposite to the MS ISA server it is nearly doubled. The amount of not completed requests is irrelevant higher.Further results like hits per second and kilobytes per second are making this yet clearer.Linux Squid Hits/Sec kB/sIll. 11MS ISA-Server Hits/Sec kB/sIll. 12In the first six minutes, ISA and squid are competing with each other and are reaching values of 2.600 kb/sec. But then, the performance of the ISA server slackens and even decreases to an average value of 2.200 kb/s.Whereas the performance of the squid proxy reaches its limit not before the maximum possible network throughput rate (at 100 Mbit) of about 4450 kb/sec in the 9th test minute. Then the average value also decreases a dinky until circa 4300 kbytes per second.7. SummaryThe squid proxy, running on a freeware product, is apparently the fastest proxy server within the three test ca ndidates. Its normal implementation is not hard, if the corresponding administrator has little knowledge about Linux.On the other hand, which corporation is in the need of this high caching rates? Who has 750 users that make 1.35 million web requests in 30 minutes? So, if there is already a Windows based network, which perhaps already implemented a MS Proxy 2.0 server, there is no real need to change to a Linux proxy variant instead of updating to an ISA server.On further reason, to prefer the MS ISA server instead of the squid proxy in an existing Windows based network, might be, that all already implemented user groups can be left and later used in the ISA server configuration after an update. Implementing the authorization structure of a Windows 2000 or NT domain on a Linux computer is certainly possible, but probably not easy for a typical Windows Administrator. And implementing the users on two security

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Value Creation and Business Success Essay Example for Free

Value Creation and Business Success EssayCopyright 1998 Pegasus Communications, Inc. (www. pegasuscom. com). All rights reserved. No disperse of this article may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any fashion, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, without written permission from Pegasus Communications, Inc. If you wish to distribute copies of this article, please contact our Permissions discussion section at 781-398-9700 or emailprotected com. The most successful organizations understand that the purpose of any crinkle is to create valuate for guests, employees, and investors, and that the absorbs of these three groups are inextricably linked. Therefore, sustainable valuate seatnot be created for one group unless it is created for all of them. The origin focus should be on creating rate for the customer, but this cannot be achieved unless the right employees are selected, developed, and rewarded, and unless investors receive sys tematically glossy returns. What do we mean by time time value humans? For the customer, it entails making products and providing operate that customers find systematically useful. In todays economy, such value creation is based typically on product and process intro and on taking into custody unique customer needs with ever-increasing speed and precision.But companies can innovate and try outstanding service only if they tap the commitment, energy, and imagination of their employees. Value must therefore be created for those employees in order to motivate and enable them. Value for employees includes world treated respectfully and being involved in end-making. Employees likewise value meaningful work excellent compensation opportunities and continued training and development. Creating value for investors means delivering arrangedly high returns on their capital.This generally requires both strong r planeue growth and sop upive net income margins. These, in turn, can be achieved only if a company delivers sustained value for customers. If the purpose of melodic line is value creation, it follows that the mission of any company should be defined in terms of its primary value-adding activities. merely put, Honda should suppose of itself primarily as a maker and marketer of quality automobiles. McDonalds should think of itself as providing meals of consistent quality throughout the world, in a clean, fri wipeoutly atmosphere, etc.While this may seem obvious, umpteen passenger cars and strategists behave as though the day-to-day stock of a firm is irrelevant. Hence, an oil company talent buy a hotel chain, while a national chain of automobile service centers is caught systematically charging customers for redundant repairs. What conception of line of descent lies behind these actions? Typically it is a very nail definition of purpose to increase the wealth of the shareholders, or to achieve a set of short-run financial goals.Managers ar e expected to credit shareholder wealth, earnings growth, and return on assets, but the most successful firms understand that those measures should not be the primary targets of strategic management. Achieving attractive financial performance is the reward for having aimed at (and hit) the real target i. e. , maximise the value created for the primary constituents of the firm. Paradoxically, it is when an organization thinks of itself as a financial engine whose purpose is to generate attractive financial returns that the company is least likely to increase those returns in the long run.Often, finance people end up shuffling a portfolio of assets in a self-destructive quest for growth businesses or supreme returns, with no real understanding of the value-creation dynamics of the businesses they are acquiring and selling. Or, as with the automotive service chain, attempts to earn without delivering superior value end in lost business, long-term customer alienation, and corporate disgrace. Redefining an Organizations Self-Interest wherefore do managers so often choose not to focus on value creation and or else ake decisions that systematically decrease the long-term value of their businesses? unitary reason may be that their training and raising be given them to define their organizations interests too narrowly.This narrow view is personnelfully rein force by financial explanation systems that were well adapted to the industrial economy, but are inadequate in the information economy. The accounting and finance conventions of the industrial age are skinny at valuing tangible assets, but they largely ignore the value of harder-to-quantify assets like employee satisfaction, schooling, RD effectiveness, customer loyalty, etc.In the information age, those intangible assets are far to a greater extent key than the bricks and mortar that traditional accounting systems were de qualityed to measure. If management defines the organizations self-interest (an d consequently its goals) too narrowlyfor example, to maximize this years or this quarters reported earningsit will view that interest as being at odds with the interests of customers and employees. Given that perspective, in the short term every long horse spent on employee training is a dollar bill of lost profit.Every additional dollar squeezed out of a customer, even if it comes at the cost of poor service or price gouging, improves this quarters results. This approach is based on win/ regress or zero-sum cerebration The underlying assumption is that there is a fixed pie of value to be divided up among customers, employees, and investors, so the interests of the three groups must be traded off against one an new(prenominal)(prenominal) (see Zero-Sum Versus Win/Win Thinking). Companies that act on this myopic conception of self-interest may stumble into a downward spiral of poor decision-making that is difficult to reverse (see When Customers Defect).For example, as reduced e mployee training and compensation lead to low employee morale and poor performance, and as underfunded RD allows a product line to age, customers can make out displease and begin to defect. In situations where customers are locked-in owing to large investments in proprietary equipment or some other temporary monopoly effect, they may not defect immediately.Instead, they will turn over increasingly alienated and defect as soon as a technology shift, regulatory change, or combative offering allows it. When customers inally do defect, clams shrink, tempting management to cut back even further on training, compensation, and RD, thus accelerating the spiral of customer dissatisfaction and defection. Expanding the Pie Alternatively, if managers define their companys interests broadly enough to include the interests of customers and employees, an equally powerful spiral of value creation can occur. Highly motivated, well-trained, properly rewarded employees deliver outstanding service , while effective RD investments lead to products that enjoy a prodigious value-adding advantage and generate high(prenominal) margins.Satisfied, loyal customers (and new customers resolveing to word-of-mouth referrals) drive revenue growth and favorableness for investors. Clearly, the undesirable reinforcing processes described in When Customers Defect can work in reverse. This win/win scenario is illustrated in the figure Zero-Sum Versus Win/Win Thinking. An expanding the pie approach to management requires that a company alter its thinking on several dimensions. Time horizons and perceived self-interest.The time horizon within which you evaluate a business decision dramatically influences your notion of self-interest. Considered at an instantaneous moment in time, virtually any transaction is a win/lose or zero-sum game. At the moment you spend a dollar on employee training, that dollar is in fact lost to the shareholder. Conversely, in a well-designed value-creation system , almost any transaction can become a win/win or positive-sum game, if it is managed within the condition of an appropriately long time frame.For example, if a companys rate of return on the dollar invested in employee training is 20 percentage (in the form of higher(prenominal) productivity, increased sales effectiveness, etc. ), then the shareholder hasnt lost a dollarhe has gained a stream of future change flows that represents an attractive return on investment. One way to build an understanding of these dynamics is to signalize the key capabilities, resources, and relationships that are the basic ingredients of value creation for a particular firm, and to think of those ingredients as assets that either grow or diminish over time, depending upon how they are managed.It is useful to map a companys key assets by building four Strategic Balance cerements focused on customers, employees, processes, and investors (see Balance Sheet Dynamics). In building the balance sheets, man agers must first decide which assets are the most important drivers of the companys value-creation system. For example, employee learning and job satisfaction are dickens assets that could be tracked on the Employee Balance Sheet. As managers identify the strategic assets that belong on the various balance sheets, they also must articulate the relationships among those assets.By canvas the dynamics through which customer, employee, and process assets accumulate, interact, and ultimately drive profitable growth, a company will be well on its way to managing the rudimentarys of value creation and avoiding the pitfalls of managing by a set of narrow financial measures. Expanding the pie between a company and its employees. In a true win/win dynamic, two or more parties aim first to create more total value, then concern themselves with distributional issues (who gets what share).When the parties focus first on dividing the pie, they are diverted from the innovative strategies that co uld have made everyone better off. One way in which companies and employees can expand the pie is flexible work schedules. If an employee has the freedom to see to personal business (while completing all required work), the employee is better off, and the employer is likely to benefit from higher morale and the ability to attract and hold onto the best people. A key element of win/win scenarios is that they are aimed more at creating opportunity than at minimizing costs.Outback Steakhouse has become a very successful, rapidly growing business by resisting the temptation to view a dollar of additional compensation to employees as a dollar of lost income to the shareholder. Outback has made its restaurant managers partners, attracting the best, most experienced people in the industry with a compensation system that more traditionally managed chains would view as ludicrously extravagant. Outbacks general managers sign a five-year contract and invest $25,000 up front.In return, each man ager receives 10 percent of her units cash flow (earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation) on top of a base salary of $45,000. In 1994, total manager compensation bonnyd $118,600. In addition, managers receive 4,000 shares of stock, which vest over the five-year contract period. All hourly employees participate in a stock ownership plan as well. Another Outback renewalnot interruption for lunchgenerates benefits for investors, employees, and customers. Because they dont compete for lunch business, restaurants can be located in less costly suburban locations instead of expensive business centers.The benefit to managers and employees is that they work only one shift per day. Outback also insists that managers work only five days per week to avoid burnout and high turnover. Finally, focusing on dinner allows the restaurants to maintain high levels of food quality. From its 1987 founding, Outback grew to 420 restaurants by the end of 1996 in a very crowded, competitive indu stry. Over the last five years, revenues have grown at a 55 percent yearly rate, while earnings have increased 36. 5 percent per year.For the year ending September 1997, Outbacks 20. percent return on equity placed it in the top 5 percent of restaurants (restaurant industry average ROE was 10. 6 percent). The Outback story illustrates one of the key characteristics of successful win/win thinking The companys strategy is based on a systemic view of the entire value-creation process, and it seeks to align the key elements of that process. For example, if the restaurants were in higher rent locations, they might be more tempted to open at lunch to cover that cost. If managers worked yearlong hours, turnover would be higher and the partnership model that motivates those managers would be unworkable.If the quality of the food dropped, the number of meals from repeating customers would decrease, putting pressure on margins and tempting the owners to cut compensation to restore profits, etc. Expanding the pie between a company and its customers. As markets become increasingly competitive and one industry after another is forced to deliver greater value in the form of lower prices, higher quality, or both, companies in those industries respond to the mounting pressure with one of two broad approaches.Many firms focus narrowly on cost-cutting measures, compete an intensified win/lose game with their suppliers (pressuring them for cost concessions) and their employees (squeezing them to work longer hours for the same compensation or to do their own jobs plus the jobs of their laid-off former colleagues). This approach can yield some short-term profit increases, but it is not sustainable. You can only squeeze so hard for so long. A smaller number of forward-thinking firms innovate their way out of this zero-sum dilemma.For example, instead of focusing on individual transactions, such as the cost of a particular product, these firms examine the entire value-creation ch ain associated with their products (and their customers use of those products) and devise shipway to make the entire system more effective. This increase in effectiveness often creates enough new value that the buyers total costs can be significantly reduced while the suppliers margins can be maintained or even increased. One example of this kind of value-chain innovation is the Custom unfruitful syllabus of Allegiance, Inc. a leading healthcare cost management and product distribution company.Under the Custom Sterile program, all of the supplies needed for a particular surgical procedure are collected, packaged together, and sterilized in advance at an Allegiance facility. This helps hospitals to standardize and optimize their use of surgical supplies, and creates dramatic savings compared to the traditional process, in which expensive nursing labor locates the supplies from storage facilities within the hospital, collects them, and sterilizes them for each operation.The innovat ion is also good for Allegiance. Instead of having their margins relentlessly squeezed in a series of transaction-focused, commodity sales, the company has created a relationship-focused, high-value-added offering that justifies higher margins. This is the best kind of win/win outcome using innovation to create a value (and margin) umbrella from which all parties can benefit. Competition and Customer ValueAnother fallacy that has cropped up in much of the literature on strategy is that the purpose of business is to beat the controversy. There is no fountainhead that rivalry, like profit, is an important dimension that companies must be aware of and manage to successfully create value in the long run. For example, a company typically creates value for customers and superior returns for investors by producing goods or services that are better than their competitors at meeting a set of clearly defined needs for a specific set of customers.So competition is a key variable in determin ing whether a product or service provides a differentiated benefit to the customer, and one that she is willing to pay a premium for. However, competition should never divert management from the primary task of creating those benefits by understanding and anticipating target customers needs, excelling in product and process innovation, providing outstanding service, etc. Thus, we need to think of competition not as a goal, but as part of the business environmenta key element of the context in which a firm seeks to create value.What then become critical are the alternative responses to competition undertaken by different firms, some of which are more likely to succeed than others, given the nature of the business environment. In the emerging information economy, the most successful responses to competition focus on two areas (1) innovation that drives down the cost of products and services while increasing their quality and variety, and (2) building a deeper understanding of ever-cha nging customer needs within increasingly specific market segments.Responses that are rooted in a win/lose framework, such as taking share from existing competitors in a zero-sum game, gaining power over customers (for example, by locking them into a proprietary computer operating system), or seeking to become the low-cost producer without simultaneously driving for world-class quality, are extremely dangerous. Many of them pit the interest of the company against the interest of the customera prescription for customer alienation and long-term disaster.The most fundamental weakness of those win/lose responses to competition is that they divert management from the more important engines of value creation in the information economy innovation, imagination, cooperation, and knowledge. Managements time, creativity, energy, and imagination are among the scarcest organizational resources. At the same time, they are by far the resources that yield the highest returns.So it is important to re cognize that all of the time, energy, and imagination expended on win/lose activities entails a high (sometimes fatal) opportunity cost. Managers are more likely to stay focused on the higher return, win/win levers if they aim not to beat the competition, per se, but to create more value than the competitionin other words, if they seek to achieve a value-adding advantage. And by doing so, they are likely to be more successful than their competitors in the long run.

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Coloplast Organizational Structure Essay Example for Free

Coloplast Organizational Structure EssayColoplast went from a growthion organized governing body to a operational structured organization. In the proceeds structure the focus was on the products wish were divided into 3 product divisions. In the functional structure the company focus on specialization of tasks. Before the production organization The production organization structure also called Division Structure is divided into 3 production division skin, wound c ar and continence care, and ostomy care. Each division beyond having its department for research, development, sales and marketing, contains all the indispensable resources and functions. By applying the production organization, a company assimilates the followings benefits A structure where its easy to define the objectives and record book thrash assignments can simply be coordinated, in spite of appearance each division. A nonher Benefit Coloplast can gain on this structure is the flexibility among workers. Workers from one department can be put on assignments in another department within the same division, if needed. Thiss made mathematical by the fact that nigh of the workers are not specialist in any specific field. Should any difficulty occur in the division structure the ca practice sessions are quickly detected and solved.This type of structure allows local leaders to nettle small locale adjustments to meet the challenges in there division. But this system holds its own weaknesses. It can aggrieve communication flow amidst disparate divisions. This may result in loosing the overall focus on the objective of the organization. It may happen that each local division create its own culture hagfish may not necessarily be compatible with the companys culture as a whole. The limited communication between divisions derives it hard for them to exchange experience and expertize.This system by nature is sinister and costly. In order for the company to have all the necessary resou rces and functions within each division, they cant afford the best expertize on every field. After the functional organization The new organizational structure focuses more on functions. Unlike the previews structure that focused on the product. This new structure pulls functions out of the different divisions and put them in centralized units, each specialized in respectively globale Maketing, R and D and Global Operations.As a consequence, the former divisions are reduced to production units and subsidiaries that receives instructions from the top. To as genuine communication between top and bottom, Coloplast place Commercial Excellence above the whole new structure. With the three functional divisions, Coloplast makes sure that there a clear purpose that goes all the way through the whole company, when it comes to their global marketing, designing and how new products should be developed. As a result Coloplast becomes a unified company with no duplications of tasks.The abundan test advantages of this functional centralized structure is its lightness and affectivity. It gives the opportunity to hire highly specialized staff. As Coloplast chief executive officer puts it The subsidiaries have a huge, still simple, responsibility they ? ll have to sell like the dickens meaning that Coloplast in a flash can headhunt exact talents for each function. The workforce those talents brings is not only promoting a single product but the company as a whole. Employees have the opportunity to learn from their superiors.They also have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues who relate to their professional interests and abilities, thus making for a more productive and enjoyable environment. By moving the production responsibility from all division to the Global Operation in cheap-labor countries, its possible for Coloplast to reach the point of an Economical of scale. Like any other organization structure, the functional organization has weaknesses. Because of the decision-making within the functional works from top to bottom, its a constant challenge to make sure that the organizations objectives are integrated at the bottom.Another disadvantage is that units may have limited flexibility in problem solving, making changes or responding quickly to customer demands and needs, since the final decision-making authority rest with the top level of management. So how does Coloplast solve these challenges? Commercial Excellence/Business Excellence For solving the challenge of implementation of the organizations objectives and assurance of a two-way communication, Coloplast places Commercial Excellence above the entire new structure, which acts like the strong arm, thatll prepare budgets and make sure that objective are achieved.Commercial Excellence or Business Excellence is the systematic use of quality management principles and tools in business management with the goal of identifying improvement opportunities, area of strength and ideas for pro ximo organizational development. Its a support function thatll help ensure best practice so that the organization can avoid those complications. Conclusion This new organizational structure is a natural meter for the entire group, not only does it outsource to cheaper-labor countries but it has also given Coloplast improved profitability and an native growth of 7%.The sustained competitiveness Coloplast has gained is due to the change of organization structure where they went from a production organization to a functional organization. With the transformation came the opportunity of standardization of tasks, this leads to efficiency and expertise in the connect fields. This was something they lacked in the production organization. By implementing the Business Excellence, Coloplast shows that its aware of the weaknesses of the new organization design and role to avoid them.Lars Rasmussen, Coloplast CEO, emphasizes how important its that this supporting system doesnt end up like a police maneuver, keeping subsidiaries in an iron grip. Instead it shall ensure best practice and set such high standards, that where that is difficulty, itll become natural to draw on headquarters. Its all about motivation, alter to people and relying on each other. This serves as a great factor for self-actualization for the individual employee witch is not only contributing to the fulfillment of personal potential but also to the work-environment.The new organization has great potential they have cut production time by half, they went from 13 factories to 10, constantly stimulating insane asylum by supporting Coloplast Incubator. Coloplast current strategy placed a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of their employees, as well as implementation of some standard guidelines and the right motivation. There are no doubt about the new structure is more complex than the previews one. Annex

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Lizard People Essay Example for Free

lizard People EssayIndependence daylight in Los Angeles. Its approximate location was at what is gatherhwith the Hollywood Freeway near the intersection of northwestern Hill road and West Cesar Chavez Avenue, downtown. The hill was located one block north of Temple r go forthe and a short distance south of present day Cesar Chavez Avenue, between the Los Angeles Civic Center and Chinatown. A small portion of the hill was not bulldozed and remains on the west side of Hill channel on the north side of the freeway. Part of arm Moore Hill became home to a cemetery, with the first put down burial tracing back toDecember 19, 1853. Alternately known as Los Angeles City Cemetery, Protestant Cemetery, assemble Moore Hill Cemetery, Fort Hill Cemetery, or simply the cemetery on the hill, it was the citys first non-Catholic cemetery. In 1891, the aim became home to the second location of Los Angeles High School (LAHS), located on North Hill Street between Sand Street (later Cali fornia Street, now part of 101 Freeway) and Bellevue Avenue (later sunset Boulevard, now Cesar Chavez Avenue). LAHS was at this location on Fort Moore Hill until 1917, when the high school was moved again.Most of Fort Moore Hill was removed in 1949 for the construction of the Hollywood Freeway, which was opened in December 1950, and in 1957 a memorial for the old fort and its American pioneers was placed on a site north of the freeway. The fort is now memorialized by the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial. According to a G. warren Shufelt, a geophysicist mining engineer deep beneath the heart of Los Angeles financial district (Fort Moore Hill) hundreds of feet beneath corporate offices, and government offices lies another city. downstairs Los Angeles Downtown area stands a lost city of catacombs filled with treasure and records. A Hopi chief named comminuted Green told Warren Shufult that the vanished expedites capital was located in mod day Downtown Los Angeles. This city derived fr om an Indian legend that an underground world was built by a strange race that vanished 5000 years ago. This race is commonly referred to as the Lizard People or Lizard men. Warren Shufult first heard of the Lizard people in the city of a Hopi Indian legend. Legend is that they were a race who had been nearly wiped out by a meteor shower around 3000 BC.The lizard people then constructed 13 posterior settlements along the Pacific Coast. This was done to shelter themselves against future detriments. Each subterranean settlement is what we call in modern times a city, in which was divided to house a thousand families each. They also stockpiled essentials of manner to maintain. So greatly advanced scientifically the Lizard people developed a chemical dissolver that melted solid bedrock to bore out the tunnels and rooms of their subsurface shelters. This was done without removing any humanity and rock.They also developed a cement tar stronger than any in use in modern times which th ey lined their tunnels and rooms. These tunnels were also constructed to hold a profusion of gold tablets that chronicled the hi twaddle of their existence, the origin of mankind, and the story of the world back to creation. The Lizard people according to Little Chief Greenleaf of the medicine lodge of the Hopi Indians in Arizona, were of a much higher type of intellectually than modern human beings. The intellectual accomplishments of their 9 year old children were equal of those of present day college graduates.According to the reporter Jean Bosquet of the Los Angeles Times in 1934, Warren Shufelt began o drive a shaft 250 feet into the ground on North Hill Street, overlooking Sunset Boulevard, Spring Street and North Broadway. Warren Shufelt engineered a radio x- ray for detecting the presence of minerals and tunnels below the surface of the ground. This was an apparatus with which he says that he has traced a pattern of catacombs and vaults forming a lost city. The radio pull c onsisted of a cylindrical glass case with a plummet attached to a copper wire.

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My Counseling Style Essay Example for Free

My Counseling Style EssayWhen I first read the explanation of the assignment, I immediately thought of what my parents had instilled into me at a very early age. They would al federal agencys say that God draw us here on this earth to do a job and that was to help others and love distributively other. That really never make a contend of sense to me until I started black marketing in the non-profit ground over twenty seven years ago. I realized because that my parents had taught me to suppose that every charitable being on this earth deserves to be loved and to be happy in their lives. I reckon every someone should be treated with dignity and respect no matter what their situation is. I believe that your family should come first in all aspects of your life and that each of us touch on witting decisions everyday that mold our lives into what they are. I also believe that there is good in everyone, some seasons they unspoilt dont know it. The set I live by go along a l ot with my beliefs in that by putting my family first and having that closeness with people I love and dole out about, makes me the soulfulness I am today. This started with my parents and my grandparents that are now deceased to my husband, children and grandchildren that make up my life now.My values were planted at a very early age and fuck off grown and matured as I live with. My grandmother and mother were instrumental in teaching me and showing me that every person we accomplish has value and should not be dismissed. From a very early age I learned that support others was expected of me and not just something that I could do if I wanted to do. I attended sunshine School and Church with my family on a regular basis and the Christian values and principles that I was taught fit with what I was learning at home. These things contribute always been a part of my life and I go for I have instilled them into my children and gutter be that inspiration to my grandchildren th at my grandmother was to me. I believe that every person you meet has love and goodness inwardly them but events in their lives may have tarnished their outlooks.As a counselor I hope that when those people come to me that I can help them find their way back to loving themselves again. My grandmother always said that your character speaks volumes about you. Also my mothers special saying to all of us was, The Golden Rule. If everyone followed that one thing, Do unto others as you would have them do to you, this world would be a much better space. It sounds so simple but umteen find it very difficult to abide by. I find myself sometimes having a hard time following this but have found that when I do let myself I am ordinarily blessed by the outcome. I invite my character as a reflection of my beliefs and values that I have learned and nurtured from my family and church as I grew up. This along with following my mothers advice and utilize the Golden Rule are the basis for most of my decisions and have become a valuable resource to me throughout my life. These beliefs along with the values that my family taught me that were important, integrity, honesty and respect for others, have brought me to where I am today.They are the grow to my tree of life. I recall a book that my mother would read to me as a child, The engine That Could. She would always tell me after reading it that I could do or be eitherthing I wanted if I would just believe that I could. Just like that little engine, I find myself retell the saying, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, whenever I let doubt come into my mind that something cannot be accomplished. I use this in all aspects of my life. I also read that story to my children and my children. I truly hope and pray that they bequeath use that sentiment in the decisions they make throughout their lives. It has worked for me I tell them the same thing that was told to me, that anything is possible, you just have to work h ard at it and believe that you can do it. My father also had a huge furbish up on what my values and beliefs are as an adult. My dad worked umpteen hours at two jobs so that my momma could stay home with us kids, which meant he was not around a lot.The time he did put down with us was very special. I remember a time in Jr. High when I was struggling with my weight and how people perceived me. He would tell me, You are what you believe. If I believed what people were saying about me then I would become that person and if I believed I could do something then I would accomplish it. You cannot just let life happen. You have to know what you want and believe that you can have it. Then you set goals and work hard to get there. By doing all these things I have mentioned you form your own unique and special personality that shines because of your values and beliefs. My philosophy of guidance is that when working with a invitee you need to think of them as a whole person and that to he lp them in any area you need to include what they need for mind, body and spirit. All three of these are important areas to seek because you never know where the problem stems from that they are coming to you for.You must integrate life meaning into your counseling. You have to work within the beliefs of the lymph node and respect where they are coming from. You treat each client as though they were your only one. As my mom would say, treat them like you would want to be treated. Be involuntary to listen and permute whatever methods you are exploitation to meet the needs of the client. There are many reasons that a client comes to you contuse and broken. It is up to me as a counselor to find out where that hurt is coming from and help the client figure out how to fix or change that area of their life. I think I would draw techniques from many models of therapy. I think that the most important thing is to offend a good relationship with the client. Then let the client choose ho w their own values will guide their behavior. I see myself as being flexible, versatile and having a genuine interest in helping the client. This is all based on how I was raised and truly believing that everyone has good within themselves and really want to be happy.You just have to be willing to understand the world of the client and respect where they come from. The theory of counseling that comes closest to my way of thin king and my philosophy would be a combination of the Adlerian Theory and the Cognitive Behavior Therapy. The Cognitive Behavior Theory deals a lot with a persons belief system and hands on types of therapy. This fits well with what my style of counseling would be because of my belief that what you learn early in life effects everything you do unless you choose to change it. I like this theory a lot because it is an active, structured therapy. Therapy is a learning process, acquiring new-sprung(prenominal) skills and maybe a new way of thinking. At the same tim e this therapy is also very record-centered. Everyone has a past but there is nothing you can do to change those things that happened throughout the year.I believe that this therapy allows the client to gain insight and actively practice changing their lifestyles if needed. The Adlerian Theory leans towards the importance of life goals. It challenges the client to make goals and accomplish them in a variety of ways. One of the key values that I had outgrowth up was that you decide what you want, set goals on getting there and then work hard to make it happen. Anyone can do this if they really believe they want to change. This therapy stresses that all humans are motivated by social interest and one must deal with what life deals you. The difference is in how each person deals with this. This therapy uses the techniques of gathering family history and looking at the life experiences of the client. I believe that you are shaped and made up of those experiences. They are important to who you are.I also like that this therapy is one built on roast responsibility, mutual trust and respect between the therapist and the client. There is a true emphasis on equality and not one where the therapist is better than the client. This works very well with the collaboration idea of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I think that you need both the past and what is happening in the present to be able to look at what your problems are and figure out how to deal with them. I am sure that I would probably pull other techniques out of other types of therapy but I see myself staying true to the two above and using them in some type of combination. They seem to work beat out with my way of thinking and my personality. If I am comfortable with the style of counseling that I am using then my client will be the one to benefit in the long run.

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College Athletes Essay Example for Free

College Athletes Essay at that place are thousands of athletes playing for different colleges. They put their era and swither in it, yet they dont locomote paid. When athletes play a sport, they have even much stuff to worry about than a regular student. They have to worry about their grades, quenching fit to play, stay healthy, attend to practice every day theres practice, and then after practice go home and do all their work even though they are tired. How much do they get paid for going through all that? Zero dollars. College athletes should get paid to play too.The average net in summon of a third gear division college coach is forty five thousand dollars a year. An average third division athlete makes nonhing. Why are coaches being paid and not the athletes? Yes the coaches are fully grown up their time to coach the shammers, but the athletes are too, and they are as well as risking themselves of getting injured every time they step in to play or practice. If an average NBA player makes about ten million dollars a year then why doesnt a college basketball player get paid? There is this new rule that when a college gives outdoor(a) a scholarship, it can be reformed.That means that if a player quits the team or gets injured to the point that they cant play anymore, the college can renew the scholarship and take it away from the player and give it to another athlete or someone else. That is not fair because if a player gets a serious injury for playing, the college can just take away their scholarship, and their career gets ruined. One of examples involved Texas Christian University. Running back Kent Waldrep was paralyzed in a halt against the Alabama Crimson Tide on October 26, 1974. TCU paid his medical bills for nine months, then cut him loose. They also took away Adams scholarship, too.College athletes are human just like every other student. By not giving them the ability to make money and not paying them, colleges and its members are expecting the athletes to live a sub-human existence, and putting them at a disadvantage to finish their college pedagogy. Athletes are gargantuan money makers for the colleges. College athletics are a big role in making money, and they attract students to their college. Colleges depend on their athletes to produce and maintain the popularity of their schools name. Many tidy sum argue that student athletes should not be paid because they are getting a free education through a scholarship.These people feel that they have already done a lot for them by giving them a scholarship to their colleges. On the other side, people think that the college athletes make enough gain ground for their colleges , and they argue that the colleges should owe the athletes more than just a scholarship . Student athletes should be given at least small profit from their income. College athletes arent allowed to work. How are they going to pay for all the necessary expenses if they come from poor famil ies? This also leads to players accepting illegal money, cars, and clothes.When athletes that have the opportunity to leave school and turn sea captain they go for it, because college athletes live in near poverty. College athletes live in near poverty because the money they line up isnt enough to pay for all of their expenses and necessities. The few athletes that graduate from college, that could turn professional before their elderberry bush year, stay because their parents support them by sending money. If college athletes are eligible to be paid, there would be more athletes graduating. Paying athletes would be good for everyone and players would go for an education instead of only concentrating on sports.

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The Bookshop Company Essay Example for Free

The Bookshop Company Essay1. Introduction1.1 contextThe fellowship that I have chosen to do my project on is a lesser keep distribution union called Bookshop. Bookshop is a small company based in South capital of the United Kingdom and was set up in early 2002. They have a small workforce of 4 people. each person in that respectfore has a large and important role to the company. Each worker is always heavily pushed to meet deadlines for schools and social centres demanding books. Because that be a small company they shadower non afford to have large computing machine staff to look after al their accounts. They argon limited to the sentence that they can spend on different tasks. Each day they deal with a round 1000 worth of orders, but this major(ip) power vary to as much as 4500 or as little as 500. The director of the company has put in a large lump sum as a loan to suffer aside the company, which she hopes will trunk into profits, which she will later recoup.1.2 Statement of the problemI have conducted an converse with the director of the company and we encountered the following problems.* Because the bookshop is spick-and-span, there be more things that could go wrong and caused bankruptcy. in that location is the fact that the company has no real image and cannot conduct rely on customers. thitherfore they get to profit maximise. They read all staff working to their full potential. They take on no wastes of time with things that can be d whizz automatically.* Also with the small amount of money avail satisfactory to them they had o make do with old ready reckoners, which ran old information processing system programs that are DOS based.* The problem that ABC Books as a company has is that it is limited to the workforce that it ca spend on different tasks. Therefore time is a major part of what is wrong.* If there were a way that was quicker than the current way to do it then the time taken by each person would be greatly reduc ed and there may be a chance that each person would have more than time to do other(a) jobs. For caseful two people handle all the accounts.* If there were an easier way then they might only need 1 person and therefore there would be an extra person left over to do other work.Because of a shortage of time that they spend on the accounts, orders dont get delivered and because it is a small business, it inevitably all the orders it can get and any a late order and schools will look to other suppliers. This was picked up on by Pat Horsefield (director) when a meeting was held to discuss the problems with the system.Mrs. Horsefield feels that* with the introduction of a computer accounts system,* a system that can process customer orders faster and more accurately,* a reduction in the amount of paper generated by the system and feels that a centralised system could improve communication amidst staff,then the whole company will run more smoothly and then they would make more money a nd she would start going in to profitAs the company is new they have not got enough capital to go out and but fleets of vans and cars, they have to rely on people stimulate cars and transport of that of a delivery company which all costs money. Because of this they need to save money on expensive large especially designed programs by large specialist companys that produce such programs.2. probe2.1 The current systemThe current system that the company use is a spreadsheet package that was created 17 historic period ago and is therefore quite introductory and not easy use for all the staff that are used to more modern forms of spreadsheets. At the moment as each school places an order, it has to go by means of a processing system that takes a long time to fill out.InputProcessing createForenameSurnamePositionSchoolAddressHome PhoneMobileBooks ordered heart Price PaidPayment methodThis is the route that the current data takes.2.2 Constraints of the Current systemThe data format o f the current accounting system is in DOS and therefore has no GUI that is useable to a drug substance abuser for formats like EXCEL. The software and hardware are old and need to be replaced.* That main one is that it is not like the new accounts systems such as EXCEL and SAGE Line 100. There are many problems encountered when external people want to view the accounts i.e. Auditors.* Another problem is that when outside people wish to review the accounts, they are totally unfamiliar with the system and are not able to use it correctly. This is in the main because of the layout and the basic look of the interface.* There is one major problem with the actual system and that is that it does not automatically perform calculations. Therefore all calculations need to be done using a calculator. This is time consuming. If there were a way that the users could just put in numbers and the computer could automatically calculate the totals and the answers the user would have more time to d o other things.* Due to the lack of complexity of the system, errors are much made.3. Requirements of the new system3.1 General objectivesThe general objectives that I hope to be able to achieve are* To create an up-to-date system that can be easily used by the staff and new staff* To be based on a modern GUI that all users will consider* To make it self explanatory so that new users will be able to pick up the methods quickly.* It will need to be able to hold the companys accounts* There will be no need for passwords to any of the data, as no strict personal data is held on the computer3.2 Specific objectives quantifiable* Customer accounts should be found in less then 20 seconds* The user should be able to locate a page by using in the click of a button.* on the whole users should be able to use the system to do accounts.* Customer Details should be able to be printed off at the click of a button.* There should be buttons to do all reasonable jobs (print/open/add)* totally p ages should have links back to all the other pages, with the click of a macro and should be all the way labelled.4. The current systems4.1 HardwareThe hardware that is useable to the users is a small LAN of 4 computers and a server. All the computers have a barcode scanner for scanning in book barcode numbers and ISBNs. The computers that I have uncommitted for me to use are a set of 5 networked PCs at my house of which one has a barcode scanner. At college there is a large number of networked PCs for pupils use. They are all networked so that the users can log on to his/her area. The hardware available to me isSpecificationsOperating SystemMicrosoft Windows XPConnectorsAudio Line In (1/8 Mini)Ethernet RJ45 Twisted-Pair (XBaseT)IEEE 1394 4 immobilise UnpoweredIEEE 1394 6 pin PoweredKeyboard 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2) mouse 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2) repeat 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A)USB Universal Serial Bus 2.0Video 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA)include DevicesKeyboardMouseBarc ode ScannerChassis StyleTowerInput DevicesKeyboardMouseModem Speed1mb Cable *networked to all 5Modem TypeNaIncluded Network CardEthernet (10/100 Mbps)normalized-Processor Speed2000Video IntegrationMotherboardIncluded MonitorNoIncluded PrinterNoSound Support3D Audiocompact disc read-only memory Read Speed40 X (CD,CD-R)CD Rewrite Speed12 X (CD,CD-R)CD Write Speed32 X (CD,CD-R)DVD-ROM Read Speed16 X (CD,CD-R)Hard drive Capacity80 GBIncluded sweatsDVD/CD-RW ComboFloppy DriveHard Drive add of Hard Drives Included1Bus Speed400 MHzInstalled Memory512 MBMax System Memory1.5 kBShared Video Memory32 MBNumber of PCI Slots2Processor ClassIntel Pentium 4 ProcessorProcessor Speed2.0 GHzAll 5 of the PCs that I have available to me at my house are all the same. (see above)4.2 SoftwareThe software that the user has available is Microsoft Windows 95 professional edition with Office 95 and all germane(predicate) software for the barcode scanners and for the tele-book ordering. What I have available to use is Microsoft XP professional with Office 2000 which has excel, which Im using to create the new spreadsheet program4.3 Users IT skills and fellowshipI feel that the users ICT knowledge and skills are limited to what they can do. They are inexperienced in computer use and therefore they have not developed, because of this there will need to be a basic and informative and self-explanatory interface. I think that the interface will need to be bold and relevant to the tasks.The user manual will have basic information in using the system as well as a trouble shooting section.1. Consideration of a possible solutionThere are many different packages that I could use to create an accounts program there is Sage Line100, which is wide used in large company businesses. There is also Microsoft own outperform, which is widely used, in littler businesses. I am going to use excel to create the program because it is the most commonly available and is therefore the best choice to use. I thi nk that it is also the easiest to use out of the two because many people use the program already and have a basic knowledge of the program already and how it works. It is also a lot clearer to see than the basic graphics of Line100. there is also the case that Excel is cheaper to buy than a copy of Sage Line100. at 250, Line100 is rather too expensive for a small company. I feel that with the cheaper, only 89.99 Excel they will have a better deal on their hands.Microsoft Excel clearly dominates the spreadsheet market. Not too long ago, Lotus 1-2-3 was considered the standard spreadsheet. Excel now holds that distinction, with an estimated 90% market share.