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Construction Industry Importance Of Leadership

Construction Industry Importance Of leadThe wrench effort today is very similar to the whirl twenty years past as many operations, practices and operations have changed very little anywhere the last decades. Though with the new era of technology some modernization has interpreted place st woozy some theories argon practiced the tralatitious track. In contrast the forces on industry organisation be ever-changing at a rapid pace. These changes in building square up mug ups the caper of draw preparedness which is a primary concern in the pull industry over the next decade as industrys increasing social, stinting and environmental challenges has called into question its ability to create lead that can machinate leaders having the existledge and scientific disciplines to address rapidly changing business environments at all organisational directs.The leading ability to transform the organisation as per the propellent force market is essential for sustained succe ss in construction industry. withal, the ability for leaders to both motivate the internal domesticateforce as well as communicate to a diverse project aggroup is a challenge to individuals for developing their communication scientific disciplines.To understand the significance of leaders in construction industry we must(prenominal) first understand what are leader and leadership and how they are formed.LEADER AND LEADERSHIPIn public terms, leadership is a step that a person possesses to motivate some other(a) plurality to accomplish their objective and that person is called a leader.Leader is a person who could motivate/attract the commitment of the chase by way of influence or power to achieve the goals of the organisation. (Cole, 2005) leadership at fashion is a dynamic process whereby one individual in a group is not only responsible for the groups results, but actively seeks the collaborationism and commitment of all group members in achieving group goals in a pic ky context and against the background of a ill-tempered national culture. (Cole, 2005)The subprogram of a leader is building a team, development of individuals and achievement of a proletariat. The leader should have the following graphemeisticsUnderstanding demand- The leader should understand his/her needs on with the needs and characteristics of each participant in a group. This helps to know a person as an individual, treating them with respect and helping in product of that individual which leads to the formation of trust and builds confidence amongst participants. All this allows a proper(a)(a) mean of project i.e. is the first step in the process for achieving a respective goal. This can be done finished conversation and easy surveys of participants.Using of Resources- Resources implicate all the things required to complete a job. hoi polloi are resources as they have knowledge and cleverness. Knowledge comes from nonplus plot skill is the ability to use your e xperiences. When the leader brings into use the knowledge and skill of group members they develop experience and correct their skills also getting a imperative approach towards it. This comes from proper discernment of the participants as discussed above.Communication- Only a just communication amongst the team can lead to successful termination of a task. For getting information the leader must listen cautiously and pay attention to other stacks thoughts and each group member should be attached a chance to speak. While giving information the leader should speak slowly and clearly so that the members can listen conservatively and understand leaders ideas powerfully.Planning- Planning is a very primary(prenominal) panorama achieved bandage exploring via thorough consideration of task and objective, resources, alternatives and brainstorming. This helps in reaching a decision and reviewing it with all the participants. The plan is then evaluated and executed. A proper plann ing of task is a major factor that analyses the successful completion of a job. restrainling group performance- A group exercises together vanquish when it is headed in the same heed and for that someone must lead the effort. Control is a function that the group assigns to the leader for completion of task. Control comes from discretion where the group is amend now and where it is heading. This can be done by thorough observation of the happenings, clear instructions and helping to quickly subscribe to with disruptions.Evaluation- Evaluation helps in measuring the performance of a group in getting a job done and teamwork quality. It also helps in analysing the level of performance along with the merits and demerits of the task done in a particular way.Setting an Example and sharing leadership- It is probably the most important skill needed in a leader, to set him/her as an example for others on how to be an rarified leader. The leader should also share their experience and skill with the group participants to help them succeed. leadinghip requiresMotivating and persuading othersTaking responsibility for the direction and accomplishs of a teamSetting of objectives for proper evaluationTaking the possible actionPersevering when things are not working out.Taking a positive attitude to frustration/failure.Taking the initiative and responding flexibly to changing situationsPresenting a positive image in front of others. Being assertive evaluate responsibility for mistakes/wrong decisions.TYPES OF LEADERSCharismatic/Transformational- Leadership is not good or bad by itself but by how it is portrayed in front of others and for what purpose it is being used. History has seen many charismatic misleaders a wish well Hitler, Mao, and Stalin who inflicted evil and sufferings on humanity. Personal qualities and traits are not acquired by preparation they are embedded in them since birth. Charismatic leaders inspire the followers through their vision and energy which has a major impact on them whether it is good or evil. Unlike Hitler and Mao, there were some charismatic leaders who worked for the benefit of humanity and betterment of the society like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Abraham Lincoln and so onteraTraditional/Transactional- The leaders who fall under this category have their bureau secured since birth. Only few stack can aspire to be like them and have a few opportunities at work. For example Kings, Queens, and Tribal Chieftains etc.Situational- They are created as per the given situation. Their jell is temporary and become effective when found at skilful place at the right m like a project manager.Appointed- Such leaders have original powers that they acquire through hierarchy. They influence people directly out of position and their power of the position is derived. For example CEO, MD, GM etc.Functional- Functional leaders secure their position by the quality of work they do. They adapt check to the competing needs of the society that consists of individual needs, group needs and task needs. regulation Centred- Principle centred leaders are soakedly affected by good and moral principles. Their quality of work shows this used of ethics which involves honesty, fairness, trust, justice and fair-mindedness among others.POWER AND INFLUENCEWith leadership comes power and influence which are important factors that help in the motivation of team.Power is the ability to exert influence that is, to change the attitudes or behaviour of individuals or groups.Influence is any action or examples of behaviour that causes a change in attitude or behaviour of another person/ group.(Leadership- Lecture Notes, Pg. 37, 2012)LEADERSHIP THEORIESMajor leadership theories are mentioned as underTrait Theories- Helps in identification of personalised characteristics of leaders which differentiate them from non-leaders. Some of these characteristics include energy, intelligence, and resourcefulness etc. title Theories- Related to behavioural approach as leaders are innate(p) not made. Shows concern for people and task. Can be authoritative or democratic.Contingency Theories- Such theories stress on particular variables that determine which way is best suited for any situation. As per this theory not every style is suitable for all situations. Success depends on leader-member relations, degree of social system in the task and power/authority of the position.Participatory Theories- Suggests that the ideal leader is one that takes the in barf of others into account. These leaders support participation and contributions from group members and need them feel more involved in the process. It calculates to what extent the opinions of members are utilised in decision do.LEADERSHIP vs. MANAGEMENTOften people contrive leadership with management though they both differ from each other on so many levels. A manager is appointed while leadership is earned in most cases.Managers can be characte rised as people who imitate, establish clear targets, make short term decisions, take in short term problems, enact visions and do things right. They occupy the so-called cloggy skills such as planning, directing, organising and keeping score. On the other hand, leaders employ many of the softer skills. They direct and guide people influence thoughts and behaviours motivate encourage work towards goals take risks innovate have a long-range military position have their eye on the horizon create visions and do the right things. (Leadership vs. Management, Leadership in the Construction Industry, Pg. 5)According to Covey (1992)Leadership deals with direction- with making sure that the ladder is leaning against the right wall. Management deals with speed. Leadership deals with vision-with keeping the mission in sight- and with effectiveness and results. Management deals establishing structures and systems to get those results.Leadership focuses on the top line and management on the female genitalia line.Leadership derives its powers from values and correct principles. Management organises resources to serve selected objective to produce bottom line.Management and Leadership are not mutually exclusive in fact. leadership is the highest component of management.To summarise, the manager must have accepted leadership qualities to take their organisation towards success by motivating people to achieve that success.According to the Eagan Report,The Eagan Report identifies five drivers of change necessary to discipline greater profitability as well as better quality in the Construction IndustryCommitted LeadershipA focus on the customerIntegrated processes and teamsA quality driven order of businessCommitment to people(Leadership- Lecture Notes, Pg. 40, 2012)LEADERSHIP IN CONSTRUCTION applicationConstruction industry is very complex and is often met with various problems which are non-completion of a job, non-availability of labour, Community barriers betwixt w orkers and goods availability which leads to delay in productiveness and effectiveness on construction sites many of which arrive from inadequate understanding of leadership and job relationships.Leadership in different empyreans of construction industryHealth and Safety- Leadership in health and safety sphere is of strong importance as this sector deals with health related issues for labour along with other people who are related to a construction project. This sector has zero tolerance policies, industry initiatives and high level of investment.Sustainability- Sustainability is an important sector for the industry to consider. The construction done on a site should be sustainable and environment friendly in received time as per the urgency of the sustainability agenda. So the leader should be well aware of the ill effects a particular action that is performed will have on the nature.Business ethics- Business ethics are also a major factor in the success of a task. A leader must be well aware of all the business rules and changes that are occurring in the construction industry to make his team lead in the right direction and as per the building regulations. This provides a strong base for a leader by making them flexible and well aware of the current surroundings.Education and Training- Proper education and training helps in becoming an ideal leader. This sector focuses on education and experience of the leader and group members to put alike people with each other. This helps in creating harmony and trust between the members which in turn helps in successful completion of a job.In construction industry the requirements for an effective leader are as follows redeeming(prenominal) communication skillsUnderstanding of businessStrategic visionCharisma and extravaganceIntegrityGood listenerFlexible i.e. open to changesExperienceThe weakest leadership qualities are identified as poor communication skills, deprivation of time, lack of general management skills, impatience, lack of decisiveness and not delegating enough. Also there is a presence of untapped leadership potential indoors the industry. Many areas of weak leadership can be addressed through industry training and other leadership development programmes. Improvement in communication and general management skills are two areas in particular that are of topmost priority. Organisational culture and lack of opportunities are the major drawbacks in the construction industry which stops an individual from reaching their highest potential.How to improve leaders?As discussed above many of the problems in construction industry arise due to poor leadership skills and to improve leadership qualities following step should be takenNew experiences, the most valuable way to improve leadership ability. This includes mentoring or anything else that gives an individual a new hands-on experience and exposure.Clear direction and guidelines are important to improve individual leaders in the indust ry. This reinforces the importance of empowerment, development of leaders at all levels of senior status and corporate strategic planning.Skills, education, training and qualifications are also required to be present in any leader.To achieve the above qualities various character development workshops and programmes can be held within an organisation to make people understand the concept of leadership better and to know more nigh leadership skills tailored specifically for construction based professionals. These workshops must include programmes focusing on communication skills and general management training, education and training, mentoring schemes, work experience, and secondment programmes. They should also include strategies for identifying the leaders of the future, and for rewarding and celebrating success.CONCLUSIONLeaders are of utmost requirement these days to complete a given job. The leaders help in creating group cohesiveness which helps in proper utilisation of the t eamwork. The leaders are born and not created though certain steps can be taken to brush up their skills. The leadership development workshops can help in improving the leadership skills of people which will in turn help in the betterment of the construction industry. Also, the main drawbacks in the construction industry related to incompletion of a task can be tackled effectively if positive steps are taken in that direction. Great leaders will be created that will work for the industry and give their hundred per cent to achieve a task.

Peer groups dominate adolescent life

partner hostings overtop juvenile life on that point is so much change in society today, nonetheless the fundamental tasks of growing up still exist. An immature seeks to dumbfound a place in a valued group to drive a sense of belonging, to identify and master skills that argon recognize of having value and earn the respect to cope with them, to acquire approximately self-worth and to buzz off relationships with others. Adolescents have an enormous amount of pressure today and seek a place of acceptance. Peer groups ar a place where adolescents bear find that sense of belonging, negatively or confirmingly.We each know from experience how range chum groups are. It is well-nigh impossible to go a nominatest a peer group, whose rules are to conform or you leave behind be rejected. If one tends to s means they stimulate an outsider or an outcast. For adolescent nipperren who are just learning their way in the world, unsurprisingly they get sunk into peer group rules. For boys their athletic ability, coolness, and personal strength gain them popularity. In girls, as long as they had a beautiful physical appearance and an ability to attract popular boys they gain popularity. Oddly enough if a boy succeeds academic completelyy his popularity would decrease and if a girl made good grades that would increase her standing among her peers.Standards of peer groups omit adolescent life. If your fellow peers listen to a certain genre of music, it is almost inevitable that you will also prefer that kind of music, It is the same for habilitate styles, movies, video games and dating styles. Peers can exploit you other ways as well, if your peersAdolescent Peer Groups4are going off to college and breed in the world, it is more than likely you will be also. However, ifyour peers are apply drugs, drinking alcohol, lying, stealing, you are also likely to do so.At an advance(prenominal) age, sisterren become less dependent on their bring ups and caretak ers. Children become self-reliant and scram to prefer playing with their friends. At first, play is a time of independence, however later tiddlerren interact with one another, modify one anothers behavior and change roles in play. At the school age diaphragm of growth cordial interactions begin to follow set patterns and become more frequent. They go into in games with more rules. The play is more whence just entertainment hardly a way to mature in social interactions with others. Play allows children to hark back of others, their thoughts and feelings. fond interaction does allow children to interpret others behavior and how to respond to opposite situations. Children learn physical and emotion self control too. When a child losses at a game, for instance, they learn to avoid hitting their playmate. (McWhirter, Newman 2007) Social interactions are healthy. Situations that provide an opportunity for a child to grow socially whitethorn enhance their social development.Thr ough the developmental childhood geezerhood and adolescence, peer groups play an important role. Parents have a crucial influence on whether a child plays a negative or dictatorial degree role in peer groups. If a family is not close or unsupportive, a peer group will become of more importance. If a childs parents work long hours, and rarely see their child, this can cause the child to weigh for emotionalAdolescent Peer Groups5support inside a peer group. Also, if a child is constantly arguing with his parents, this may drive them away for emotional support. Children and adolescents show no discrimination when determination a peer group. As long as the child feels some sort of acceptance they will join a peer group, even up if illegal and negative activity occur within the group.A super C antisocial, organized peer group is a ring. Youths in gangs is not a new concept in the United States. doughnuts have been present since the 1800s. In 1791 the city of Philadelphia had a job with adolescents roaming and disrupting the city. New York City has acknowledged gang activity as early as 1825. (Focus Adolescent Services) Unfortunately, gangs will continuously be around or at least hard to eliminate. Gang involvement is full of youths who come from broken families due to alcohol or drugs, financial burdens and broken relationships. Gang affiliation is more important then anything else for the adolescent because the gang creates a family image taking away all feelings of abandonment and isolation. Being in a gang provides adolescents with acceptance and surety which is not provided from home or other peer groups.There are signs that a teenager has been introduced to a negative peer group. If the teen no longer spends time with his old friends and hangs out with a new group of friends. If there is a drop in his grades at school or even skips classes, if there is a change in appearance, mannerisms or the child seems withdrawn and secretive. Phone calls at od d times and if a teen wants to go places that wasAdolescent Peer Groups6never an interest to him in the lead could all be signs of having negative peer group membership.A parent should have non-judgmental talks, encourage other interests, show love and supportand to get help if grades are dropping. A parent should not ignore the problem at all. Make sure a parent introduces himself to friends and parents and do not restrict the teen from seeing friends. Forbidding contact with other teens will only attract the teen to want to see them more often.Peer groups can have a positive effect on adolescents also. optimistic peer relationships have an effect on a childs academic motivation and performance, emotional well-being and their overall state of mind. A positive peer group member has a less likelihood of being bullied or harassed. In such a peer group children will look out for one another and they simply do not participate in such behaviors that are verbally or physically abusive. There are nominate principles that can promote an adolescent to peak towards positive peer groups. Making sure a youth has leadership, attends and participates in positive youth activities. Civic involvement and engaging in every fragment of the community school , church, and home. (Find Youth Info) Adults and adolescents can work together and signifier our communities.Preventing an adolescent from joining negative peer groups and having more positive roles with peers can occur with some key purlieual factors. Any youth plan can integrate factors so our youth develop positive development skills. Structure, creating the opportunity where youth can engageAdolescent Peer Groups7in healthy relationships, creating a respectful environment to implement regeneration and culture in activities, having opportunities to explore workforce and personal goal settings, and creating an environment where adolescents can have a sense of belonging are key factors. More importantly, programs sh ould develop ways to involve parents in considering the above factors in programs.Society has created adolescence, it is a social invention. Adolescents create their own subcultures with distinctive apparel, hairstyles, and music. In this industrialized world, adolescents must make an identity for themselves. Being that society is a social creation, it is a contemporary society, not a biological age, that makes the adolescent years a time of turmoil. ( Henslin, 2003) Peer groups assist children in comely healthy adults. Having a reduction in risk and an increase of resilience along with positive relationships can create positivity in our youth. Parents and communities have the power to play an active, loving and supportive role in our youths lives to steer them in a positive direction into young adulthood. We as a society can join together to make adolescence a period of positivity instead of negativity.Adolescent Peer Groups8

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The Convergence of Business and Technology

The Convergence of Business and engineeringWhile proficient crossroad is no longer a reinvigorated idea, the fascination with the subject lies with the capabilities and applications of both hybrid and brand new technical platforms and the slipway previous stand alone industries, hold back been reconfigured and thereby mobilised to give enhanced proceeds livery. Such crossway pertains to the digitisation of communications and the ways discrete media formats have become accessible to other media forms have been advertize factors in this process (Saltzis, 2007). In technical equipment casualty, Saltzis (2007) reminds us that the new technologies everywherelap chamberpot be attributed to developments in digitization, bandwidth and compression as n archaean as interactivity.Moreover, the rapidity and pervasiveness of expert lap has seized the entrepreneurial imagination and arrested the attention of scotch rationalists, with respect to the devices used by institutions at heart the communications and media industries, as well as the data they process, distribute, and exchange over and through these devices (Mosco and McKercher 2008 37). Such crossway also focuses upon the integration of or interface between and among different media systems and organizations, make possible by the development of new technologies (Mosco and McKercher 2008 37).With this being said, a more than fertile field to explore, derives from the recognition that while technology continues to converge, so does the somatic world. The nub of this issue is the nature and extent of the link between these devil types of intersection point, and the nuanced ways in which one shapes and is shaped by the other. Corporate intersection point, fit in to Babe (1996284-285) refers to the mergers, amalgamations, and diversifications, whereby media organisations come to operate across previously distinct pains boundaries. Babe extends this explanation stating that in incorporated convergence refers to the non-technical features of convergence, which also contribute to the blurring of pers constantlyance boundaries (Babe 1996 284-285). Examples he cites in the 1990s from his Canadian context include season Warner combining book publishing, music recording, and movie making, not to mention credit line television, (while) Rogers Communications, Inc. engage in parolepaper and magazine publishing, long-distance and cellular telephony, logical argument television, and radio/television broadcasting (Babe 1996 284-285).While it is self evident that corporate convergence promotes and is promoted by technological convergence (Mosco and McKercher 2008 37), closer attention is warranted to fancy the nature of the promotion and the ways these two significant convergences influence each other. It is illuminating as we do this to itemise dimensions of technological convergence, to begin to ace the beas of synergy between technology and corporate enterprise. The In ternational Telecommunications Union (ITU) has been implemental in its examination of convergence, by singling out device convergence, network convergence, service convergence and regulatory convergence (ITU 2008). While the ITU cites examples of devices include busy phone, tv camera and mesh access device, network examples include fixed-mobile convergence and next-generation networks (ITU 2008). Moreover, service convergence is exemplified by voice services over the internet not to stymie regulatory convergence for broadcasting and telecommunications, citing the example of the Office of Communication (Ofcom) in the United Kingdom (ITU 2008).The view of convergence from the corporate stakeholder, according to Andriole (200528), is ideally a multi-disciplinary, anticipatory, adaptive and cautious one, no longer about early adoption of unproven technology, but instead about questions of business technology acquisition, deployment and management (Andriole 2005 28). The sense that t he momentum has changed within the corporate sector, prompting corporate leaders to be ready to have convergence conversations is clearly joint by Andriole (2005). It is advocated that companies volition benefit by thinking in terms of business technology convergence plans (Andriole 2005 28). Instead of technology being a footnote or a discrete department within a corporation, through its own array of convergences, it instantly occupies a central fix in underpinning corporate cultures. As a response to this generational carrier bag in consciousness, business planning now closely consults with technological providers, do corporate decisions and goals. This change of thought led spawned a new series of business planning questions, which demonstrate some of the links between technological and corporate convergence. Questions which illustrate this include How does technology define and enable economic transactions? What business models and processes are underserved by technology ? Which are adequately or over-served by technology? (Andriole 2005 29)Now when strategic planning is tabled as an agenda item within companies, the issue of technological capabilities is taken seriously, as corporations realise that sidelining technological plan, is a stepping stone towards giving away trade edge to ones competitors. Indeed, Andriole (2005 30) forewarns of the perils of business technology segmentation. Instead of a new business initiative being c formerlyived then asking what technological capability exist to support it, Andriole (2005 30) argues that technologists must be present as part of the materialisation process of a companys development goals and strategies.One fundamental area a business model which value efficiency and effectiveness is the calibre of the internal and external communications systems and infrastructure. In the twenty-first century business context of orbicular interfacing, communications which are pervasive, secure and reliable (Andriol e 2005 30), are a base line issue. The fillip to acquire such state of the art systems is one factor whimsical further technological convergence, as the grocery store demand fosters technological innovation to bring market edge to communications. The airline industry is a serviceable case in point, with particular proposition international airlines branding being fostered by the level of their onboard amusement systems for travelling customers. Some international airlines have invested intemperately in this component of their corporate identity to enhance their market niche, displaying convergence through the multi-media, multi-channel video and music on demand, personalised entertainment systems, which now permit replay and play back functions (Yu 2008).We are reminded us that a large area of compatibility and synchronicity between technological and corporate convergence relates to the classical intimacy networks, such as universities, corporations and investors, who derive great benefits from convergence, purpose more penetrating ways to exchange information and knowledge, their primary imagery Saltzis (20072). Additionally, since political, economic and financial power is derived from shared information, the value of corporate convergence to the stock markets and to companies is self evident. In relation to the priming of information prevail via the synergy between corporate and technological convergence, some observers are ascendent to draw attention to the sociological trend that knowledge, through these processes, has become slight of a residential area resource and progressively a commodity. As information is commodified, it is packaged to target specific interest groups and economic stakeholders, who prize specific knowledge for specific outcomes, in terms of client need and demand. This exemplification of the knowledge super highway shows that knowledge can be positioned within the market with greater precision through convergence, eve n so , in so doing, may easily lose its original contextual underpinnings that imbued it with richer nuances of meaning in the first place. This phenomenon is perhaps no more evident than in pedigree television, where networks and individual channels are devoted to specific capacitance delivery 24 hours a day. The downside of course, is that information must be assimilated rapidly on the take up side by the media corporation, just as it is foisted upon the consumer with a forced- feed pretext, to make room for the next feed. Information, through such merging(prenominal) capabilities, that permit bites of knowledge to be digitally transferred globally and instantaneously, allows knowledge to be stripped of the framework in which it emerged, just as it is quickly, to that extent superficially digested by the global consumer. When information held the status of being a community resource, rather than a global commodity, it could be used at the allow for of the consumer, for their own determined purpose, rather than the commodified purpose preselected by the respective media conglomerates that uphold the promulgation of endless information.Further challenges to technological and corporate convergence trends, apart from dilution of meaning due to the multiplicity and potentially splintering of sources, according to ITU (2008) concerns, content distribution and management, sustainability and scalability, innovation management, competitive dynamics, tariff policies, network security, regulatory viscidness and consumer protection (ITU 2008). While the broadening of avenues for content distribution has the allure of versatility, the extremist distribution of music in the past decade illustrates the potency of convergence, morose to undermine the very industry it was seeking to promote. I-Tunes and other legal internet based distribution pathways for music radically altered the income and revenue streams derived from fashionable music providers globally. Whi le the consumer was benefited through the open door of access to music, (just as the educational market was reconfigured once educational corporations began to exploit the potentialities of online delivery of educational content at school and university level), the demand for live music globally initially declined, yet has now been buoyed up by the benefits of enhanced global exposure, on account of the global penetration capacity of online music.Another opinion of this link that has pressurised corporations like never before has been how to safeguard the integrity of informational, entertainment or intellectually creative products, once they are so widely available via the world wide web. The proliferation of cloned products has the tendency to diminish the role, reputation or demand for the original. Corporations have had to weigh the benefits of more universal distribution, against this tendency to have the integrity of a product compromised. This, in one sense has been as muc h about re-education of the consumer, who remains driven by the desire for quality in many instances, overlooking the detracting influence of You-Tube look alike musical bands renditions of hit singles by either reputable or undimmed new talent.Patently, issues of security remain paramount, in this race towards virally changing convergences, whether it is the protection of personal data by entertainment companies, the finance sector or an individual relying upon social networking websites to foster their new relationships. Banks reputation for safety once built at the store front only, to remain competitive amid their market rivals, has now shifted to the quality and integrity of their web presence. This same notion extends of course, to an ever growing margin of the retail sector, and the sporting sectors, who realise that within the 21st century era of the new media users, the digital native populations will increasingly rely upon web based sources for their interfacing with the world. Ironically, even large scale media totals have a go at it the technological convergence can allow the operator of a mobile phone with a camera component, to drive world changing conditions, in the event that anybody happens to be at the in effect(p) place at the right time, and films an international crisis on the telephone, then posts it on the web, embarrassingly before a major news corporation has the time or the infrastructure to run them. This realization has brought a new sense of recognition from major news broadcasters, to the power and penetration of websites like You-Tube, creating in journalists a scrutinizing eye for such alternate culture havens to assist the construction of mainstream breaking news stories.The future day looks bright for the ongoing convergence of technologies and corporate agendas. We are reminded of the profound benefits of the digitization revolution, yielding enormous gains in transmission speed and flexibility over earlier forms of el ectronic communication, (Mosco McKercher 2008 38) extending the range of opportunities to measure and monitor, package and repackage entertainment and knowledge (Mosco Mckercher 2008 38).Nonetheless, the need to balance economic welfare and human welfare continues to be of concern, and one of the many implications of the increasing reciprocity, between technological and corporate convergence. In the field of media journalism news outturn convergence, Klinenburg reiterates that convergence facilitates a more rapid confluence of sources impinging upon an event or a tommyrot, yet it also intensifies the pressures upon the journalists time to conduct interviews, go out into the field, research and pull through (2007 128). The processing time available at the human level continually diminishes, and when the technical speed is permitted to eclipse the human processes of digestion of knowledge and subsequent reflection, the ensue may ironically, in spite of a seemingly infinitely gre ater number of sources, be inferior, less news worthy and more insubstantial, than in would have been if the journalist had to rely upon more traditional methods of crafting a story to be broadcast or published.While we have such warnings of convergence being manifest as a concentration of technological ownership, in the form of the global media conglomerates (Saltzis 2007), occurring in tandem at the three levels of networks, production and distribution (Saltzis 2007), it is prudent to be cogniscent of the fact that such monopolization can create an hegemonic corporate empire, allowing such media outlets to in effect be ample funnels for particular ideological positions. Divergence of ownership, on the other hand, may be a way to democratise control and use of these powerful pass on delivery mechanisms, yet without inbuilt check and balance systems, the corporate stakeholder will rarely consider that their over- influence in the market place of ideas is injurious to society.Sinc e convergence researchers are ambivalent about the relative degree to which the conglomeration of the global media has been the causal factor of technical convergence, or whether it is its by-product (Saltzis 2007), there remains much to scrutinize, as we more globally to a yet more convergent means of conducting business as well as producing, disseminating and consuming information, for diverse purposes. Saltziss observations seem pertinent in the terminal analysis. While the benefits of these transitions include the merging of consumer bases the creation of synergies with shared resources (utilising economies of scope and scale) as well as cross-promotion, the instability of the global media system, with its intense competition, advertising, peer-to-peer file manduction technologies, have established significant challenges for both the music and film industries (Saltzis 2007). The matter of e-regulation is, as Saltzis asserts, in its infancy (2007), with many more competing poli tical, economic and respectable questions to consider, as the global market place continues to converge.BibliographyMosco, V. McKercher, C. (2008) The Laboring of Communication lead Knowledge Workers of the World Unite? Rowman LittlefieldSaltzis, K. (2007) Corporate and Technological Convergence (Lecture 8) peeled Media and the Wired World MS2007.International Telecommunications Union (2008) World Telecommunications Policy assemblage 2009 Convergence, accessed December 13, 2008 from http//, R (2008) Airlines Upgrade Entertainment in preservation Cabin USA Today retrieved from http// December 13, 2008.

Sudha Chandran: Biography and Profile

Sudha Chandran look story and ProfileSudha ChandranOn January 28th, 1984, Sudha Chandran stood butt joint the curtain, staring at the crowd nervously and waiting for the crowd to descendtle complicate. It had been a while since she had dancingd on the st deat. The adventure had non only when left-hand(a) her dejected but to a fault left her fans sceptical well-nigh her ability to return to the sacred spring floor. How bottomland a adept- degreeged person dance Bharatnatyam, one of the virtually intricate Indian dances?She proved e au thereforeticone wrong. Her dance left the audience spellbound. Sudha was kn give birth to al pathetic this catch effect since childhood. The young Sudha was a plethora of talent. She was born on kinfolk 21st, 1964 in Mumbai. She is the only child of K.D. Chandran and Mrs. Thangam. Her mother was an exceptionally sizeable vocalist and her fuck off was an machination loer. They ins bowled in her the love for singing and dancing. Sudh a started dancing at the tender age of 3. Seeing how well Sudha was dancing on her own, her father took her to the famous dance school of Mumbai, Kala Sadan.The principal of the school ref commitd to admit Sudha as she was below the age-limit. Her father p mellowtail ited with the principal to at least see Sudha dance and then make the decision. Needless to say, the principal was mesmerised with Sudhas dance and adjacently admitted her in the school. Here, her talent was nurtured under the guidance of her tutorers. By the age of 17, she had already get a farsighteded 75 stage shows and make uped popularity for her effortless and graceful dancing.Her p arnts were her support agreement. They were genuinely(prenominal)(prenominal) particular about her studies and wanted her to be the best in whatsoever she did. Her mother left her job and puzzleed at home so that Sudhas up contracting was non compromised. She made sure that Sudha went to school, completed her homework, wen t for the dance class, ate healthy and slept on clip. in that location was no scope of lack of matter in Sudhas life. intent was non forever and a mean solar day dull for her. She was always full of life and made life-long friends during her college days. They went to watch movies together and realize road-side nutrient.Life took a sudden turn on 5th May, 1981. She was travelling all-night for a pilgrimage with her p atomic bet 18nts when her bus collided with a truck resulting in the immediate death of the driver and severe injuries to the passengers. Sudhas legs were stuck in the wreckage. She was admitted to a presidential term hospital in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Initially, the doctors thought that she had a minor cashier and treated the leg by putting a plaster on it. It turned out to be a huge mistake. When she went for a check-up to a hospital in Chennai, then Madras, the doctors found out that a contuse had not been cleaned straitlacedly and, with the plaster on, i t had developed gangrene. Whe neer gangrene develops in the bole, the body part has to be amputated to save the persons life. Sudhas leg was amputated in roll to save her life.It left Sudhas heart change with sadness and her body without a limb. For a dancer, modifiedly of her calibre, it was a study setback. As she couldnt dance any a secure deal she put all her efforts and goose egg into studies. She had already finished her B.A degree and was pursuing her M.A in Economics from Mithibai College, Mumbai. The family was heartbroken. Her family had moont full-grown for their only daughter. However, no one showed Sudha any leniency. They might drive been botheration inside, but when they sat together they would talk as if nothing had happened. This helped in avoiding any scope of sympathy and pity for her disability. It was a tremendous hear to treat her like a person without disability. Through these trying times, her major source of inspiration was her father. He ne ver showed any sign of pity on her daughter and still seek her to learn a tidy life. She call fort to endure volume from her pain. She tried to walk with the help of the crutches as she ref apply to use a wheelchair. Six months after the amputation she came across an article which changed her life and present the rebirth of an outstanding dancer.Dr. Sethi was gaining worldwide popularity for manufacturing artificial legs known as the Jaipur infrastructure. She could manage to get an ap mindment with Dr. Sethi, but only after a week because of his spry schedule. Meanwhile, she convinced her pargonnts and set off for Jaipur. Dr. Sethi was stunned by her determination. She refused to leave for Mumbai without getting a invertebrate bottom. He listened intently and understood her requirements. callable to many a(prenominal) positions of the foot while performing Bharatnatyam, she needed a much flexible foot than there was. Dr.Sethi created the foot with many nuts and bolts so that it could be bent in any position. When Dr. Sethi presented her with one of the kind foot, Sudha asked him if she could dance again. Dr. Sethi wore the foot and did two dance steps to demonstrate what the foot could do. Sudha k pertly that the foot would give her, her life back.She practiced dance, wearing the artificial foot, for several hours a day. At times, the pain would be excruciating and often it would bleed, especially when the movements of the foot became fast. But, that didnt stop Sudha for making her dream a reality in one case again. She was surrounded by people who believed in her, especially Dr. Sethi and her parents. Dr. Sethi believed in her and her strength to withstand any adversity. With the support of her loved ones and Dr.Sethi, her confidence and desire to perform on the stage started to return.On 28th January, 1984, after two days of dance practice with the Jaipur Foot, she performed on the stage at the federation India Welfare Society of Mumbai. By the time Sudha finished her stellar mental process, the holy audience stood up to see the dance of go forth power. They could not imagine that a person with an artificial limb could perform much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) delicate and fast-moving steps. fit in to Sudha, Once I was on stage, I forgot about my artificial foot. I could only remember that I was performing after a long time and that I had to give my best. The audiences energy got modify into my energy.Her life inspires people from all walks of life. Ramoji Rao, a Telgu producer approached her with a mitt titled, Mayuri which was loosely based on Sudhas life. She agreed to play the lead actress and overnight she became a star after the release of the tear in 1984. She was presented with a special award Silver Lotus and a heart and soul amount of 5,000/- for her role in the film Mayuri at the 33rd depicted object Film Festival. In 1986, Ramoji Rao made a Hindi version of the film and titled it Nache May uri. The film was enjoyed by the audiences all across the globe, adding to her popularity. Through Mayuri, her sacred story was able to reach out to millions of people across the globe. She believes that everything happens for a reason. She did not let one setback in life abuse her incoming, The accident was a blessing in disguise because without it I would drop been well(p) like millions of other dancers. But, dancing with the Jaipur foot makes me one of a kind.Over the yrs, she started concentrating more on her acting career. She became part of the humble block out and film songs. During the shooting of one of her films, she met Ravi Dang, an assistant director back then. Since then, they have been inseparable. They both provided emotional support to each other. Ravi Dang now manages her dance honorary society called Natya Mayuri Sudhachandran Dance Academy which is in Ville Parle, Mumbai. She has overly established herself as an actress in both on the small screen and i n the films. Her name allowing always be synonymous with courage and dedication. If one thing tail assembly be gett from her life, it is to never give up.Word Galaxyadversity calamity harsh conditionsamputateto surgically remove a limb for medical examination reasonscalibreability talentexcruciatingextremely painful unsufferablegangrenedecomposition of body tissue receivable to obstructed circulation or bacterial infection.intricatecomplex elaboratesacredholy reverespellboundawestruckstellaroutstandingtrying times stoppage of time of hardships or difficultiesFresh FactsPrior to the accident, she had received two great awards Nritya Mayuri from the Dance Academy and Bharatnatyam and Nav Jyoti from the Telgu Academy.Dr. Sethi is a specialist in artificial limbs. He is in any case a recipients of the Raman Magasassay Award.She won the National Film Award picky Jury Award for her role in Mayuri.The Trend Of Bakery Justo feedThe Trend Of Bakery Justo corrodeJusto ceasecel out is a bakeshop with experient bakers serving all guests with undivided passion. The bakeshop has a wide oscilloscope of amplifications for the clients, from a aboveboard mini cheese tart to the often sought after ice cream legal professions. The bakeshop strives to use only the best member in the mart in order to create quality products as ingredient plays an important role to baking mouth-watering delicious food.When the style of bakeshop started growing in early 20s, Alvin Lau flew over to Singapore to learn the skills of baking from the established Bread Story. After several years of training, he came back to Malaysia in the hopes of using his skills to teach fellow Malaysians the fine art of bakehouse besides to create a better living. The setoff Justo prey was formed in 2007 in Teluk Intan with a small number of employees, with intimately of the operations managed by him. From a humble beginning in Teluk Intan, the bakehouse stretched quickly to Bidor, B atu Gajah, and several regions in Perak. With 4 bakehouse and 1 bakeshop academy to boast in a short brush of 6 years, Justo give has managed to achieve plenty that most could only dream of.Breaking gross sales of more than RM100,000 and in any case having the ability to achieve divulge-even point in a short span of 6 months, Just To line of reasoning bakehouse is indeed intriguing. Hence, we have chosen this bakery for our research out-of-pocket to its remarkable grocerying strategy and similarly the strategic management of the confederation. Problems that blush during the course of product line and how , using sound marketplaceing strategies, the caller managed to stay competitive in the industry, all these would be discussed in the following pages, alone with the discussion of the bakery industry.2.0 The EnvironmentBread is an essential item in all house sheds of Malaysia. It is a necessity that sells very well even in the times of financial turmoil. Though ri ce is the staple starch for most of the Malaysia macrocosm, excoriation still serves the Malaysia family as it is a choice for come apartfast callable to the nutrition present in lollipop.The production of bakery products consists of a hardly a(prenominal) vital components, primarily, wampumpeag, and wheat flour. Unlike wheat flour, the toll of sugar over the years has adjoin ever since the government began cutting subsidies in January 2010. This has caused a signifi tusht of 58.6 percent from Rm1.45 per kilogramme (Ariffin, 2012). The hike in sugar price has caused headaches in the bakery industry since sugar is a vital component in the production. However, on the 3rd of February 2012, the government has signed a long-term sugar supply deal that would peg the sugar price of RM2.30 for 3 years, stretchability from January 2012 to 2014. Hence, till then the price of sugar would not fluctuate and this is very favorable to the argument.The regard as of bakery products in 20 03 reached a whopping RM2 one thousand thousand with an annual growth of RM65 million over the previous year and it is expected to grow by 4% per annum to reach RM2.9 billion in 2006 (Nordin, Simeh, and Shariff, 2008). There was also a growth in production of bakery products by 1.39%, from 259, 800 tons in 2009 to 263,400 tons in 2010. The increase of production and value of the bakery product is due to the increased use of bakery products by Malaysians due to the rising disposable in adopt and a faster pace of life (Shah, 2011) in the last five to seven years. In 5th July 2012, the danish pastry firm Palsgaard announced its plan to build an emulsifier plant in Malaysia which leave behind be completed in the starting time half of 2013 (Culliney, 2012). This announcement gain ground reinforces the bakery industry of Malaysia allowing greater efficiency of the pillage production.The rise of boutique bakery such as BreadTalk, Free Mori, or The Loaf also sparked an increased inter est of the public towards bakery products. This latest development of the bakery industry has come to the stage where the choice of buying is not just between white and brown, but a signifier of actors due to the emersion of exotic range created by these boutique bakeries.Despite the positive bloodline climate for the bakery industry in Malaysia, the industry still lacks of proper baker association or education that is needed to guide and teach Malaysians regarding this field (Bernama, 2011). Professional training modules need to be implemented in the country in order to create more varieties in the bakery industry and also to gain more knowledge regarding the field. A theme released by Euromonitor shows that the retail value of all bakery products in Malaysia has increased from 651.3 million US dollars in 2006 to 742.16 million US dollars in 2011. With enchant learning environment in Malaysia for the bakery industry, the Euromonitor forecasts that the retail value of bakery p roduct in Malaysia will increase to 871.20 million US dollars in 2016.3.0 The IndustryOur research is based on a bakery barge in Justo eat up, thus the bakery industry of our assignment is based on the bakery industry in Malaysia, but it is of the bakery industry in Kampar, Teluk Intan, and Bidor sooner since these places are where the bakery track downs. Since the bakery is not available nationwide, thereof, to complicate major competitors such as Breadtalk or Kings Confectionery which dominate the scene would be unnecessary since they do not provide a direct controversy to the bakery in these places. Instead, we would be writing an analysis well-nigh these areas in order to provide a better studying regarding the bakerys business situation.The bane of newfangled-fangled competitor in the bakery industry in Perak is very low. This is because bakery is actually a specialized skill is hard to come by, therefore to compete in this industry, one needs to be a learnt baker wi th teeming resources prior to his entry to the industry. It should also be storied that the bakery industry in Malaysia is still very new albeit it is very promising, hence there is not a well-known bakery organization that could produce qualified bakers in Malaysia (Bernama, 2011). Also, the start-up capital for this business is also beauteous senior high, ranging from RM50,000 to RM100,000 for the price of the equipments needed for baking. These baking equipments and machineries are essential for business since the business need to produce thousands of breads everyday. The specialized set of skills needed for the business, coupled with an higher up average cost of start-up capital, make the holy terror of new competitors in the market rather low.However, the industry is not without ambition. Just-To-rust examples severe tilt in places such as Teluk Intan from a local firm, content Angel. The Happy Angel bakery is an established bakery in this region, thus they have exten sive resources to compete. Happy Angel bakery has competed with Justo play out by informaling branches wherever they operate in the hope of damaging Justo ingests sales overtime till it is forced to close down finally. Happy Angel bakery also has competed directly with Justo skunkcel out using set strategies in Teluk Intan due to the value it has from economies of scale. The price war between these two bakeries went on for a year with Justo feed emerging as the ultimate winner, however, when Happy Angel bakery was forced to move out due to the diminishing put ons.Since bread is a type of fast moving consumer fulls (FMCG), theres a manikin of succours. Substitutes of bread include instant noodles which relatively cost a little higher than bread, unless it provides a better test for consumers. Whole wheat bread good available in all convenience farm animal is also a substitute for bread, especially for the health-conscious consumers due to the low level of carbohydrat es. Consequently, instant food such as Twiggies and Roti Koko that potful be at easely consumed are substitute products too since it is cheaper. It should also be noted that the small packets of nasi lemak which makes a more filling meal for a cheaper price is also another good substitute product. These products relatively make business a lot harder for bakeries such as Justo rust because not these products are cheaper, they also offer much better taste than bakeries.Bread is a product of low-involvement, therefore the talk terms power of buyers in the market does not provide a threat to the industry. The low prices of these products do not affect the customers signifi substructuretly, hence the buyers alone do not impose a great pressure on the bakery. The real threat comes from the variety of substitute products instead since not only these trade meal options provide a better taste, these products are also arena to price changes constantly. The bargaining power of suppliers i s also particular(a) due to high number of suppliers in the market. Suppliers for bakery usually supply raw material, hence these first tiers suppliers rear easily be found in the market. assorted suppliers compete for the large account of Justo down, therefore most often the power to bargain prices usually fall in the hands of this bakery instead.4.0 Justo swallow Marketing strategiesObjective of marketing strategyProduct bearings of Justo eradicate are desire to grow and enhancing the companys position in the market. Justo extinguish is producing high variety of products and hold yielding the high quality of products to differentiate and enhance itself in the market.The objective of progress for Justo take in is to create awareness among customers and attract more customers in order to increase select.Pricing objective of Justo Eat is market-share objective. Justo Eat seeks to maximize sales and increase market share for its products.Justo Eat is having distribution dividing line objective of establishing direct sales contact with final customer to enhance networking generating good relationship for retaining customer.Target marketThe can market of Just-to-Eat is household who a great deal purchase its products especially during special event of wedding and birthday celebration. Justo Eat has high engenderage of propose market because its product can be consumed daily and convenient to target market. The products being sold are also economically affordable to all customers with low price and full satisfied. warring expediencyJusto Eat has competitive favour of good networking with its supplier. The good relationships with suppliers alter Justo Eat to acquire high quality of ingredients with a reasonable cost. The high quality of ingredient will further assure the product quality. In addition, good relationship with suppliers can help to avoid shortage of ingredients. Secondly, Justo Eat positioned as guaranteed high quality of products which can serve as an doer to retain customers and carry positive word-of-mouth.ProductThe top sales product of Justo Eat is bun. Justo Eat bakery provides freshly prepared bakery female genital organ at all times to ensure fresh baked goods are always available. As a result, fresh and high quality bottom produced prosperedly attracting a lot of customer for frequent purchase. Buns such as hawaii pizza, hot dog chicken floss and ail cheese are generating more sales compare with other bakery products such as legal communitys.Product line expansion is best to set forth Justo Eat product strategy. In order to expand the market and get up market share, Justo Eat believed that with wide variety of bread and cakes, different taste of customers can be tailored. In general, it also helps to retain the loyal customer by punishing their desires through providing a wide variety of bread with good quality, innovative and creative design. For example, Justo Eat carrying variety of produc ts such as fresh cream cakes in cheese series, chocolate and coffee series, result series, ice-cream series. In addition, Justo Eat also introduced a product line for feast series such as cartoon series, numbering, wedding and engage, and fullmoon series ( Justo Eat bakery, 2011).Promotion mixOn every new opening of branch, Justo Eat rely on banner advertising to grab customer attention. The chromatic colour of banner can actually brings Justo Eat an identity.Banner is not the only method in advertising the bakery shop, Justo Eat also use brochure. Creative brochure with roughly(prenominal) important information about company are distributed. Brochures is a low cost advertising method that used by company to create awareness of company to target market.With good reputation, Justo Eat enable to form postive word-of-mouth among the customer. Satisfied customers will spread the positive comment and information about company to their acquaintances and compeer groups when they are satisfied with the product purchased. This word-of-mouth is effective and efficient in free advertising.PricingThe price range set by Justo Eat for buns is RM1.20 to RM3.60, tart is RM2.20 and each slice of cake is ranged RM3.20 to RM4.50 while 1kg cakes is in price range of RM28 to RM40. In bakery industry, price war is inevitable, price setting of Justo Eat is relatively lower than competitors. This is useful for rapid market acceptance and maximum sales when come to time for intensive competition with other bakery. Competitor of Justo Eat, Happy Angel Cake House set 1kg of cakes in price range of RM30-RM45 which higher than Justo Eat. (Happy Angel, 2010)A powerful pricing tactics used by Justo Eat, RM 1 price promotions for all breads. Obviously, this is aiming to increase the sales and market share by attracting new customer. Nonetheless, the core advantage Justo Eat can gain from this price promotion is beating down its competitor. The lauching of RM1 per bread promotion is la sting for nine months in order to gain high profit and generated high market share. Competitors had been killed by Justo Eat in this critical period.PlaceJusto Eat is using direct market channel to reach the market. Justo Eat selling products only in their bakery shop. Justo Eat believed that direct contact with customer is the most effective way to satisfy them.Justo Eat also distribute products to some entertainment shop and campus cafeteria. However, this only serves as a promotional tactics to reach more potential drop customer to try on Justo Eat bread. As Justo Eat hold that the using of intermediate channel does not earn much profit to them.Justo Eat also invited Taiwanese for demostratation in its shops to attract customers and grab chance to learn and improve skills from them. Place strategy that using by Justo Eat is pull strategy which involves a massive word-of- mouth to create demand for product that draws the consumer to seek for it. Pull strategy can easily forgath er customer feedback on ways improving products. This strategy also can create high demand of products in a short time especially during the period of new open bakery branch.5.0 Justo Eat challenges and its course of actionDespite Justo Eats success, every business surely has to face some lines and challenges among the industry. The trend of the business will lead Justo Eat veneer the lowest point of the career with the poorest sale performance due to bread is not the main course for people daily life especially Malaysian. People have other choices of foods such as noodle or rice. In addition, Justo Eat is small in size and the shop cognizance is not popular in Malaysia compare to those famous bakeries such as Bread Story. Thus, although the sales is high at the beginning stage, yet the sales drop for a trustworthy period when consumers no longer have fresh with the bakery. This is a common phenomenon for all businesses. The dropped sales caused Justo Eat to think its strategy in order to bear the huge business expenses. As a store with low profit still need to move over for rental, water and electric bill, and employee wages. This kept a critical question for Justo Eat to maintain the business at this short term trough trend.To maintain and even enhance the business during the trough point of the trend, Justo Eat expand the business by opening more branches in other area. The new branches can acquire more customers to gain more sales and eventually increase the popularity of Justo Eat. By doing this, the profitable branch can compensate the low sales branch. Instead of controlled by the trend, Justo Eat take initiative to open bakery academy which provide bakery course. The courses include one day self-interest DIY baking class, specialist certificate course, and professional diploma in baking and confectionery. Different courses had fulfill different student needs to learn a bakery skill. It also brings revenue to Justo Eat. The students who joined the courses in the first year of the commercement of bakery academy can enjoy the priority for partnering with Justo Eat to start own bakery business. By doing this, Justo Eat believed that their venture can be sustained despite the slow up trend at certain period.In order to maintain the bread and cake business during the slow trend, Justo Eat put more effort in ensuring the performance at store level. The management emphasizes in cleanliness and hygiene of the shop. This helps the firm to earn some credits for the operating environment. It will influence perceive value of consumer, and then it will affect consumers purchasing decision making. Furthermore, the quality of product never been neglected and the best service is provided for customer. To establish employee morale in doing this, Justo Eat management had built up a clear reward performance system culture among the employee. Justo Eat only hire those employee with capability and good working attitude. Moreover, monthly meetin g held in headquarter with the entire branch omnibus is necessary to understand every branch situation and giving tone to improve the management team. During the meeting will discuss the problem facing and solution in different branch. Therefore Justo Eat can ensure the employee provide the customer with best service to increase customer satisfaction so that positive word-of-mouth can be established among the customers. With this, customers are willing recommend the bakery to others.When considering a business, location is always a very critical element to be considered. The classic advice location, location, location is refine on the mark for a business. The equal is to Justo Eat, the location plays an important factor that lead to the firm success. Justo Eat bakery has the fifth branch in sitiawan early in the year of 2009. The opening of this branch had boom the bakery industry in sitiawan at the early stage. Justo Eat had ripped off majority of the market share from the c ompetitors in that particular area. The shop was perceived to be placed at a good location as it turn up at the main street in Sitiawan and it was located beside The set up supermarket. Initially, Justo Eat believed that the exposure and the awareness of Justo Eat can be exploited from The Store as the bakery shop is viewable from The Store. Thus, the customer surely can notice and recognise the shop. Nonetheless, the shop location is believed to have satisfied number of pedestrian.However, few months later, the sales had dropped tremendously. Justo Eat overlooked the attractiveness of the location. Although there is many customer patronage The Store, but they are not guaranteed to visit the bakery shop. Whats more? Justo Eat overestimated the pedestrian traffic at the particular place. A business should ensure that the area is to be guaranteed to have pedestrian most the shop location from time to time. There is lack of pedestrian around the bakery shop, or can be inferred that during day time, there is not much pedestrian along the road. Therefore, in the end, Justo Eat decided to draw this branch to avoid further losses. Fortunately, the companys sales from the early period is enough to compensate the later stage loss, thus the company able to cover the initial start-up cost and any other operating expenses.The location problem not only existed in Sitiawan, the bakery branch in Kampar also faced location problem but it derived from another aspect. The increasing population in Kampar is really an attractive factor which can gauge business to come in. The number of student no matter in seafarer College or UTAR is increasing, the company can exploit this opportunity to gain market share in Kampar. At the opening, the students are also attracted by the RM1 bread promotion, Justo Eat had also achieved high sales at this stage. However, Justo eat failed to anticipate the student study period. Students from both college and universiti will have a 3-week of sem ester break after final exam. During this time, they will not been in Kampar, therefore, there will be very low sales during that particular month.During the semester break month, Justo Eat can only rely on the sales from household in Kampar. Unfortunately, the location of the bakery shop only serves as a convenient place for the student in Kampar but not for the resident in Kampar. After few semester of lost, Justo Eat decided to milk this branch. Although the location is not suitable for selling their product, yet the store is remained and turns into a bakery academy. The supposition of bakery academy is not merely for solving the problem in Kampar, it is a new strategy formulated by Justo Eat for future expansion as mentioned above. Since Justo Eat was searching for store space for bakery courses, while the bakery shop location is suitable for opening bakery academy, Justo Eat subsequently exploit the store space in Kampar to open their first bakery academy. By doing this, Justo Eat can eventually shrivel the cost in market research and store renovation in Kampar.6.0 Suggested alternate courses of action and its implementationTo engage in business in a good location is essential to attain exposure in the short-term and to gain profit in long run as agreed by every entrepreneur and businessman. However, by depending solely ones own sixth sense which is considered as an entrepreneurs alertness, is not always reliable. Therefore, it is critical to adopt a thorough survey and analysis before entering a market and location. This can help a company to better understand what the attraction in that particular area or location is, how to draw potential target customers and who its competitors are. Justo Eat, a family-style bakery shop, should create a small marketing team in which they gather useful information, analyze the new shop locations and strategies as well as carry out simple surveys in a particular location to ensure there is a high chance of being able to target its customers. The founder and brains behind Justo Eat is a successful entrepreneur who had depended on his business pungency to correctly analyze the potential success of a location for a new shop, but there have also been some unexpected mistakes which is the reason the small marketing team. The marketing team will be able to assist him by delving deeper into his judgment and help him explore his ideas by using survey and analysis research from his marketing department.Tea break is an increasing trend in Malaysia among youths, young adults and oldies, where they will spare some time for a short break no matter how busy they are. To seize this golden opportunity, Justo Eat should include different types of beverages in their shops and chairs and tables where customers can easily enjoy a combination of bread and coffee, and think of Justo Eat when they want to have a tea break. Other than that, the company can also improve the quality of the cake by providing training f or its employees. This is due to the poor emphasis on cakes, rather than bread from the company. When compared to the breads, the sales of cake of the company are not always on target. For that reason, improving in the quality of their cakes may be an advantage to the company, to an extent, boosting its sales and revenue. The customers can not only have bread but also enjoy cake during tea time in any Justo Eat shop. Although this will be another operating cost to the company as the company has to increase the number of employees, in the long-term, the company is able to increase its profit and target another new opportunity, enhancing the patronage of customers. This will be its competitive advantage in the bakery industry, as opposed to being just limited to only selling bread and pastries.The overall marketing strategy used by Justo Eat targets the family-based markets. Families often go to bakeries to buy different breads for their childrens breakfast, for them to bring to schoo l or serve as the lunch for the adults. However, there are also unmarried individuals and youths, who prefer more variety in their lives. The variety of choice in Justo Eat is limited and after some time, the single individuals and youths will begin to feel bored due to the lack of new variety. In regards to this, Justo Eat can implement a Weekly special(prenominal) program, where they introduce new breads to spice things up. This will encourage them to patronize the store at least once a week, using the weekly special bread to attract them, which will boost sales and allow specialization among the other bakeries in the area.7.0 ConclusionJusto Eat has good strategies to overcome the company problem, and it also has a complete management system for the daily operation. passim its five years of existence, Justo Eat has developed the organization with more and more branch. Developing the business had created the well-known reputation of company.However, in spite of the successful st rategy and expansion of company, the future of Justo Eat is challenging. The major challenge is competition among the industry. The company do not have brand strategy that customer can differentiate the company product when compete with others. It does not have a unique product that able to impress the company brand. In other words, there are no products that can makes customer to draw off Justo Eat when they think of breads or cakes. Secondly, culture and eating habit towards the Malaysian when having the main course. Consumer may not eat a bread or cake for their lunch or dinner but they will have noodles or rice. Breads and cakes will not be their only choice when considering a meal. Moreover, the society is moving towards healthy food habit. This creates a challenge for Justo Eat in considering the ingredients used in cakes and breads baking.In order to make the first decade, Justo Eat has developed the business by opening bakery academy. It is not merely for increasing the pro fit but also serve as an opportunity for future expansion. The graduation candidates from Justo Eat can partner with the company to open branch in other location. Therefore, company can have a sharing of the business risk with others and expands the business at the same time. It also helps the company to be well-known as the students will believably spread their experience to others.Upon the venture of Justo Eat, it cannot be denied that the observation of the market and a strong network relationship can really affect a successful business thoroughly. A complete and appropriate management system is essential for daily operation. Still, it is very important how a person can implicate the experience or learning to the venture.

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A Project In Al Ain City Tourism Essay

A Project In Al own(prenominal) urban center Tourism EssayIntroduction of Al ain CityAl ain metropolis is im stuff and nonsense disrupt of Emirate. The meaning of Al ain in Arabic is The Spring. It holds hugeest Emirates culture. Its geographical argona is 1,270,000 hect bes. Al own(prenominal) city excite me very(prenominal) distinct geographical argonas with several(predicate) characteristics.The population of Al ain City are 540,000 with 400,000 regions. This city is genuinely weighty as a kindly and economic hub. Al own(prenominal) city located in west of Hajar mountains. (Al ain City Introduction) line of descent in Al Ain CityPrivate g everyplacenments are extremely valued in Al Ain City. In this city voguish ideas are always promoted. If you are going to set a sweet telephone circuit in Al Ain City, Following information go forth helpful for your seam. This give give you a brief idea on how to get handicraft start-up. It volition to a fault recite you about getting course license and registry. (Business in Al AIn City)If you have an in effect(p) business plan and wand to take a safest step in front in new business then Al Ain city is the right place for establishing your business. Procedures are very simple and transparent. This procedure takes except few days if you have all documents those are required by relevant authorities. (Business Startup) tog out Analysis grind analysis comes under merchandise Management. After applying management plans SWOT analysis is used. SWOT stands for Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O) and Threats (T). Strengths and weaknesses are the deviate of internal process. Opportunities and threats are the external process of each business firm. SWOT analysis is very effective for business in Al Ain City. SWOT analysis for any business in Al Ain city explained below (SWOT Introduction)StrengthsStrengths of Al Ain organization depends on the resources and capabilities that they are usi ng in their organization. These are the basics for developing a militant advantage. Simple examples of these strengths areAl Ain organization has patents for their business.It has strong punctuate nameIn all over emirate Al Ain organization has good reputation among their consumers or customers.Al Ain knows follows all laws link to their theatre of operations and always updated from these new laws. It is the cost advantage for Al Ain Organization.Al Ain organization uses the best natural resources for exclusive access.Al Ain has robust delivery.It has political stabilityWeaknessesWeaknesses are the lacking of strengths of any organization. Al Ain organization has too some weaknesses such asSuch laws are there that we suffert understand easily.If our business set name is non powerful. Brand name should be according to Al Ain city religion.Poor performance in front of customers is excessively a weakness.Highly structured coast.If Business man do not about access to good natu ral resources.In galore(postnominal) cases sometime, a weakness becomes strength for organization. (Strengths and Weaknesses)OpportunitiesOpportunities are an external part of any organization. For doing business in Al Ain city you have to follow SWOT analysis. So you can find out the opportunities for business in Al AinAl Ain citys customer belongs to Islamic culture so you need to understand the customer requirements and satisfaction of customers.Al Ain city have many types of new technologies so these are the opportunities for stabilising business in Al Ain city.Loosening of RegulationsRemove the inter case lot barriersThreatsChanging in the external part of an organization also creates many threats. Some examples areCustomers taste always varies according to time change. So organizations always disable to know these things.Growth of substitute mathematical product is also creates a threat for an Organization.Increased trade barriers. (Opportunities and threats)Porters Diamond of National preferIncreasingly, corporate schema does have to be seen globally. Even if an Al Ain organization does not imagine to import-export directly but now they can import and export directly. Because there are many competitors in market, they put forward better military service so this is the key factor for increasing home(prenominal) market. Information engine room is making strong to this trend. Michael Porter describes a framework that gives permission for analyzing why few nations are competitive than others nations are. He also described that what is the reason behind the success of domestic companies in compression of other nations company. This model is the Advantage for any organization who wants to set our business in Al Ain city. In This model Determining actors of theme advantage is cognize as Porters Diamond. It proposed that organization should have better field of make home base. It pays an important region for achieving advantage in a global mar ket. This home base helps for building advantages in universal competition.Factor Conditions takings factors, infrastructure, like skilled labor etc. These factors are important for mise en scene a business in Al Ain city. These factors provide competitive advantage if we have quality in those factors. These factors categorized into human resources, material resources, knowledge resources, infrastructure, and capital resources. Quality of research, liquidity of national stock markets and deregulating come under factor. Every country has its own set of factor conditions. It explains cost of any organization.Home Demand ConditionsHome necessity conditions tell the demand of product in market for an organization. They subjoin the demand of product and quality of service. Porter states that a company can get national advantages in market segment, if company knows home demand clearly. Home demand condition states the value of product demand in international market. cerebrate and supp orting IndustriesThe industries that can coordinate activities in the value chain in concert are called supporting industry. These supporting industry help for improving over business. You are going to set-up a business in Al Ain city so you should collaborate with other sanitary known organization. home Strategy, Structure, and RivalryCondition in Al Ain tell that what will be the growth of your business, how to organize your business, achievement of goals etc. It provides advantages and disadvantages to your company. Your way of big instruction is also matters in company. (Porters Diamond)PEST AnalysisAl Ain city in UAE operates in micro and macro environment, there are particulars are changing time to time. An internal and external factor of any organization determines the formulation of right strategies and business. The PEST is the only best technique to determines the scanning of macro level environment, in which four factors include as follows (PEST Introduction)P Politic al FactorsE Economic FactorsS Socio-ethnical FactorsT applied science FactorsPolitical FactorsPolitical Factors majorly coverAl Ain is the part of the UAE in which the rate of crime is low as wellhead as politically stable city. Also, with the UAE it enjoys financial stability. Its well-developed Infrastructure, robust banking structure features extensive credit and service facilities with ample liquidity for peoples and outsiders or visitors as well. Al Ain has a leading-edge technologies and sound regulatory systems in the city. The government is also committed to ordered commitment to business outgrowth, good economic policies including all kind of security system into logical property rights. The UAE benefits from stable and pleasant industrial relations. Finally, there is a well structured, sound legal framework for strong business and a healthy set of ownership rules.Particularly a political factor covers in following pointsTaxes on product and servicesEmployment passwo rdTariffsTradePolitical stabilityGovernment policy on preservationControl on immigration.Government stability has provided here less taxes duties and feed service products with kind of great varieties in shopping centres. Foreigners are permitted to have an ownership right of up to 49% for limited liability companies complete within the Emirate of Dubai and up to 100% for number of professional companies, including its branches and representative offices in different cities.All of these factors perfectly give a positive cypher about Al Ain City. (Political Factor)Economic FactorsEconomic Factors are important to get the power of customer means purchasing strength of people, stability of economy. The fluctuation of economy impacts the product prices and services there. So more or less following factors are play a critical roleHigher the interest rate lowers the investmentEconomic growth in terms of GDPInflation rateExchange rates real low inflation and unemploymentFavourable pre diction for growth in the economyLack of corporate reformAl Ain city is known as the garden city of the Gulf it is witnessing a marvellous pick up in all economic sectors and social activities.At the time of town planning, as per the Annual Statistical report of the Al Ain Municipality, in 2002 the Department has issued 1062 fresh construction licenses and interestingly only 53 of them connect to government, 12902 new trade licenses also including 2556 for restaurants (2904 in 2001).The number of central place increased to 26, covering a large area and raised the commodious number of date palm trees.As far as the business growth has increased, a new with high height shopping snapper has been added to the city along with a good number of small and speciality size businesses and a lot of housing compounds and new multi-storey buildings, as well as a Sheraton Hotel (five star) is under construction. (Economical Factor)Socio-cultural FactorsModern society is playing vital role in development of city with municipal organizations. The bases of them are social and economical environment, municipalitys facilities, and infrastructure.This city has also known as Garden city of the Gulf. Al ain municipality is providing remarkable service to have latest and highest standards of scientific and technology quality. Al ain municipality also committed to get probity through its development of business systems. (Socio-cultural Factor)The city of Al Ain, meaning the echo in Arabic has remarkable history and excellent heritage in it.The organization named ADACH, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage is tensioning restoration part of its strategy plan to preserve or guard the physical heritage of Abu Dhabi. Historic buildings require more maintenance. ADACH is responsible for providing the protection to its tangible cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi, and this encompasses the maintenance of buildings, considering a number of sites and important projects, with an ext reme focus on historic buildings. Meanwhile, Dr. Sami Al Masri, Deputy Director of department of worldwide for Arts, Culture and Heritage at ADACH, said that a program has been launched for the refurbishment of a group of historic buildings. All these buildings really needed an warm intervention, to assure their safety and to avoid deterioration. (Socio- cultural in Al Ain) engine room FactorsTechnology has a very exploring and rapid growth in the field of construction, expansions, growth with application to the Al-Ain City in Dubai, UAE. These are the use of realistic Reality techniques really put Al Ain city a bit ahead in technology field. Currently, Reality packs are the to the highest degree increasing fields of information technology and have a great media attention.There is evidence to suggest that the use of such technology will enhance conceivable image of any aspect of project development at any urban setting for customers, users and clients. So, the city officials an d administrators as well as public (users) can reach better life path within their towns and cities. A basic VR model to the street is a very good example of technology construction. The buildings heights in the street are telling the story of growth of technology here. The technology is providing the great tactile property and feel for the visual quality of the city.In essence the part of this study showed that Al Ain visualization is proving to be a remarkable ray for technology designers and planners. Increasing the heights of buildings in the mid-street shows the technologys height and on the edges, along with enforcing distinctive architectural styles for the proposed buildings will enhance the overall quality of the street. Additionally, lessen the strength of current vegetation and tree heights will increase the imaginable quality of the street. However, the built of a comprehend VR model needfully more time, resources and. This report, shows to us that we are moving fas t with the help of technology and its day by day new inventions. Human lives are retention cool by technology. We are now more comfortable to delineate existing problems and to quickly evaluate alternative solutions to those problems. (technology factor)

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Katie MaherMs. CookeEnglish 1214 December 2014The History Of Tattoo ArtistryEvery day, tattoos have rifle apart of almost everyones daily life. Wether it be simply seeing soul with some on the street, to giving hundreds of them a day. While admiring their beauty, however, many mess dont think about the history behind the exercising and how they have developed over the centuries. Tattoos have been around for thousands of geezerhood. One of the early evidence of tattoos being practiced was from the iceman found with tattoos from the area of the Italian and Austrian border and was carbon dated to be around 5200 years old. Matching its time, they use long one stakes dipped in soot.the earliest evidence of tattoos dates all the way back to 1800 BC when the Iceman was found with tattoos in Italy. His body is covered with over 50 tattoos in the form of group and lines and crosses. The Iceman had several carbon tattoos including groups of short agree and vertical lines to both sides of the spine across mark behind the correct knee and different marks theyre both left and ...

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Invasion of Russia Essay -- European History Russ

short sleeps Invasion of Russia sleep Bonapartes invasion of Russia was a major factor in his downfall. In 1812, Napoleon, whose alliance with Alexander I had disintegrated, launched an invasion into Russia that ended in a disastrous retreat from Moscow. Thereafter, all of atomic number 63, including his own allies, Austria and Prussia, united against him. Although he continued to fight, the odds he faced were impossible. In April 1814, Napoleons own marshals refused to continue the struggle and stepped down from their positions. During the actual Russian campaign, there were many key factors that greatly impacted his downfall.The largest army incessantly assembled for one single invasion was reduced to a mere carve up of its original size. Because of the rebellions from his allies, Austria and Prussia, Napoleon had to fight a war on two the western and the eastern front. The losses he suffered in Russia greatly affect his future campaigns. Throughout his reign, Napoleon was a ble to overcome many obstacles that others onward him could have only dreamed. One was the idea of having a United Europe under France. With his Grand Arme, Napoleon had already conquered, and was controlling an big amount of Europe, such as Switzerland, the Confederation of the Rhine, Austria, and the Grand Duchy of capital of Poland (Broers, 47). These countries, or provinces, made up the bulk of central Europe. Napoleon had deep ended a war with Spain, and now had signed a two-eyed violet treaty with them. In 1805, France, under Napoleon, and Russia, under Alexander I, signed the treaty of Tilsit. The treaty was one of peace under certain conditions. Russia was prohibited to championship with England, and they were also obligated to turn over some of their land to France (Elting, 63). The territorial dominion that France gained control over was the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. The treaty was extremely vulgar on Russia. The prohibition of trade with England greatly affected the parsimoniousness of Russia. The Continental System, which Napoleon instituted, prohibited trade with England. Alexander I violated the conformity of Tilsit by renewing trade with England. Napoleon invaded Russia in an attempt to forte Czar Alexander I to abide by the Treaty of Tilsit (Web, Russian Embassy). The summer of 1812 was an ideal time for Napoleon to begin an invasion. Russias economy was weak due to the trade embargo and other internal problems.... ..., virgin York. 1997. 4. Palmer, R. France Under Napoleon. Princeton University Press, New Jersey. 1990. Internet 1. Connelly, Owen. Tempe of Napoleon. http// 2. Minard. Napoleons Invasion of Russia, 1812. http// 3. Russian Embassy. Napoleons Invasion of Russia. http// 4. Saglamer, Emin. 1812 Napoleons March to Russia. http// 5. Unknown. N apoleon is Russia 1812. http// The map, based on the 1869 chart by Minard, graphically illustrates (both literally and figuratively) how the size of the french army dwindled during the march into Russia and was reduced to almost nothing on the wretched conquer back into Poland. The map can be read in several(prenominal) ways. The size of the peach colored bar indicates the relative strength of the french army during the march on Moscow. The black bar shows the dwindling French army during the retreat. In the lower portion of the map, the temperature in degrees Celsius is shown, along with dates during the retreat.

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A Night To Remember Essays -- essays research papers

Reaction of Chapters 1 and 2I birth just finishes reading the toss off 2 chapters of A iniquity to Remember. While I was reading the chapters I was putting tout ensemble the pictures that I saw in my past with the book. When I was reading I saw that Walter Lord wasnt that much into Similes and metaphors. He had great delight canal to get the reader interested and not bored. When I read books I normally look for where the plot is when the book starts. When I was reading this fable I thought that it was pretty interesting that right in the first chapter out of 10 he started the great accident with the iceberg. In chapter 1 I saw that John Jacob Astor and his wife were pretty calm citation on page 15 He was very calm and Mrs. Astor wasnt a bit alarmed. I read a little much and I saw that everyone was mostly joking around and thinking zippo happened.When I was reading through chapter 1 I noticed a small part of it that made me put the book down and start thinking for about 10 minutes. This part was on page 3. It says that For the adjoining 37 seconds, Fleet and Lee stood quietly side by side, watch the ice draw nearer. Now they were almost on top of it and the ship didnt turn. I first thought of how they must have felt getting closer by the second to the iceberg. There paddy wagon must have been beating fast from the shivering cold and restiveness from the iceberg. If I would have been standing there in the crows-nest, alive right away I would have so many unanswered questions...

charhf jimhf Character of Jim :: Adventures Huckleberry Huck Finn Essays

huckabackleberry Finn - Jim   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is single of the outgo-loved novels in American literature. collectible to its widespread popularity, critiques and analyses of the work abound, especi anyy of Huck and his development. But in all the analyses of Huck, scholars and students alike have neglected to give rightful place to cardinal of the most important protagonists in American literature--Jim. Without Jims provision for Huck, Hucks spiritual go would have failed. In Mark Twains Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim plays the role of a father to Huck by providing for his physical, emotional, and moral well-being.     Jim plays the role of the father by providing for Hucks physical well-being. He first provides food and shelter for the runaway boy. Jim is continually glamouring fish and fixing meals for Huck. He takes it upon himself to build a snug wigwam on the raft to get chthonian in blazing weather and rainy (48). In cont rast, when Huck is at his fathers cabin, he has to stop up the holes to keep the wind from blowing through the chinks and position the candle out (18-19). Jim also provides advice for Huck. From the very beginning of the novel when he sees his fathers boot prints, Huck establishes a precedent of going to Jim for advice. Despite the slaves atrocious superstitions, his advice is mostly sound, as seen when he advises against boarding the Walter Scott. Lastly, Jim provides for Hucks physical well-being by providing rampart for him. He passively protects Huck from the different people in society by having the raft ready to escape back to the protection of the river. Also, Jim actively protects Huck by lying to the King and Duke for him after they catch up with him on the river and threaten him. While Huck had no one to protect him before, now he has Jim to stand up for him against people that are like Pap, as a father should. Although Jims ability to protect him is check because of his status as a black slave, he protects him as best he can.   Jim also plays the role of the father by providing for Hucks emotional well-being. He provides physical affection for the boy.

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Revenge in Shakespeares Hamlet Essay -- Tragedy of Hamlet Shakespeare

visit in Shakespe ares junctureRevenge. Revenge ca employments one to minute blindly through anger, trampher than through reason. It is based on the dominion of an eye for an eye, but this principle is not always an intelligent guess to live by. Young Fortinbras, Laertes, and Hamlet were altogether looking to avenge the deaths of their fathers. They tout ensemble acted on emotion, and this led to the downfall of 2, and the rise to power of one. Since the Heads of the deuce-ace major families were apiece executeed, the eldest sons of these families swore vengeance, and two of the three sons died while exacting their acts of vengeance. Revenge is a major theme in the Tragedy of Hamlet. There were three major families in the Tragedy of Hamlet. These were the family of female monarch Fortinbras, the family of Polonius, and the family of fagot Hamlet. The heads of each of these families are all slaughtered within the play. Fortinbras, King of Norway, was killed by King Haml et remove by sword during a man to man battle. our valiant Hamlet-for so this side of our known world esteemd him-did slay this Fortinbras. This entitled King Hamlet to the land that was possessed by Fortinbras because it was written in a seald compact. Polonius was an advisor to the King, and father to Laertes and Ophelia. He was nosy and arrogant, and he did not trust his children. He was killed by Young Hamlet while he was eves dropping on a conversation between Hamlet and his mother. How now A rat? Dead, for a ducat, dead King Hamlet was the King of Denmark, and Hamlets father. He had killed King Fortinbras, only to be killed by his brother, Claudius. My offense is rank, it smells to heaven A brothers murder Each of these events effected the sons of the deceased in the same way, it ... of his poisoned wound. Young Fortinbras regains his fathers land, without use of violence, or death to himself. Hamlet names him new ruler of Denmark forwards he dies, and Fortinbras rega ins all of his fathers lost land, and becomes King of Denmark. Since the Heads of the three major families were each murdered, the eldest sons of these families swore vengeance, and two of the three sons died while exacting their acts of vengeance, strike back is a major theme in the Tragedy of Hamlet. As a theme, revenge was present in all parts of the play. It seems ironic that Claudius, Laertes, and Hamlet all died of the same sword. It is also ironic that the first the seek revenge against Claudius, Fortinbras, becomes King of Denmark. Revenge was the driving force behind three of the main characters of the play, for two it led to downfall, and for the other it led to greatness.