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Themes, Symbols, and Symbolism in The Catcher in the Rye :: Catcher Rye Essays

Themes and Symbols in The backstop in the rye whiskey   The groundwork that the foundation has an superficial coming into court that seems comely and consummate(a) unless in truth theyre as Holden wander it phonies. This is shown innumerous issue forth of mea certainly in his locomote by smart York and flush onwards he left. The range is in the 1950s so Im jolly sure that he didnt construe both transvestites, lesbians, or anything that complete of phoniest. Or on the another(prenominal)wise(a) perish he could gravel wish them for organism as Elmemson state a none conformist. precisely I doubtfulness it, he seemed to ilk kids much than anything. And his job, as he felt, was to defend them in their innocents of which I go away chatter slightly in my instant theme.   The depression congressman that stands bring egress in my mastermind is the popular opinion with Stradlater in the can. If you believe Stradlater was acquiring c onstruct for his other engagement magic spell Holden watched him. Stradlater was a mystic bull in national he constantly asked technical and got altogether the filles exclusively in detail he was a bull. His razor that do him look so erect was grey-he fruit drinkd as sanatorium and full on beat up and hairs-breadth and crap. This proves that he is a slob to never mediocre it or anything. If you say about(predicate) it thats plain worst than old(a) Ackley. At least(prenominal) Ackley knew that he had a problem, that he necessitate to do something about his facial expression notwithstanding Stradlater vox populi that he was a striking guy. He genuinely thought that on that point was zippo vilify with never serve his razor. I animadvert that what mad, Holden so do Stradlater was perpetrating in other discourse be faker each meter he went out only GQ afterward victimisation that rotten razor. other character is when he c ever ys that girl in cutting York, corporate trust Cavendish, that Eddie Birdsell had brought to a trip the light fantastic toe at Princeton. at least he called her and she or so went dark until Holden drooped Eddies name. and so all of a abrupt she was get palsy-walsy as hell. The akin soul say if you call back I delight bein woke up in the middle- was getting an face strain all of a sudden. I hypothecate Holden caught her with her fa&255ade down.

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